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  1. Belladonnastrap

    [Announcement] Excessive Gif Usage

    Hi everyone! Just a reminder to please be aware of the usage of gifs on the forum. They're super fun (my gif folder is an obscene size, trust) but some forum members might be on slower internet connections and a lot of gifs on the page may hinder their experience! We ask that people not reply to GIF/image posts WITH the image in their reply and if you are using more than 2 gifs as a reply to put the rest behind a spoiler. As always if you have any questions please PM a moderator. Thanks!
  2. Belladonnastrap

    Redirect Issues

    Hii everyone! We know about the redirect issue some are having. It sucks We're working on trying to get a fix as quick as possible (who wants to look at boobies when we're trying to find out if the new Doc Constantine is better than the old?!) but in the meantime a couple of things: 1) If you can, avoid using google to search for a scent. We know the issue mainly comes from that although there HAVE been instances where it's redirected from the forum itself. 2) If you have any swap/circle transactions on the forum please screenshot them or write the information down. If the forum has to go offline for the fix to be applied (which is a definite possibility) we would have to do it ASAP and don't want the forumites left holding the bag on their swaps. We'll try to give as much of a heads up as possible, however it's best to be a bit proactive in this case. Thanks again, and sorry about this. We came to read reviews and chew bubblegum and it seems we're a bit out on both at the moment :/
  3. Belladonnastrap

    Retail Therapy Rules revisited!

    Hi everyone! Just a note that the RT rules have been updated for 2.0 of the forum, please take a look at the announcement here ! Thanks so much
  4. Belladonnastrap

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    I LOVE the perilous parlor label so much. KILLER TEA.
  5. Belladonnastrap

    Reviews placeholders!

    Hello members of the forum! Just wanted to put an apology out there for the lack of being on the ball of putting up review placeholders. WE DUN GOOFED. I'm hoping to have put up all the missing Halloween scents by this evening but I can't promise it. The bulk WILL be posted though so everyone will be able to review before part two goes up and we all go quickly followed by once we realize we can't afford it all The mod team is working on a new system (WE CAN BE TAUGHT!) so that we all have the best forum experience we can. So once again we're sorry for the tardiness of the placeholders, we hope to have them up soon and we thank you for your patience.
  6. Belladonnastrap

    Who do I email with questions? BPAL/BPTP contact info

    That depends on the blend. If it's mentioned here or on BPAL's blog that it's discontinued then it's poof. They leave it on the site I believe just to show what it was/price/components. The same goes for scents that are temporarily discontinued (like Baghdad right now). Searching through the announcements I don't see a notice that the Little Sparrow is discontinued so it might just be component issues. Kathy (Wickedgoddess) might see this thread too and reply, she's really good at letting people know.
  7. Belladonnastrap


    Let it be known that I loathe, despise and abominate red musk. Hygeia? Beautiful. It starts off a bit smelling like Smut actually but then it morphs into a bit like Midnight Kiss with more sweetness. The incense comes out to play a bit later with an earthy undertone, maybe that's the tobacco? Either way it's a very red, very warm scent, perfectly evocative of the picture. I love it.
  8. Belladonnastrap

    How do I buy forum-only oils?

    I think as long as he put "Present for LizardQueen on the forums" it'd be fine but I'm not entirely sure
  9. Belladonnastrap

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    imaginepageant that same witch was also on the Bramrock atmo spray too! Does anyone have more pics of Halloweenie scents? I'm specifically looking for the Nymphae Avarnales & The Vampire Bride.
  10. Belladonnastrap

    Who are the authorized resellers?

    Nail Polish ETC and Whole Foods in GA do not sell BPAL anymore. I'm not sure about NC. Sorry
  11. Belladonnastrap

    Halloween 2011 Must Haves!

    I would be interested as well! Especially Pickman stuff
  12. Belladonnastrap

    Touched Twice

    Touched Twice is absolutely beautiful. It's a floral that is a bit heady but unfortunately it just doesn't work for me. I've learned that even if there is vanilla or coconut or musk if there's a floral my skin just amps it up something fierce. I get nothing but super florals from it. I'm gutted it doesn't work for me. It actually reminds me a bit of Shroud just with a bit more oomph. If you ramp up florals and aren't really looking for the rose/vanilla/coconut then give this a try.
  13. Belladonnastrap

    Dawn: Mother

    I keep sniffing myself. Most of the time rose scents on a whole just don't work on me. The only exception previously was Psyche, something about her rose hits all the right notes (it may help that I usually wear it with Hades together). Dawn: Mother however is blooming beautiful. The rose is not all up in your face but the frankincense really is what launches this into OMGYES territory. It gives it a rich edge and makes it just downright sexy. Resins normally don't work on me ither but this is just perfect. I'm already predisposed to love this scent considering I love the source material & have Dawn tattooed on me but even if this was called Rick Sanatorum perfume I'd still buy it. If you're iffy on rose scents I'd suggest to give Dawn: Mother a try anyway, the other notes balance it out perfectly.
  14. Belladonnastrap


    I have whacky body chemistry because I get absolutely no vanilla in this. Saffron yes, cream yes (and a cream that doesn't go sour on me! Praise Gackt!) but no vanilla whatsoever. I can see where the comparisons to Love's Philosophy come in, it does have that bit of creaminess with "other" but it hasn't gone bad on me the way LP did. The saffron is really the star player here on me, it's a bit unexpected. It's a fairly strong scent, I keep getting whiffs of it when I turn my head or scratch my nose (who keeps thinking about me today?!) but it's nothing overpowering. It's very sweet but not in the way say Midway is, it's not super cloying.
  15. Belladonnastrap

    Forum news/updates for February 2011

    Hi everyone, please check out our forum blog for news on the forum & general stuff! Also if you haven't yet please read shriekingviolet's announcement on skinning the forum!