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    Vanilla vanilla vanilla!! Sweet, creamy, musky, and spicy varieties! CC Female, Antique Lace, Love's Philosophy, Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, Dorian, Snake Oil, Alice, Morocco, Lilith Victoria, Mysterious Warning, Deadly Nightshade Honey, Under the Harvest Moon, Joyful Moon, Snow White '07, Cake Smash


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  1. Lorelai1945


    This is really lovely. It reminds me a lot of TKO (the lavender seems to be the same variety), but it doesn't last as long on my skin, and it doesn't amp the sweetness quite as much. I can get maybe just the faintest hint of coconut in there when this is wet, but I don't really detect it dry. Fantastic as a sleep scent. I definitely still prefer TKO, but this is nice.
  2. Lorelai1945

    Gas Masks and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

    My offspring loves crossbows, gas masks, and kittens. She loves unicorns and rainbows and rhinestones and glitter, insects and Spongebob and fart jokes and whoopee cushions. She has a Nerf arsenal that would make her great-great-great-great-great (so many greats) Grandpa Attila proud, and a sea of big-eyed, rainbow-poofy plushies you could (probably literally) drown in. She loves fashion dolls as much as she loves anatomical models, Legos as much as she loves jewelry, and Hamlet as much as she loves My Little Pony. I love the diversity of her interests, and thatover the yearsshe is finding peace with loving what she loves, regardless of what anyone else might think. Cotton candy and jellybeans with sugar cookie crumbles and vanilla frosting. Well....this is sweet! Holy sugar, Batman! On me while wet, this mainly amps a strong, sweet cherry scent. After it dries, I can totally also get whiffs of cotton candy and jellybeans. It's way more candy than cookie or frosting. It's very much as advertised, but I'm not sure it's for me.
  3. Lorelai1945

    Vampire Princess

    Last Halloween, Lilith wanted to be Maleficent, so we hooked her up with a Maleficent costume. The horns were imbalanced, though, and she was frustrated, so she decided to wear the rest of the costume sans horns and be a vampire. She looked amazing (in my motherly opinion), but when the time came to trick or treat, her voluminous skirts and flowing cape made it difficult for her to keep up with the other kids. We tried knotting it, hiking it up, everything and in the end, she vowed never to wear another costume that she can't run and jump in. Blood musk and lavender with bourbon vanilla, plum oudh, black patchouli, and Romanian wildflowers. Upon first applying this, I got so excited. I smelled the lovely blood red musk, the lavender, and dare I say it- even the vanilla. It has a subtle sexiness and yet also a sweetness. Perfection. And then....all I could smell is dry wildflowers and some patch. The lavender is just barely discernible wayy in the background. All the muskiness and sweetness are sucked dry on me. It literally took my skin about 2 minutes to ruin this. If you don't have weird skin chemistry like I do, this would be absolutely gorgeous. I think this will be a massive winner for a lot of people.
  4. Lorelai1945

    The Serpentine

    This has quickly jumped the ranks as one of my favorite Bpals of all time. Immediately upon opening and smelling it, I was reminded of both Lilith Victoria (because...duh) and TKO. Anddd..on the skin, it totally stays that way. It's sweet, airy lavender with just a hint of creaminess from the vanilla. It's a beautiful, cool, feminine scent, perfect for bedtime or a lovely blustery day. Because it seemed so similar to Lilith Victoria, I did a test of each on either arm, and to my surprise, I like this one better. LV comes across much more herbal and earthy when I smell it next to this, which makes sense from the Snake Oil. This is more marshmallow-y in its sweetness, which is so very similar to the amazing drydown of TKO that I love. I was worried about the Snowdrops giving it a snow vibe, which I can't usually wear, but I can't pick out anything other than lavender, Dorian, and vanilla here. The more it dries down, the more Dorian-y it seems to me. Which is another all-time favorite. It's simply amazing.
  5. Lorelai1945


    THIS. IS. IT. This is my Bpal Holy Grail, perfection, can't imagine anything better, splendiferousness. This is Antique Lace with marshmallow. It's soft and sweet and it doesn't go buttery or plasticky on my skin. Andd....I got it literally 3 days after I ordered it. 3 DAYS! It's a full-blown Christmas/Yule miracle. I'm just going to go around smelling myself all day now. I will need more...
  6. Lorelai1945

    The Waltz

    Since I amp rose like whoa, that's mostly what I read from this one. However, it is a beautiful, soft, feminine white rose that I'm getting, and it's wearable for me. There is a sweetness in the background somewhere helping it out a bit. I would wear this to the ballet or symphony I think- somewhere I could wear a beautiful dress. It fits its namesake perfectly. For some reason it puts me in mind of Sybil, only with rose in place of the mandarin in that one (I think). Very similar feel.
  7. Lorelai1945

    Edith Cushing

    This is truly gorgeous. In the bottle, it is very sweet and girly- it smells like pink and vanilla, and it's "cool" if that makes any sense. When I first put it on my skin, it blooms into this amazingly complex mixture of feminine musky, sweet, non-foody vanilla. Like, my holy grail vanilla. Probably due to my skin chemistry, it unfortunately doesn't stay that sweet on my skin, but it dries to a soft, sensual, spicy feminine musk scent that reminds me a LOT of Morocco. It clings to the skin and is very sex-ay. Just beautiful.
  8. Lorelai1945

    La Femme de Satan

    This is absolutely lovely on me. This is red musk softened and mellowed with a perfect blend of all the other notes, no one really discernable over another. It's subtly sweet and incredibly sexy. I was worried that the clove would take over, but it didn't. Possibly my holy grail of red musk scents!
  9. Lorelai1945

    The Witches

    At first I get a whiff of the lab's pumpkin note, which I've discovered makes me nauseated. However, that quickly fades, and I'm left with a lovely, warm spicy vanilla creamy scent that clings closely to the skin. I don't get honey or much in the way of smoky. It's quite nice. I wouldn't say it's the knock-it-out-of-the-park home run, holy grail scent I was hoping for, but I think I'll probably keep it around. I will say that it doesn't last particularly long on me; after 20 minutes, it's already barely detectable. I will be interested to see how this ages. I have a feeling that those without my skin chemistry of doom will love this.
  10. Lorelai1945

    Once Upon a Time

    Our bedtime scent: French lavender, hops, yarrow, Roman chamomile, and a drop of vanilla. I'm first?! This is a lovely scent, and it really evokes the sentiment behind it. In the bottle I get a lot of lavender, and it immediately reminds me of the lavender from Mysterious Warning. It's pretty sweet in the bottle; I can sniff the effect of the drop of vanilla. On my skin, the sweetness and any trace of vanilla fades to reveal a soft, herbal blend of lavender and chamomile. I can't specifically detect hops or yarrow, but they may be a part of what I'm reading as herbal, chamomile-yness. (It borders on a bit soapy, but it doesn't get quite get there.) It's very bedtime and relaxing and pretty. I wish it was a bit sweeter on my skin, but that is very much due to my skin chemistry, so ymmv. I immediately put a couple of drops in my bedroom diffuser, because this will be the most incredible sleepytime scent. I may use it that way and continue to use TKO for my skin bedtime scent. This is definitely perfect for relaxing and reading fairy tales!
  11. Lorelai1945

    Comparison of Celebrated Beauties

    I get mostly almond here. I think I get a bit of floral, which is probably the mimosa, but it's really almost an almond single note to my nose. I'm not able to pick out any vanilla cream specifically. In fact, this isn't reading creamy to me- more liquid cherry almond if that makes sense. I really don't mind this (and if you like almond you'll love this), but I wish I got more creamy vanilla to balance out the almond.
  12. Lorelai1945

    Aristocratic Couple

    This is really quite lovely. It reminds me a ton of Tamora, but a bit softer. It has the same juicy peachiness (although here it must actually be apricot). When it was still drying down, I got a bunch of the cardamom, which reminded me of one of The Butterfly somehow. I get less of that now that it's dry. I don't think I detect the bourbon vanilla, but it's probably helping to sweeten everything up. I keep smelling my arm. Very nice.
  13. Lorelai1945

    Lovers and a Fan

    This is a very interesting scent on me. I definitely get a floral honey. It's pretty sweet. I don't think I detect any coconut, but I'm starting to understand exactly what saffron smells like. Love's Philosophy is one of my all-time favorite scents, and while this is very different, I think I can smell the same saffron note in this that I do in LP. The only thing putting me on the fence with this one is that the florals read a bit..."old lady" to me. (I know some people hate that terminology, but I don't know how else to say it.) It is very feminine and light and pretty. I'll keep testing.
  14. Lorelai1945

    Ivory Vulva

    This is definitely a very warm, cozy scent. I do pick up a warm, toasty coconut and even some marshmallow-y, creamy sweetness. The only thing that makes this a "meh" instead of amazeballs is the fact that I get some of the butteryness that I get from Boo and other creamy scents. I HATE buttered popcorn smell with a passion. This isn't as bad as some buttery scents have been on my skin, but I don't think I'll need a bottle of this. Poop. I'll keep trying, though- this is one of those scents that has enough going for it that I want to make it work!
  15. Lorelai1945

    Venus Genetrix

    This reminds me a LOT of Signior Dildo. At first I felt like the jasmine was too strong and was about to dismiss this one, but the more this dries down, I do get the tea and a lot of sweetness. I don't see the comparisons to Mysterious Warning so much- maybe a bit with the tea, but that one is a lot more lavender tea on me. Final Verdict: Once dry this is a mix of Signior Dildo and Dorian. I like it.