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  1. tarotgirl99

    The Masque

    I can't believe I never reviewed this. It's one of my favorites--this morning, after a long perfume hiatus, I felt the need to wear The Masque, and went through one of my BPAL boxes--as I looked through labels, it was the last one, lol. This is stately but sexy. Warm honeyed spicy spice with a woody incense undertone. I feel substantive and powerful when I wear it. And I smell divine.
  2. tarotgirl99

    Asses Plus Long, Qu’un Siècle Platonique

    The rose amps up in a big way. It's perfumey in a way most BPALs I love are not. But it's showy and lush, a power rose, if you will. An invitation to a rose garden at night that you can't refuse. This is a scent I consider very appropriate for prime time, a bit mainstream. I am eager to see how it ages. Major sillage.
  3. tarotgirl99

    Jonquil & Poet's Narcissus

    I've been in a floral state of mind of late, and in this state of mind, ordered these white flowers even though they often seem the scent equivalent of shrill on my flesh. This is a very light scent, with almost no throw, but a ton of longevity (it lasted all day and most of the night). While this didn't give me a headache, it did not evoke joy. It's a bit grassy and mournful for my tastes--it would be a perfect funeral scent, but I don't want to wear any funeral scents. Sales bin it is.
  4. tarotgirl99

    Strawberry and Rosebud

    I have an imp of Champagne and Strawberries that I love, so when I saw this duet, I perked up. I do love rose, even though I amp it in a big way, but I prefer a robust red rose to a youthful rosebud--still, it intrigued me. I was lucky enough to get a bottle of this (Thanks, SophieCedar) and while I was hoping for even more strawberry, this is a sweet and happy scent. Sadly, not much longevity (in BPAL terms--in other perfumes, it would be considered to have amazing longevity)--a few hours, tops. Mostly rosebud on me but occasionally the strawberry would peep out in all its glorious lusciousness. Now I have to practically inhale my wrist to get a whiff, but it's pretty strawberry-like on one wrist, and more rosebuddishness on the other. I swear I'm not making that up. Throw is also on the downlow. But I'm still happy I bought it. It's a fun day scent.
  5. tarotgirl99


    I never smell the red wine, which is a scent that doesn't work on my skin at all. I get a honeyed cinnamon that makes me completely happy. I wear it all of December. Throw and longevity potent in equal measure. I used to keep a hoard, but then I foolishly sold some. I tried (in vain) to obtain some in early December and St. Beth manifested it for me. I was afraid the new version wouldn't be the same as my old love, but it was and is.
  6. tarotgirl99

    In Dubiis Libertas

    Let me say first that the concept of these knocked my socks off, exemplifying why I only wear BPAL. Wet, this reminded me of my first forays into BPAL, maybe because it is an amalgam of so many scents. On first impression, it makes me think of a musical ensemble tuning up, and you can hear/smell individual notes as they make themselves known. As it calms down, notes become more a part of the blend, with the benzoin and cypress notes slightly dominant, with the amber being foundational. Within a half hour, it becomes straight up amber. Which is fine. It stays that way for hours. Not much throw, but longevity is very good indeed.
  7. tarotgirl99


    The sweet smell of Impeachment--nothing sweeter! But on me, this is not cloying, it's not even too jeune fille; it's light and floral and juicy (but not dripping). It is the perfect scent for public encounters, in part because it elevates my mood. Just like impeachment does.
  8. tarotgirl99

    The Queen of Love

    This is glorious, warm Honeyed Rose love on me. I do feel like the Queen of Love when I wear it. Good throw and long-lasting, too. Bottle-worthy for sure.
  9. tarotgirl99

    The Night Priestess

    My first perfume love was Love's Musky Jasmine. I was mad for it. It is such a strong scent memory for me I've tried to get a dupe a few times, to no avail. Leave it to Beth to give me my dream--with a BPAL twist. The Night Priestess is the Musky Jasmine of sainted memory, but with that occasional Clove spice note to remind me that even the sweetest scent memory contains a sharp note. I have an imp in a bottle, but I think I need a full bottle. Throw is only average, but it hangs in for 9 hours or so.
  10. tarotgirl99

    The Initiatrix

    This reminds me most of BPAL's Hope, that sweet blast of vanilla rose. I can also smell Crucible of Courage, but I like it better. This has some serious, serious throw and lasts and lasts. I may need to buy a bottle of this. Not all roses work on me but this one definitely does. The Benzoin stabilizes the potent rose of the Initiatrix, serves as a guide, so the power is more hand-in-glove than overt.
  11. tarotgirl99

    The Scroll

    The drop of Ceylon Cinnamon has the heart of a lion. It dominates the sweetened myrrh, but the honey and myrrh provide a warm bedding. This does not evoke scroll-ishness for me. More like a holy manger and a very generous wise man. ETA: The dry down of this (3 hours later) is nummy. I found myself rubbing my nose in my wrist without realizing it. The honey has emerged and it's like a subtle Bengal (the scent). A nummy, cuddly Bengal lion cub.
  12. tarotgirl99

    The Eternal Virgin

    Wet: I can smell all three of the stated notes. The most enticing dance. I want to live in this stage. Dry: Carnation thrusts his flower face to the front of the pack and never steps aside. I love carnation but not as much as that aforementioned holy trinity. Occasionally the sweetened milk enriches the carnation, but mostly it stays in the corner. Throw is sensational--I got unexpected whiffs on the regular. It lasted quite a long time (9 hours or so). I am going to try this a few more times before deciding whether or not I need a bottle. If it stayed in its initial wet stage, I'd buy them all.
  13. tarotgirl99

    The Storyteller

    The Raconteur, the Town Gossip, and the first character to appear on the stage in the first act. He is the Minstrel of the Heavens, the Devil’s Messenger, spinning morality tales, singing songs of loss, laughter, and triumph, and murmuring prophecies to all. Beeswax, leather, hearth wood, and campfire smoke. The Storyteller is amazing. The beeswax gives the scent a sweetness, but the leather, wood and especially the campfire smoke make it so SEXY. I haven't huffed my wrist like this for a scent since I can't remember. It's unique but not bizarre, and that's a fine line for someone like me, who is not a huge scent groundbreaker. This is bottle-essential. Nice wear length, decent throw.
  14. tarotgirl99

    The Fool’s Tranquility

    On me, this is Honey SN. No pepper, not of any kind. It's a lovely honey and it lasted--very lightly--all day. Almost zero throw. I have to stick my nose in my wrist if I want to visit. I like the idea of putting this on when I want the "fool's tranquillity" to face the day. A que sera sera state of mind that allows you to keep moving lightly.
  15. tarotgirl99


    Black rose, dried apricot, and black fig. I bought both the perfume and the hair gloss, because I love Black Rose best of all the roses. And apricot! And fig! That will be sweet and powerful and spicy, I thought. I was wrong; it went really bitter on me. It had moments of greatness at the beginning but there was a good hour of unpleasantness before it went back to a simple and lovely Black Rose. I can not tell you how much of a fail this was for me, because I was so sure it would be divine. And BPAL has too many perfect from the get-go scents on me for me to suffer through an hour of nasty. I am looking forward to reading other reviews, because my skin can be really funky.