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  1. labugsy

    Old Scratch

    Oh wow this is incredible. The most gorgeous lavender and amber fougere. The amber almost goes powdery but manages to restrain itself. To me, it's a love child of Casanova and Dorian, but it takes a little more after Casanova. Moderate throw and great longevity. It smells like something a Bronte sister would wear and I love it. There are so many gems hidden in the GC!
  2. labugsy

    Dragon, Rabbit, and Snake

    This was a last minute FOMO type addition to my "The Lupers are Coming Down!" cart, because jasmine and I have a somewhat unstable relationship. But this is surprisingly pretty! I can't figure out what kind of jasmine butterfly jasmine is, just a lot of references to jasmine tea, so maybe that's how this is supposed to read? That would make sense, because the jasmine is very muted on my skin. This would be just a pretty but kind of boring warm floral tea blend but the cypress took this to a special place for me. It provides the perfect amount of clean woodiness to cut through the florals, and makes this scent almost... cuddly, in a come hither sort of way? Pretty, but approachable.
  3. labugsy

    Serving Tea After Coitus

    I love the Lab's green tea note but all honey notes have the potential to go wonky on me, and I was especially concerned about a heady honey... but all the other notes are must haves for me, so I tracked down a bottle not expecting much. Lo and behold, this is STUNNING. The honey is the only honey note I've ever experienced that actually smells like honey. There green tea and honey are by far the most prominent notes on me, with a delicate sweet floral (must be the vanilla flower). The ambergris is not readily identifiable to me, but I think it's contributing to the warm glow of the scent. I get a delicate muskiness too that could be coming from either the ambergris or the headiness of the honey. All in all, this truly smells like lounging in a rumpled bed drinking tea in the afterglow of great sex. Beth is such an artist! I'm so glad I hunted down a bottle.
  4. labugsy

    Frog Moon 2021

    I usually love BPAL's green scents, and I loved this for the first five minutes, then it went very sharp and sour on me... not sure what's causing it (pine moss maybe?), but it stays that way for about an hour or so until it fades away. Too bad because all the juicy green goodness of those first five minutes was lovely.
  5. labugsy

    Surprise Ejaculation

    In the bottle, I was terrified because this smelled strongly of Luden's cherry throat drops and medicinal bubblegum, and it wasn't a terribly pleasant combination. Champaca tends to go weird on me, so I was assuming that might be the culprit... I was hoping "white champaca" would be milder and better behaved on my skin. Thankfully all the weirdly medicinal bubblegum smell faded in about 15 minutes, leaving behind a lightly musky, clean pear scent. Very low throw and decent longevity. Definitely a 'my-skin but better' scent. I wish I got more grapefruit from this at the beginning, but it''s still pretty and unique enough to keep. And the label art is amazing, of course...
  6. labugsy

    Lilith's Love Low

    I'm a fiend for any and all the sugary lavender scents and this one is especially glorious. I get sweet lavender, marshmallow, and white chocolate, followed closely by a note that was difficult to place at first... initially I thought it was floral, but then realized something about it reminds me of both A Cute Kid and Mariposita, both of which contain lavender and strawberry. So I'm not positive, but I think there's strawberry in this somewhere. Still can't shake the idea of something floral (maybe a delicate pink rose?) being present... I agree with other reviews that this smells like the strawberry and maybe rose note from Love. So, so beautiful. I'm so lucky to have snagged a bottle of this! ETA: Two hours later, and it's very much a sugary sweet rose and marshmallow, with just a little bit of strawberry left. It really smells like Love, but lighter on the rose. Throw remains moderate, it's still going somewhat strong at two hours but I'm not sure it will last much past three. Pretty good given it's a lighter scent without a lot of the heavy hitting base notes. This honestly smells like it could be Love, mixed with some lavender and white chocolate. Heavenly.