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  1. topazphoenix


    Out of all the Lupers, the simplicity and elegance of this blend called to me. Wet, I can smell the currant. Dry, the white tea note is the most prominent. I can't pick out the almond blossom or rice milk, they are in the background and make the scent milky in a way that's similar to White Rabbit. All in all a lovely spring scent.
  2. topazphoenix

    Mother Ghost

    I was wearing this last night. I think others have adequately described the intricacies of the notes..to me it evokes a high, cold, and soft old love. There's something antique and sad about it. I'm quite pleased but it does have a specific vibe and isn't something I would reach for every day.
  3. topazphoenix

    Sir Thomas Sharpe

    edit: I've figured out what this reminds me of. Its similar to this Old Spice cologne my Dad used to wear. It's got similar salty notes, I think Thomas is a bit sweeter and warmer and lacks the alcohol-edge, but it makes me reminisce..
  4. topazphoenix

    Black Moths

    Black Moths must make me admit that I haven't found a plum/vetiver combo that I enjoy on my skin (also, tobacco). I had a Our Lady Of Pain atmo at once point and this also calls to make mind the Tumultuous Virtues of Stern Passion. The plum/vetiver/tobacco combo just kind of sits on top of my skin, alas.
  5. topazphoenix

    Edith Cushing

    I can only echo the others mention of Warm Brown Sugar, which I happened to be obsessed with at one point. I love Edith and would describe her as sweet, buttery, and positively angelic. I woukd love to stock up on this scent, however due to the price point and the fact that its very very light and my skin gobbles it up.
  6. topazphoenix

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2015)

    I think I had a bottle of the previous Mme. at one point but it has been so long I really don't remember how it smelled. This new version however is amazing. Smooth and beautiful red musk, fruits, vanilla, and patchouli - womanly and warm. The funny thing is, I think this would pair beautiful with Dorian - I *need* to get a bottle or some hair gloss, I think it would be an amazing combo.
  7. topazphoenix

    The Tumultuous Vultures of Stern Passion

    Based on the notes, I thought I'd be in love with this - I'm a huge lily fan (Tiger Lily, The Lilies and Languors of Virtue) - and the rest of the notes seem wonderful, but the vetiver tar adds a shrill, sharp hard edge to this one. I agree with zankuku_zen that there's something "slightly agitated" about this. After drydrown the vetiver seems to blend into the scent better, the white musk has become more prominent with age and I can smell the lily better as well. Unfortunately it is not enough to supply my lily fix. I would love this scent if the vetiver note disappeared completely.
  8. topazphoenix

    Sugary or creamy delicate floral scents

    You might like Pele, I find it to be a soft creamy white floral smell that isn't harsh in the least. The sad thing is that it is a bit faint, but I loved it when I had it and would always slather. At least it's GC so it won't break the bank
  9. topazphoenix

    Startled Toad

    I wanted this to have a similar feel to Pouring Strains of Sacred Song, in terms of the coconut and resins. But they actually aren't that similar. Startled Toad, wet in the bottle, the patchouli dominates. On my skin, the amber and patchouli come to the forefront, with the lemongrass and carnation after. To be honest it actually reminds me of Bow and Crown of Conquest. There's something about the carnation, vanilla, and maybe amber combo that reads almost like leather to me. I suspect this will age gloriously, it's already good, and just been out of the mailbox for a day. The carnation was the iffiest note to begin with, and creamy carnation isn't really my thing.
  10. topazphoenix

    A Shining Beak of Pure Horn

    A Shining Beacon of Pure Horn is so well blended I have a hard time picking out any individual notes. It does smell a bit more wet and lush when first applied, then dries down to a powdery white scent. It has a delicate and feminine aura. I love it, even though it is lacking in terms of sillage.
  11. topazphoenix

    Pouring Strains of Sacred Song

    Pouring Strains of Sacred Songs has quickly shot to my top 10, in fact most days it is in first place. I can't get enough of it. I get the "lemony" vibe at first, which I love, then the coconut deepens while the resin-y goodness of the frankincense and red benzoin comes out. I am not sure that I can distinguish between the honey myrtle and osmanthus blossom. All I know is that the florals in this blend really well with the rest of the notes and add a nice fresh touch without being too distinct. As was mentioned before, the one fault of this is that it is a skin scent. It is seriously a pity that it is so faint after a couple hours. That's the one thing that has stopped me from grabbing more bottles. I wish this was GC, and that I had tried it before it went down. I wish it was a hair gloss and an atmo spray. I am hoping that Startled Toad will be similar to this scent, but stronger.
  12. topazphoenix

    Bourbon Vanilla Bath Oil

    I wanted to use this as a moisturizing base rather than a bath oil. It smells divine, and layers well with many scents. It layers *perfectly* with Hope and Fear Set Free. It seems to add a little "oomph" at first to whatever scent I wear over it, but my skin seems to eat it up. I thought it would be a stronger scent than the perfume oils, but I didn't get the sillage that I wanted. I think it would be perfect with the right chemistry.
  13. topazphoenix

    The First Love Fades Too Atmosphere Spray

    TKO lovers (I am one), The First Love Fades Too is probably the closest you are going to get to a TKO atmo (unless the lab decides to release an actual TKO atmo). I bought the Erebos atmo as a dupe for TKO, but ultimately found the florals offputting. The First Love Fades Too does not disappoint though. It is mostly lavendar and vanilla, with the oudh and sandalwood in the background. The notes are blended perfectly. It is fresh, lovely, inviting, and appropriate for almost any occasion. Again, I think TKO lovers should get this, as I doubt another atmo is going to come so close.
  14. topazphoenix

    Lilies & Lily of the Valley

    I love lilies also. Tiger Lily is/was the most amazing lily scent ever, but it is so rare since it has been discontinued even imps are hard to find. I love The Lilies and Languors of Vice for lily - (Calla lilies and lily of the valley with white lilac, narcissus, osmanthus, asphodel, and Egyptian musk). - I know you said you don't like lily of the valley, but it might be worth a try.
  15. topazphoenix

    Lilu equivilant in bpal?

    I don't think this is the scent are looking for, but Pele came to mind with your whole "Hawaiian" description: "muguet and Hawaiian white ginger enveloped by warm, damp tropical blooms." Maybe I've just been thinking about it lately