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    Favorites notes: vetiver, sagebrush, bayberry, orris, currants & pear, violet, incense, blood musk, bergamot, red or black pepper, wood smoke, hazelnut/pecan, tonka, white musk, cocoa, leather, clove, chamomile, sage, dandelionFavorite BPAL scents:Ranger, Druid, High Priest Not to be Described, Hunter, Byronic Antihero, Silver Phoenix, Gold Phoenix, Samhain, Blood Kiss, Fairy Wine, Wood Phoenix, Donna con ventaglio, Queen of Sheba, Hesiod's Phoenixscents that hate me: Troll, Ogun, Deep In Earth, Enyalios, Al Shairen, Faustus, ambers, cedar, dragons blood or sandalwood, red musks and straight florals or rose, ambergris, booze notes, watery notes~~

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    I have been sick with ME/CFS for 16 years, but constantly on a proactive search for healing alternatives. Sometimes I sink into darkness. Anarchist, Hedonist, free-thinker, neo-druid. I practice art of all kinds. I'm a professional naturalist, Astrologer, weaver, cook, experiment with altered diets for health, theology and paganism, sustainable living, RPGs, travel, gardening, clothes-making, home brewing, sci fi. Sex and quality erotica is important. Authentic individuals who utilize critical thinking skills and maintain an open mind are who I gravitate to....
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  1. The forum says you can't receive messages.  I haven't matched yet, send me questionnaire for Krampus!

  2. Greenwoodtree


    Straight, hardcore lavender. A twinge of head pain when I smell it warns me to wash it off soon. I wish straight lavender and I got along like we used to. This is a potent herbal and I like it.
  3. Greenwoodtree


    Surprised by this one! I remember testing it several years ago and it was bad. Now it blooms into a sophisticated, lovely, light scent. Its going on my 'need more' list.
  4. Greenwoodtree


    It started out a calm herbal that I could love, but quickly my skin turned up the volume on the flowers. UGH
  5. Greenwoodtree

    New Orleans

    If you love southern flowers, this is for you.
  6. Greenwoodtree

    The Scarlet Horror

    Wonderful scent - I swear it reminds me of my grail scent, The High Priest Not to be Described. Its blended really well. Also, I think I need to add blood musk to my favorite notes.
  7. Greenwoodtree

    The Hag

    Black musk, bay leaves, galangal, bourbon vetiver, blackcurrant, and rum.  All I smell is rum and black musk...I miss all the other notes
  8. Greenwoodtree

    The Red Death

    Was hoping so much for this one. Violets and vetiver are two of my best. But the wretched red mush starts amping, and it makes the vetiver turn chemically.
  9. Greenwoodtree


    Was more blended when wet, now the berry sweetness is amping and taking away the complexity....
  10. Greenwoodtree

    The Sea Foams Blood

    Surprising. On notes alone I would never have tried it. It's floral and the aquatic dominates, but theres a sweetness underneath. Its feminine and summery.
  11. Greenwoodtree


    Cant believe Ive never tested this before. Or if I did, it didnt smell like this! Thankfully with changing body chemistry (menopause) I think I can wear some of these notes! This is sweet, lovely, and feminine. I honestly dont normally like scents with that description. A keeper for sure.
  12. Greenwoodtree


    Really complex and strong, sweet aquatic and herbal. Something is amping and taking away the complexity again. This happens to me so often, its frustrating. In a few minutes after applying, the sweet aquatic and fake evergreen scents are whats left, faintly. Would love to smell this if it was made with pure essential oils.
  13. Greenwoodtree

    Blood Rose

    Wet, this is decadent and the first strong rose scent I could enjoy! Sadly, something overpowers the rose and wine, and it turns to just a mediocre sweet floral scent. AACK, maddening.
  14. Greenwoodtree


    Sorry but, ew. This combo makes me think of the sweat note in Sara Pezzini. Plus the patchouli is morphing into the sweaty wood chips again. SO sad. It could have worked if it wasnt so....salty.
  15. Greenwoodtree


    Very plumy - a nice sweet scent, for someone who likes sweet perfumes. I cant pull them off and not into foodies.