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    Notes: vanilla, spices (especially clove these days), resins, amber, musk, carnation, incense, rose, booze, hay, grass, tobacco, honeysuckle, powder, cream, sandalwood, patchouli, honey, violet, apple, smoketonka, benzoinBlends~2010 list: WILF, Snake Oil, Flowering Chrysanthemum, Mictecacihuatl, Snake Charmer, Golden Priapus, Dorian, Black Lace, Antique Lace, O, Samhain, Devil's Night, Mead Moon, Hod, Alice, Tintagel, Eclipse, Black Phoenix, TKO, Hay Moon, Clockwork Couture: Male, Banshee Beat, Magdalene, Gun Moll, Liz, Sin, Tombstone, Panther Moon, Schwarzer Mond, Luna Negra, Berry Moon 2011, Waltz of the Snowflakes~2018 list: Most of the above plus many new ones: Eve with Sage FU, Pink Moon, Oak Moon, Hunter Moon, La Prostitution et la Folie Dominent le Monde, Smut, Body Remember, Glowing Vulva, Third Charm, Mourning Lace, Emerald Lace, Krampus Lace, Snake Skin, Winter, My Secret, Pere Noel, Now Winter Nights Enlarge, Stekkjarstaur, Midnight on the Midway, Boomslang, Paduan Killer Swarm, Closet Raid, Dragon Smooched Snake Oil, and so many I've missed!!! Least favorite scents: Metals, ozone, aquatics, sharp florals,

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    BPAL! Reading (especially historical fiction), cooking, using wild plants and weeds, homebrewing, writing, gardening, music (oboe, recorder, piano), hiking, bicycling, science, crafts
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  1. wendyb1063


    Wearing this today after a long hiatus. It has aged beautifully. It goes on with a blast of marshmallow and then some oak and nutty coffee. I think I get some sweet vetiver here as well. I'd put this in the same family as Stekk and Two Sheep and Two Goats.
  2. wendyb1063

    Vase de Lilas a la Fenetre

    This is a lovely, lovely scent that does, indeed, showcase lilacs in full bloom. I thought it would remind me of my Mother, who loved lilacs above all other flowers. And it does, but even more, it reminds me very strongly of one of the very first "little girl" perfumes I had as a young child. That doesn't mean that this is a youngster's perfume; I think it could be worn by anyone of any age. I'm so glad I have a bottle of this beautiful perfume.
  3. wendyb1063

    blends containing that coveted lemony vanilla?

    What about Lemon Scented Sticky Bat?
  4. wendyb1063

    White Clover, Elderflower, and Apple

    This is a lovely, lovely scent! Even my husband (who classifies most of my scents as "cardboard", "men's cologne", or "weeds") said he really liked it. It's a masterful combination of the three notes. The white clover brings sweetness and a hay-like/coumarin-ish warmth, but also some floral character to enhance the elderflower. The apple brings its own balanced tartness and sweetness. We have lots of both of these plants growing on our land, so to me, this is the ultimate upper Midwest summer scent. I remember one time biking near a field of white clover in bloom, maybe 25 years ago, and thinking it was the most beautiful scent I had ever smelled. This reminds me of that. It has some serious throw at the beginning.
  5. wendyb1063

    And With My Spade I Delfe My Landys

    Really? No one has reviewed this one yet? To my nose, this perfume is richly fragrant with the BPAL snow note and coniferous tree notes. The amber is in the deep background, proving a hint of warmth. I don't detect any florals, maybe a hint of iris, but perhaps they will come out with time (although I'm not sure what snowdrops and hellebore smell like). This honestly smells more like a Yule fragrance. It's quite lovely and makes me think of walking through a pine forest on a quiet winter day.
  6. wendyb1063

    Vanilla Husk, Nutmeg, & Hay Absolute

    I really, really like this one! It's like Tombstone without the cedar, per my husband. The vanilla is indeed reminiscent of Antique Lace, and the nutmeg is fairly quiet. The hay is beautiful. Longevity is good: I put it on more than 12 hours ago, and it's still very noticeable. The scent profile doesn't change much over time either.
  7. wendyb1063

    Penis Bound With Gold Ribbon

    I wanted to love this... but I just "like" it. I think I assumed it would be sweeter, with some grounding vanilla vibe from the amber. But there is something about this one that doesn't quite do it for me. The lemon here seems almost bitter, like lemon rind, and there is almost an aquatic note to this as well. It does have pretty good longevity, though. We'll see how it ages...
  8. wendyb1063

    Languishing for Love

    This one starts with a very strong almond/cherry blast. After a few minutes, the musk comes through, as does the chocolate and mint. The almond/cherry face to a marzipan/playdough note that I really like. The star anise is barely a whisper. It's not as foody as it sounds, but is more of a sweet, dark gourmand. It's got serious throw! Overall, I like this quite a lot! I suspect it will be one I wear often. It reminds me a bit of WILF but with cherry and almond.
  9. wendyb1063

    Autumn girl seeks summer scent

    A few suggestions: Belle Epoque: this is a gorgeous GC that doesn't seem to get enough love. It is a warm scent; a rich orange-gold in my mind. Sudha Segara: a warm ginger Xanthe the Weeping Clown: Not as fruity as the notes make it sound Balancing the Sake Cup: a fairly recent LE; ginger and neroli Mermaid: an older Lilith perfume with tiare and gardenia but also has some vanilla and other notes; not that aquatic. So Below: Amber, coconut, musk, but kind of summery Some harder-to-find ones: Queen Mab Lace, some of the Snake Oil flankers (Banded Sea Snake, Dragon-Smooched Snake Oil, Snake's Kiss, Peach Brandy Snake Oil), Marae, Et Lux Fuit, Signoir Dildo, Oval Portrait.
  10. wendyb1063

    Help me find the perfect October scent🍁

    A couple other ideas: Fearful Pleasure (has some smoke, but not much), Winds of Autumn (I don't get a lot of apple in this one), Magnificient Autumn (no apple in this one).
  11. wendyb1063

    Help me find the perfect October scent🍁

    Samhain! Although apple is not a dominant note for me. If you could tolerate amber, I would have suggested Liquid Gold is in the Air. Lamb's Wool is a great apple cider scent, too. Whiskey and Apple, maybe?
  12. wendyb1063

    2022 Wish List

    WISH LIST 2020 BPAL Can never have too much of these: Gypsy (from the butterfly collection) Clockwork Couture: Male Scherezade Sugar Skulls Midway The Girl Storyville Antique Lace (original) BPAL I’d like to try: Lights, Camera Something The Empress and Their Heckhound 8th Grade Resistance Morphine Hay Moon 2020 Please Scream Inside Your Head Harlow’s Lace Silver Lace Dark Lace Pumpkin Spice Dragon’s Milk Snake Oil with peanut butter? Or did I dream this? Cozy Pumpkin Sweater Popcorn Ball Snake Oil Apple Sugar Candy Corn Snake Oil Drunk Uncle Brown Butter Bourbon Cookie Fearful Pleasure Lola Lee Loo After the Winter Every Day You Play with the Light of the Universe We Wear the Mask Shelter Beeswax, Lavender, and Acacia Honey Perfume Oil Caramel, Smoked Chilis, and Black Vanilla Perfume Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, and Vanilla Absolute The Pearl in the Volcano Eve (OLLA) Streets of Detroit (OLLA) Other perfumes to TRY Midnight Gypsy: The Owl Moon Arcana: Murder Ballad Blues, Wild Jack for a Lover, Black Sand, Fire, Yellow Cake, Haint variants (I have and love Haint, a gift from my very first Switch Witch long ago) Haus of Gloi: In the Ballpark, Marshmallow Woodsmoke, Rendezvous Nocturne Alchemy: Many of their foody scents Other perfumes I’ve tried that I want more of Kyse: Cocoat Tiare, Delizia di Marshmallow, Fumee Vanille, Oui Plus! Arcana: Bonfires at Dusk BDK Rouge Smoking Other scented things: I'm a sucker for candles, incense, body scrubs, lotions, etc. I particularly like fall and wintery scents: pumpkin, apple, spices marshmallow, coffee, booze, etc. Other: I have a really long "want to read" list on Goodreads. I'm fine with used books or e-books (I have a Kindle) or Audible books. I also have a really long Amazon wish list under wendyb1063 here.
  13. wendyb1063


    As FeyoftheFellwood said above, Defutata is a serious reminder of why I should revisit the GC more often. This is a gorgeous olive blossom and vanilla scent. Somehow it transports me to another place, another world, reminiscent of something from my past. What a fantastic blend!
  14. wendyb1063

    Hildegard’s Cakes of Joy

    I have a bottle of this. It smells like a not-too-sweet cake (like a non-corny cornbread, if that makes any sense) with clove and a hint of nutmeg. I don't get any obvious honey notes. It's notably foodier and spicey with less honey than Amber Incense and Honey Cakes. It reminds me of All Souls Day, but I haven't smelled them side by side. Overall, it is a really nice scent, and pretty much exactly as I had expected. As someone who is somewhat of a fan of St. Hildegard, I believe this scent honors her spirit.
  15. wendyb1063

    A Place of Seeing

    I like this a lot, and expect that most people will: it's a soft, feminine scent. Call me crazy, but it reminds me a lot of Antikythera Mechanism spiked with some florals and a little marshmallow. I suspect this will be a FB purchase for me.