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  1. tmichele

    Red Musk

    Oooooh, so many great ideas. Thank you both! The hunt is on.
  2. tmichele

    Bien Loin D'Ici

    On the dry down I was worried. Something about it smelled quite floral to me. Dry, and I don't know where this is coming from, but this smells like a red Romanti.Goth on me. I know they don't share any notes from what I can tell, but that is what I'm smelling. It is red musk and resins. An intense scent. I wouldn't wear it often but it is quite sexy.
  3. tmichele


    Wet this is fruity bright lime and grapefruit. Dried down it is nothing but rose and soap
  4. tmichele

    Red Musk

    Thank you Tori! I can't remember if I've tried Anteros, but will add to my short list. Intend to try Dodo asap. I'll keep my eyes peeled for a Chordae decant too. I have the feeling that some of the Singularity scents might be good red musks for warm weather. I was happy to see it featured in a few. But who knows--my imaginings of scents based on the notes and what they actually smell like are often very different things. 😂
  5. tmichele

    Red Musk

    I am bumping this thread back from the dead! Any recommendations for red musk blends you find wearable in the spring & summer? I am in Virginia and it can get quite hot in the summer (90s, 100+) and extremely humid. I find most of my favorite red musk blends just don't "feel" right in that kind of weather.
  6. tmichele

    Snake's Tongue

    This is drier, powdery Snake Oil. It's daytime in the Spring or Summer Snake Oil. It's a nice variant, and if you love Snake Oil and want something a little lighter, try this. Low throw for me.
  7. tmichele


    I get thick rich honey, frankincense and life everlasting. It is quite sweet and would be incredibly foodie if not for the incense/floral aspect. Powerful throw.
  8. tmichele

    The Fiery Clinch of Ecstasy Hair Gloss

    Red musk is my favorite note. Because of the red musk and patchouli, I was expecting it to be a little heavier. The patchouli is indeed sweet and the russet musk gives me the impression of red musk lite. The creamy amber is forward and the pink pepper keeps it playful. An absolutely lovely warm-weather red musk scent. I see myself reaching for this often in the coming months.
  9. tmichele

    Two Sheep and Two Goats Resting Together in a Field

    This is nice—much more gentle than I expected. In the bottle and wet, I got the impression that this was Banshee Beat grown up: more stable and refined. On the drydown the vetiver almost disappears on me, and it is soft bourbon vanilla wool. It really does evoke wool. I wish the vetiver was a touch stronger, but it is still beautiful. Low-medium throw, long wear length.
  10. In the bottle, I get sweet, almost foodie Snake Oil. Freshly applied, it is honey & cinnamon, on a backdrop of Snake Oil. As it dries down, I got straight up wildflower honey. It smelled exactly like the Wegman's brand wildflower honey that I used to buy. Dried down, I get mostly orange blossom, touched by honey and cinnamon, anchored by Snake Oil. Right now it is quite sweet and playful. I think that age will make it sexier. I agree that the scent is reminiscent of lying out in the sun. Light throw, medium wear length.
  11. tmichele

    All Head, All Spine, All Limb, All Loin

    This is incredible. This just arrived yesterday and has rested for 1 day after a cross-country trip. In the bottle, it smells like brand new leather. Applied wet, and for a while later, I get nothing but new leather. About an hour later and I am getting smooth new leather balanced with sweet fresh snake oil, and a touch of green musk. I only applied a few drops, so I'm not getting a ton of throw, but I can imagine it being about the same as Snake Oil; good throw, good wear length. It is an absolute stunner. ETA: This is very musky. Wear length is crazy long. It will linger even after scrubbing in the shower.