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    I love butterflies (especially tiger-swallowtails, they have special meaning) and hummingbirds, reading, herbal tea, quilting, crochet, embroidery, crossstitch, gardening - espcially bearded-irises, collecting quotes


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    51, Vixen, Schrodinger's Cat, Haunted, musk, dragon's blood, amber, frankincense, spices, maple, chocolate


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    United States


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  1. toomuch

    The Red Queen

    This has a few minutes of being too much wood, but dries down to a rich, fruity red.
  2. toomuch

    Devil's Claw

    Dark, smoky, earthy - a campfire in the woods at night. A very interesting scent, but not for me. I think I'd really like it on a man (though my man won't wear scents for anything).
  3. toomuch

    Santo Domingo

    Too tobacco-y on me. (Though if cigarettes smelled like this I wouldn't so much mind people smoking around me.) The tobacco mellows down after a while and then the Caribbean flowers come out faintly in the background like the scent is wafting to you on a breeze. If you are good with tobacco scents you'll like this, I just can't get past the initial strength of the tobacco.
  4. toomuch

    Shadow Witch Orchid

    Nice floral. I would consider it a white floral, but without the oversweetness that most whites are on me. I don't get the dark, shadowiness. It will be a good spring scent for me.
  5. toomuch


    Warm, dusty, and glowing. Great interpretation of coyote habitat.
  6. toomuch

    The Hanging Gardens

    This perfume is an interpretation of the Hanging Gardens by night, based on further accounts of its fruit and flora: date palm, ebony, fir, pomegranate, plum, two pears, quince, fig, and grapevine with plumeria, three gardenias and dry rose. Floral and fruity. Very ripe fruit scent, good for summer.
  7. toomuch

    Port Royal

    Aquatics are usually the kiss of death for me, but this one worked. It's like walking on a boardwalk by the sea - sea air and wood smells, with a bazaar on the other side from which wafts florals and powder. It's a keeper.
  8. toomuch

    Jezirat Al Tennyn

    This smells like a volcano to me - smoke, dirt, rock, with a bit of damp tropical jungle/floral in the background. Very interesting. I won't wear it out, but I may wear it at home when I want to be, um, interesting.
  9. toomuch

    "You can't afford me" scents?

    The scent I've tried that says upper class to me is Manhattan. I like it, but it's a bit too cold and upper class to be me. I have a sister-in-law (married to the richest man in our family) that I think it would suit to a tee. It felt/smelled like what you are describing, but it all depends on your skin chemistry.
  10. toomuch


    This is lovely. I'm a fan of musk. I like how the lab differentiates their musks by color. This is definitely a pale scent, not quite white, not quite clear. It makes me think of a cloud's silver lining. I found it very peaceful. If this has staying power on my skin it will be worth a bottle just for the calming and uplifting effects.
  11. toomuch

    Al Azif

    Very light, sweet incense. Nice but I like my scents stronger.
  12. toomuch

    Gardening and the Scents of a Garden

    Um, I wear clothes, though not necessarily shoes. It never occured to me to pick a partcular scent for gardening. I'll have to give that idea some thought.
  13. toomuch

    Berry Scents - Blackberry, Red Berries

    Bewitched is mentioned a lot. It was much too sweet for me. I prefer Glasgow, it's like sun-warmed blackberries still on the plant. Swank is listed as pomegranate, but it smells like raspberries on me. Hollywood Babylon has strawberry and black cherry. It's very nice, though I get more general fruitiness than berry.
  14. toomuch

    I Died For Beauty

    This was a frimp. At first I didn't review it because I couldn't detect a scent other than sweetness, like I had sugar-water on my skin. I kept getting drawn back to it, though. It's a light purple scent - violets? - like flowers smelled from a distance. Since it's named I Died For Beauty, maybe it's what flowers would smell like if I was the one in the casket, distant from the physical world. The more I use this perfume the greater depth I sense in it. I find myself enchanted by this scent. A bottle will be on my next order.
  15. toomuch


    It really depends on body chemistry because what works for sqwook sure doesn't work for me. So I guess get lots of ideas and then check the ingredients for what you like. 51 - I'm not sure why this always makes me smile, maybe the mystery and lightness Swank - effervescently bubbly (at least on me)