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    southern california.
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    :favorite bpal: embalming fluid, dorian, morocco, storyville, sudha segara, snow white, spooky, monster bait:underpants, beaver moon, & devil's night. :favorite notes: black tea, creamy sandalwood, green tea, citrus, coconut, almond, suger, all mints, rum & anything milky/buttery.

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    playing in the mud, eating vegetables & flowers, holiday madness, kitty klenchies, botanical plant names that are fun to say, spending money on cds and bpal when i should be buying food, thinking way too much, silly french bulldogs & attacking my husband.

    :favorite books: anything by francesca lia block, franz kafka, tom robbins, david sedaris, kurt vonnegut and david foster wallace, 1984, the lion, the witch and the wardrobe, a heartbreaking work of staggering genius, siddhartha, the perks of being a wallflower & the bell jar.

    :favorite movies: harold and maude, rushmore, donnie darko, fear and loathing in las vegas, secretary, shawn of the dead, amelie, roman holiday, dancer in the dark, high fidelity, office space, funny face, the royal tenenbaums, the birdcage & when harry meet sally.

    :favorite bands: bauhaus, belle & sebastian, blonde redhead, david bowie, low, mary timony, my bloody valentine, pinback, pixies, pj harvey, pulp, radiohead, roxy music, sigur ros, slowdive, sonic youth, spain, stereolab, t rex, the beatles, the cranes, the cure, the make-up, we are the pacific & everything you hate.

    :favorite tv shows: daria, the hospital, kids in the hall, on air, sex & the city, peep show, six feet under, the office (BBC), twin peaks, galloping gourmet, mr. show, the state, look around you, scrubs & lost.
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  1. graycat

    Tiki Princess

    it's snow white in a carmen miranda hat!
  2. graycat

    Gift Certificates?

    i once bought one of those visa gift cards and wrote for bpal only on it.
  3. graycat


    i can't believe no one has mention the sweet ginger root note in this blend. it smells like lavender and ginger candy dusted with vanilla sugar. but like me tell you how will this stuff works! i sleep the whole way through the night and i almost have a hard to waking up in the morning. i put a little dab by each ear and a few drops on my pillow and i'm drooling, quite literally. it's crazy i tells ya!
  4. graycat

    Gainful Employment

    forest recommended this oil to me at the last full moon will call. i was telling her how my husbands company had laid off about 300 people and sadly ryan was in the cut. she told me that this was a great oil to use in ritual and to wear (just a little) when going on interviews. my husband doesn't do any traditional ritual work or have an alter but he does do his own little rituals of visualization and positive thinking. what he did was put a little on a green candle the night before each interview, while anointing the candle he would envision the meeting going smoothly and getting the call that he got the job. he would also have me put just a dab on each of his charka points before he would go. he told me that it was extremely comforting to get a little hint of the oil while in the interview, it made him feel more confident since he associated it with positive feelings and visions of getting the job. makes sense to me! with in a week he landed himself a job, not the one he was really looking for but it's turned out to be much better than he had originally thought and his very pleased with it and in the long run i think it's going to be better and have more room to grow. as for the smell it's kinda spicy, clove and nutmeg maybe. it kinda reminders me of the comme des garcons he use to wear when we first meet. thank you forest, your the best!
  5. graycat

    BPAL and pregnancy

    okay, so i understand the pennyroyal thing but what about all the other mints? i keep seeing conflicting lists, sometimes it's on the yes list sometimes it's on the no. the other thing i haven't be able to figure out is if it is bad, why? i'm the biggest spooky fan and i even buy water with spearmint oil in it. i can't image 9 months with out....
  6. graycat

    Voodoo Queen

    yum, i really like this one and i'm really picky about blends that have a lot of spice/incense notes to them. i think since it has a little sweetness to it it works well. i kinda reminders me of snake oil and the year old perversion i have. actually it really smells close to perversion now that i sniffed it, i wonder if that's the tonka? my husband even walking in the room when i was opening it and asked that it was, that's a good sign. the lasting power leaves a little to be desired, oh well.....
  7. graycat


    this smells so similar to monster bait underpants in the bottle, i would think it was almost the same thing if i didn't know any better. it does change on the skin a bit as it dries down, it has a little more bite to it. i would be tempted to say it has a little cinnamon or cassia in it but since i didn't get any big crazy red spots maybe not. if i where to guess the notes i would say something boozy, something spicy (maybe this is the ginger everyone is talking about), vanilla and sandalwood for sure. it is a little on the foody side. all in all i really enjoyed this one, it didn't have super lasting power but i did get a whiff here and there through out the day.....
  8. graycat

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    CCCXL (340) in the bottle i can't really pin point any thing and sadly i got it when i had a horrible head cold. i haven't had time to really sniff and dabble until now. so, with-out farther to do! in the bottle, hmm, fruity but not in the fruit punch sort of way. i'm not sure.... on the skin pear blossoms and citrus maybe? wait no! it's guava and the only reason i know that is i got to sniff the xanthe the weeping clown at the last full moon. it's interesting but i'm not really a fruity girl, i love the blossom but the guava is a little too heavy for me. off to swap...... CXXXIX (239) rose, rose and more rose. rose red rose to be exact, fresh green and not a bit of powder. that's that! i'm not a super big floral fan, so saddly this is another off to swap too........
  9. graycat

    Midnight on the Midway (2006)

    when i first sniffed the bottle i was surprised, i expected it to be heavy on the florals since night blooms usually are quite strong but not so. on the skin it really stuck out with a nice warm nag champa smell which was quite lovely, kinda vanilla and sandalwood if you haven't had the pleasure. on the dry down the white floral did come out more but not too bad. all though i don't really jive well with the flowers i would definitely like an imp, but not a whole bottle.
  10. graycat


    wow, foody?!? this was a smell i glazed right over and then got a imp some how and just tossed it aside. so one day i decided to have a imp testing night, you know armed with a bullet box, a pen and lot's of clean skin. as i worked my way through a handful of imp i kept smelling something at kinda reminder me of the creaminess beaver moon or midway . when i got my nose on chimera i found it! creamy cinnamon but not the burny welty kind, nice!
  11. graycat

    The Hamptons

    in the bottle the gin, sweet cranberry and lime stands out nicely but it doesn't hit me as a smell i would really wear too often. yet on the skin it warms up so nicely, the gin smell, which is super juniper berry, mellows out and the sweet cranberry and lime loss all the hard acidic smell. it's not something i would buy a bottle of but i have a cocktail party coming up and i know what i'll be wearing!
  12. graycat


    in the bottle it smells almost like dr pepper and lime syrup. odd, but yummy. then on the skin, it's changes, the patchouli stays nicly in the background but it turns kinda masculine smelling on me. maybe it's the clover and myrrh doing that. it's not something i would buy a bottle of but i'll keep the imp....
  13. graycat

    Where is this scent?

    She's a muse. Check under Excolo. Yep. http://www.bpal.org/index.php?showtopic=4720 odd, when i searched it on the bpal web nothing came up......
  14. graycat

    Where is this scent?

    okay, calliope? i can't seen to find it anywhere, on the forum reviews of the BPAL page. what is it?
  15. graycat

    Monster Bait: Underpants

    i'm so happy that beth is make more foody scents lately because i loves me some sugar and good eats! in bottle i can really smell the boozy vanilla cream but the moment it touches my skin the sandalwood shows up, sandalwood has a very nostalgia place in my heart, so i'm happy. "hello saffron, the most expensive spice in the world!" when it dries the sandalwood becomes kinda powdery and sweet. NOTE: to all you bpalers that don't do foody. don't let the smell out of the bottle scare you, try it on then decide. my husband, who's signature scent is morocco, told me he likes underpants better. i'm going to have to hide this!