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  1. OxfordComma

    Pumpkin Spice Champagne

    I am a sucker for champagne notes, but not usually pumpkin spiceness. But I figured what the heck. Why not. At first sniff I said meh. I texted my friend that it was meh. And then 30 minutes later I said jk because somehow this just... works. It's fizzy, it's spicy, but it's not too either of those things. It's cozy but not heavy, which is great because "fall" in Florida is like 3 days long. This is hot, humid, horrific fall-friendly. I don't get much sweetness from it, more just fizzy and spice without any pumpkin-ness. I, fortunately, do not get the cinnamon broom vibe, which is great because my husband hates those with a burning passion and I'd never be able to wear this around him lmao. It lasts remarkably well, and with good throw.
  2. OxfordComma

    To a Wreath of Snow 2023

    This really is just so, so pretty. Ethereal lavender-toned tobacco flower over a woody ambergris base. It smells fancy and expensive but in a 'yea I'm rich but I'm not a dick' kind of way. Effortless, chic, other words that mean things. Oud is a note I'm wary of but I will be on the look out for more white oud blends after this. That luxe woodiness is killing me it's so good. It's like the beautiful love child or Zorya P. and Air & Ether. In short, I love it. Very probably my favorite Yule this year. And if you think you might love it, it's most definitely worth a try. ♡
  3. OxfordComma

    Party Toad

    Being a swamp person, my skin decided to crank the mushroom to 11 on me. This goes on as MUSHROOM with a splash of champagne and a whiff off green musk, and then becomes Mushroom Musk fairly quickly, where it stays for a few hours and then the Party Toad hops along to his next shindig, leaving only a faint musk hint behind. Throw starts out medium, dries to low and fades to skin. I wanted to love him because that label ♡, but alas, I do not love the musty mushroom (mustroom?). I was hoping for more champagne, but such is life. One day I'll find my perfect toad perfume!
  4. OxfordComma

    Champagne and Delirium

    Sweet, fizzy champagne poured over twists of lemon peel and tart apple slices. The rose is a fruity kind that does somehow smell golden. This is so delicious and cheerful. Absolutely beautiful and I have no regrets on it. Agreed with the other reviews, this is gonna be a banger in summer. Solid throw too. I can smell it (applied one tiny drop on my wrist) easily while I'm working.
  5. OxfordComma

    Gingerbread Snek

    Maybe I'm becoming immune to red musk after testing Wooden Alchemical Lab but this is much less red musk on me. I definitely get it in the bottle, but on it quickly becomes a dry, earthy-patchy Gingerbread. I get a little of the SO vibe in the background but this is hella gingerbread on me. I think my skin amps those types of notes, because every gingerbread-adjacent scent I've ever tried always turns into Totally Not Evil Bakery Witch Living In a Gingerbread Cottage on me. (No children were harmed in the making of this review.)
  6. OxfordComma

    Carved Wooden Alchemical Laboratory

    Fresh bottle! This smells just like opening a package with loads of Imps in it. Red musk is definitely in there, kinda peeking in and out. It might stand out more to be because I'm not a huge fan of it lol but the overall effect is well, what I'd expect walking past BPAL would smell like. Musky, dry, hints of sweet musks. Nothing I could ID as snake oil or patch, but I think they're all kinda contributing to the ~BPAL Aura™~ Throw seems mid (excepting the red musk ofc 😅) but it's currently competing with To a Wreath which seems to be throwing stronk. ETA: Two weeks later this has settled into a surprise like for me. My experience now vibes with d_d's. It starts out very red/black sweetish musks (Streets of Detroit?) with a fizzy cola edge, then melds into the dry, almost musty realistic cardboard scent. After a bit it goes on a weird journey of sweet musks, mysterious clean notes, and woody hints before settling into a distinctly Snake Oil sugared patch zone. It's very much out of my normal wheelhouse, at least until the end, but I find myself thinking about and reaching for it more then expected. Throw seems to have increased as well, but that might be the difference in weather.