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    Ultimate fave so far is original Blue Moon tied with Selkie. I also love L'Estate, Narkisos, Snow White, Peacock Queen, Rose Red, Cloister Graveyard in the Snow,Lady Macbeth, Honey Moon, Bess, Kumiho, Queen of Hearts, and Madrid. I generally like honey, wine, some florals, fruits and berries, vanillas, citrus, herbal and tea scents.

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    reading, snail mail, incense crafting, photography, fiber arts, movies, art history, research, Pre-Raphaelite and Symbolist art, travel, myths, paganism
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  1. siddal

    Soothing System

    I love this scent. To me, it falls in the same category as Lady MacBeth and Gluhwein: that delicioud bpal wine note. The dry down on this is very faint on me, and a tad sweeter than Lady MacB. And naturally it is less spicey and honeyed than Gluhwein. I could see this being a fave for me in the warmer months when I want to be a Wino, ha ha. I can't wait to buy a bottle of this.
  2. siddal


    Very pretty. in the imp I get a honeyed aquatic, reminding me of Selkie, one of my favorite bpals. On my skin the fir and florals balance the sweet water and I'm just loving it. On the dry down, the fir is coming out on me a bit more than I would like, but....it's still summer and I'm feeling the Selkie love. I could see this becoming my winter version of Selkie and just loving it!
  3. siddal

    The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

    This is such an interesting fragrance! In the imp I get a sharp herbal note, mixed with red fruit. On my skin, the richness of the cinnamon, almond and fig combine to make a very warm and almost chocolately note, layered with the pomegranate seeds and apple. As it dries, the fig and herbs pop out again and mingle with the fruit. Sensuous!
  4. siddal

    Moon of the Terrible

    In the bottle and wet, this reminds me of the blast of lavender and something very sharp that I smelled in one of the Agonies, and also Bitter Moon. After about 20 min. I begin to smell the different fruits and finally it dries down to reveal a softy and musky vanilla and a purple fruit. It sort of reminds me of Trish McEvoy #9. Very pretty and a keeper for me
  5. siddal

    Meditation in Autumn

    A also get a big blast of ozone and soap on this one. It's a pretty, clean scent, with a touch of green, but not for me, unfortunately.
  6. siddal

    Autumn Coolness

    When I first smell this, I get a big blast of green and floral. It almost reminds me of jasmine, but I think it is the combo of bamboo and lotus that just doesn't work for me. I have a slight hint of the cassia on the drydown.
  7. siddal


    I cannot believe it...finally a jasmine scent that I love. Jasmine is usually death to me. I even had to throw in the towel on Bigger Critters, which I thought was going to be o.k. But the sweet fruitiness of Daiyu balances the flowerly jasmine just perfectly. I love BPAL can still surprise me :-)
  8. siddal

    Night Thoughts

    Like some others, I really smelled a resemblance to Silence. But where the peach in Silence tempers the blue musk nicely for me, here the cedar and neroli blend in to make it a bit too heady or sharp. Those two did fade a bit on the drydown. It is still a lovely scent, just not for me.
  9. siddal


    Wet, this had a very pink, sweet candy frangrance on me. On the drydown it was really similar to Pink Phoenix, so I don't think I will buy this one. But if you like girly, pink scents, this one is lovely.
  10. siddal

    Ebisu Making Love As Two Octopuses Look On

    I love this! so far it is my fave of the Shungas. A creamy soft nectarine skin musk. It really reminds me of something I have smelled before but I can't place it. Anyway, it's a welcome surprise because even though I love the tart citrus of Butterflies and Plovers, the patchouli, my arch-enemy, destroys that one for me. I'm definitely getting a bottle of this one!
  11. siddal

    The Passionate Shepherd To His Love

    I am gutted, as this was one of the few total flops I have had from BPAL, and I really wanted to love this. At first it smells like floral meadow loveliness on me, but the drydown was a like the inside of a mildewy dish glove. I think it must be the carnation. We don't seem to be friends
  12. siddal

    Gingerbread Poppet

    2007 is very much real gingerbread when wet, but on the drydown, my skin just amps up the cinnamon and spices and it becomes less bready, and more dry and spicey. I had skipped previous versions as I had gone off foody scents, but now I think I will have to try to get my paws on some 2005.
  13. siddal

    La Befana

    Wow, on me, this is almost totally smokey caramel! It's delicious, but so different from what I expected. BPAL is always a fun adventure :-)
  14. siddal

    Sugar-Slathered Candied Apple

    This is pretty much like it sounds. On me it is basically caramel and apple. I love it! Where Creepy was too intense and made me a bit itchy, Sugar Slathered is a bit sweeter and milder. Just a bit. And I don't seem to have a reaction from it.
  15. siddal

    Pumpkin Smash

    This is mostly soft spicey pumpkin on me, just a tad buttery. About 1/2 way through its dry-down I did smell a bit of the smokiness, but not much. I would say if some of the more spicy BPAL pumpkins, like PP with mulling spices is too much for you, or some are too buttery for you, then this is a nice alternative. :-)