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  1. ladyjc

    Implacable Beautiful Tyrant Hair Gloss

    This gloss is easily in my top 3 of deserted island hair glosses (and I own wayyy too many, lol). It’s super sexy to me…mostly amber with a touch of the oude. It’s gorgeous and very reminiscent of Hesiod’s Phoenix or La Gubre Gondola, which I wear quite often with this gloss. I have purchased multiple bottles and will buy more when it comes back! I get TONS of compliments every time I wear it as well. Just fantastic. 💕
  2. ladyjc

    Cacao and Patchouli Root Hair Gloss

    Yes!! Love this! The patch here reminds me a bit of the patchouli in Silkybat. Perfect combo of chocolate and patch. Really delicious! 😍
  3. ladyjc

    Snake's Shadow

    Ok, I must love oudh! This is amazing. In the bottle and first on it even reads a little chocolatey to me (and my boyfriend too!). Soon though, it settles into a smooth, velvety sweet Snake Oil version that I adore. It’s sexy and warm. Can’t wait to see how it ages! I’m snagging bottle #2 today!
  4. ladyjc

    Mischievous Cat Hair Gloss

    It’s funny...I’m not getting a whole lot of fruit like I would expect. However, this is my new favorite gloss and I struggle not to use it every day! Something about it reminds me of the Amber goodness of IBT, but much lighter with a hint of fruit. This is a winner and I need a backup!!
  5. ladyjc

    Sugar Cookie Hair Gloss

    This time, with sprinkles! SUGAR!!! This is wonderful, sweet, pure sugar! I get no caramel, no burnt notes, no smoke, nada! Just the simplest, most delicious sugar blast ever. Like sticking your face in a sugar bowl full of white granulated sugar. It’s awesome. To me, this would go with just about any perfume in my collection because it’s simple, yet amazing. I adore it. Will definitely need at least one backup, maybe twenty. ❤️
  6. ladyjc

    Samhain Pyre Hair Gloss

    Wow, such varying reviews. My take on this is that it’s almost a clean, slightly sweet incense scent, if that’s even possible, lol. I get no smoke, no vetiver, just a very nice, slightly autumnally clean, almost fresh vibe. I get no lemon. This actually smells a little traditional to me, as opposed to what I consider your typical BPAL type scent. I own probably 40-50 different hair glosses and this is different from anything I own and I love it. Boyfriend approved as well! ❤️
  7. ladyjc

    Strawberry Dragon Hair Gloss

    Candied strawberries and pink pepper. Very much like Strawberry Moon hair gloss with a little kick of pepper added. It also reminds a bit of Edible Panties. When I whoosh my hair around I get this little air of pepper/spice that I LOVE. I'm hoping with age more of the pepper comes out. For now, a sweet, foody strawberry gloss! <3
  8. ladyjc

    Three Couples Hair Gloss

    Black fig and orange blossom with tonka, black vanilla, and a gust of spiced sandalwood incense. This is a gorgeous, light sandalwood blend. I'm hoping next use I pick up more of the fig and vanilla...but for now, upon first application, it's very light with just a hint of sandalwood. Perfect for work or when you'd like a lighter scent. So good!! <3
  9. ladyjc

    Pickle Hair Gloss

    When I sprayed this on my daughter, I swear it smelled just like toasted coconut candy. But the next morning when I used it on myself, I got more of the vanilla and a hint of the tiare. Sweet, soft, vanilla coconut with a dab of tropical tiare. It's beautiful and lovely and I'm so glad I have a bottle of Pickle! <3
  10. ladyjc

    Dragon Mlerm Hair Gloss

    Oh wow! This is the marshmallow apricot candy that dreams are made of. Seriously good stuff. This is tooth achingly sweet, sweet candy. I mean, I have a LOT of SWEEEEEET hair glosses and this is probably the sweetest I now own. Thank you to my fairy for getting me some Mlerm, I love it to death. Only drawback is that it is super light, so I have to spray heavy and respray...but I don't care. It's delicious!!
  11. ladyjc

    Snake Skin

    Um, wow. Yes, first on the leather is very prominent. However, once dry, it's aged Snake Oil rubbed on soft buttery leather love. I need a 2nd bottle. Unf.
  12. ladyjc

    Delight in Disorder

    Dirty, sweet, musky red musk. I feel sexy and need a backup bottle. Yum!! <3 If you're a red musk fan, this is a must have!
  13. ladyjc

    Lilith's Hair Gloss

    Lavender, white musk, sweet hops, and a little French vanilla. This is soo good. I didn't realize I needed more lavender in my life until this. I'm not getting a whole lot of hops and the white musk lends a bit of cleanness to it. This is mostly a sweet lavender vanilla to me. Perfect for those who missed TKO hair gloss (please bring it back!). I just ordered my 2nd bottle. <3
  14. ladyjc

    Blueberry Cream Pie Hair Gloss

    This is my happy scent. I wish I could afford 10 bottles...I never want to run out. It's perfectly sweet, baked blueberries with a touch of cream. Love!!
  15. ladyjc

    The Seesaw

    Man oh man! I'm in love! I'm in love! And I don't care who knows it! This, to me, is reminding me of when I first discovered BPAL. Something about the headshoppy vibe is bringing about fond memories of when I discovered early true loves (like Bordello). It's the kind of scent when sniffed makes me go...oh yeah, this is totally BPAL... if that makes sense? I agree with the above reviews...sweet, headshoppy, strawberry incense. So, if that's your bag...jump on it. Me? I'm snagging a backup...maybe 2!