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    99 problems but a smelly butt ain't one
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    Halloween in Miskatonic University
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    Blue Moon 2004, The Girl, Feé, Tiki Queen, Pumpkin King, Orange, Yvaine, Fairy Wine, Fairy Market, Red Lantern, Agrat-Bat-Mahlat (is that pompous of me?), O, Persephone, Hades, A Wonderful Light, Snow White, Rose Red, Pink Snowballs...I'm sure there's more.

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  1. Belladonnastrap

    Black Coffee

    With an extra shot of espresso to get you through the rest of 2020.
  2. Belladonnastrap

    Burnt Cocoa Bombs

    Lilith has been obsessed with making hot chocolate bombs for weeks. She lost the instructions, but she was determined to make them anyway. We don’t have a double boiler, so she made a makeshift one. Lilith got impatient and decided to microwave the chocolate chips, and then she got distracted and wandered off. It’s a total disaster, but the house smells great.
  3. Belladonnastrap

    Chocolate Fruitcake

    Because it’s amazing.
  4. Belladonnastrap


    A spicy Sicilian lemon-frosted cookie filled with Calimyrna figs, dried dates, orange peel, dark rum, and almond paste.
  5. Belladonnastrap

    Don’t Lick It

    An extra-sweet vanilla peppermint for an extra-sour year.
  6. Belladonnastrap

    Gingerbread and Leather

    Ho ho ho: black leather, gingerbread, clove, and tobacco.
  7. Belladonnastrap

    Lavender and White Chocolate Madeleines

    Pulled from a stack of recipes I keep in a folder called “Things I Will Never Be Skilled Enough to Bake.”
  8. Belladonnastrap

    Marshmallow Snow

    Soft poofs of chilled marshmallow.
  9. Belladonnastrap

    Meigetsu Ya

    Red mandarin dusted with frost.
  10. Belladonnastrap

    Oatmeal and Apple Spice Cookies

    With brown sugar, nutmeg, and walnuts.
  11. Belladonnastrap

    Personent Hodie

    Plumes of olibanum, cassia chips, benzoin, storax, and myrrh smoke swirling around a stained-glass pane of red pomegranate, purple currant, and golden amber.
  12. Belladonnastrap

    Pomegranate Sufganiyot

    Erupting with pomegranate jelly with a touch of cranberry and red currant.
  13. Belladonnastrap

    The Cherry-Tree Carol

    Cherrywood, frankincense, amber, red berries, cherries, white rose petals, and myrrh.
  14. Belladonnastrap

    To a Wreath of Snow

    Morning rising in mourning grey: tobacco flower, white oud, lavender bud, and ambergris accord.
  15. Belladonnastrap

    Winter Sunset

    A radiant inferno of blood orange, sheer amber, tangerine, clove husk, red cedarwood, and red myrrh bursting against jagged peaks of black pine, fir needle, and snow-white musk.