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    Fantasy and Historical Costuming. I love reading and crafts. i do dye-work, sewing, screen printing and some embroidery. I love Contra Dancing, and going to historical costumr events with my friends in the Indiana Historical Costume Society
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    Quincy Morris, Snake Charmer, Devil's Night, Samhain '04, Spanked. I like leather, vanilla, amber, spices, and some fruits.


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  1. crescentwench

    Horreur Sympathique

    I put some on this morning and ran out of the house. i caught a fruity whiff every once in a while during the day, and now that i've actually got time to sniff and analyze my wrist I smell like a musky fruit roll-up. That might sound wierd, but I actually really like it. I'll definatley wear this again, but I doubt I'd need a bottle of it.
  2. crescentwench

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2006)

    At first it's all patchouli, but not dirty hippy patchouli, a really nice smooth patchouli, spicey with a soft hint of the vanilla and musk and just the faintest hint of plum. after a few hours the patchouli is gone and it's all delicious vanilla (almost identical to the SN vanilla bean i have, but with just a touch of musk). I'm so glad the patchouli faded out a bit, but i'm even more glad i kept this bottle on pure faith. it's delicious, and sure to be one of my year round favorites. eta: wow! this is a morpher! another couple of hours later the patchouli is back, but much much subtler and the rest is all musk, with just the slightest hint of vanilla sweetness.
  3. crescentwench

    Les Bijoux

    I got this scent in the hope that the rose would just magically disappear or at least not hate me..... wet I can smell apple!! no hint of roses yet. On me the rose comes out a bit, but it's the green rose scent you get at a flower shop, not the overpowering scent of the flowers. On me, the apple keeps the rose in check, but it's still there enough to battle my sinuses. I think this is getting passed on to a friend who loves rose scents. i don't think this would bother me on someone else, but it's got enough throw that on me it keeps wafting into my nose. it'd me lovely if i my nose didn't hate roses.
  4. crescentwench

    Hymn to Proserpine

    In the vial i get a warm fruit smell with a hit of.....alcohol? on me it's fait and the fruit takes a turn i don't really like.
  5. crescentwench

    Port Royal

    in the imp it's all light woods and air. wet, i can barely find where i put it on my skin. it's still very very faint, but it's warming up into a cinnamony spice. eek. and there are some hints of floralmaking it go soapy. silly prostitues perfume!! I'm realy sad, as none of the "seafaring" scents have worked for me yet.
  6. crescentwench


    in the imp it smells familiar, but i can't place what note it is. perhaps the musk and smoke with the dragon's blood from Tingtagel. on me it hits the cassia note from the monsterbaits that made ill. with an undercurrent of salon chemical smell. blah.
  7. crescentwench


    in the imp it's all sweet and tart apples. on, wet it goes all flowery. blargh. and now it's getting soapy. the flowers hate me as much as i hate them. horray. sadly this will not be one of my loves. it's surprisingly light compared to some of the other draconis scents,though.
  8. crescentwench

    Mag Mell

    it's all verbena in the imp. wet, faint verbena. with a hint of ginger. This ones a bit to airy for me. It smells like a soap i like, but i don't want to smell like verbena all the time.
  9. crescentwench


    In the imp it's creamy and sweet, i don't catch any of the florals. Wet, the amber and musk come out to playtoo. Yum! On me this is the way I had hoped 'o' or "snake oil" would smell. It's sweet, but not so sweet that I feel like a cake. It's not floral on me at all really, and the moss is there just enough to ground it and keep it from being too foody. It's faint, but with a good bit of throw. my skin sucks up most scents so you have to be reallyclose to the skin to smell, but this floats just a bit above. It'll be a great compliment to some of the more masculine scents that I like to wear. Definately a bottle on this one!!
  10. crescentwench


    There must be pine in this as well as the rosewood, perhaps one of the "soft woods", becase all i get is a cologny wood/pine scent. grr. i want leather!!
  11. crescentwench

    The Organ Grinder (2006)

    I was excited for an almond milk scent, since i love the smell fo it. This smells sharp in the bottle with that strange note that gave me an "off" feeling in schwarzer mond. I can smell the hint of almond milk. When i sniffed this when i first got it i had a head cold and could only smell the almond and was really psyched that this was going to smell how I had hoped. trying it now with an unlclogged head I'm amping the pine like nuts. and it's one of the only scents i'm really allergic too. i had hoped the almond milk would mellow it out enough to not bother me. but no such luck. i shall go scrub my arm now.
  12. crescentwench


    i was so excited about this one. Musk, leather and tea! yay! in the bottle i get all grapfruit. I like grapfruit, but i want musk and leather!! On me it's all citrus, no musk or leather and smell vaguely of a body shop or gap scent that I"ve smelled before. It's very sophisticated but not me at all.
  13. crescentwench

    Schwarzer Mond

    mm. this one smelled very masculine in the bottle, with a hint of something sort of sweet and "off". on me, that goes away and the amber comes out! yum! but that "off" something is still there. after about 10min it fades to a very faint scent, but it is sadly the scent of head shop on me. off to swaps.
  14. crescentwench


    hmm.. smells like gingersnaps w/a sharp bite in the bottle. The same on me for about an hour, witha bit of cardamom (i think) peeking its head out as well as some sort of citrus scent or herb with a citrus-like bite. Now it's dried down to an almost totally smoke -incense scent, with all of the sweetness of the ginger gone. i can understand the attraction, but sadly this one's not for me.
  15. crescentwench

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    XVIII - 18 I swapped my orangey/floral bottle to Wench457 for this bottle, which she thought smelled very masculie and clean, with a bit of earthiness on the drydown. when i initially opened the box there was a sicky sweet powdery smell that me feel al little naueous, but now that i'm sniffing right out of the bottle I think it might have been a combo of this and the frimp of vixen she sent me. straight out of the bottle all I can think of CK1. a little soft, a little sweet and kinda of herbal. I can't name any notes, but it definately smells like men's cologne. on me it's a dead ringer for CK1. I don't how much I'll wear it, its got a "perufmy" note that my nose and I don't like and most of beth's scents not having it is one of the reasons I love bpal so much.