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  1. amokslime

    Peach Milk

    Yooooo!!! This is my perfect, ideal baked syrupy peach. It's got both the tangy, juicy fresh aspects of BPAL's peach accord, and this lovely stunning sweet undertone that reminds me of the gold-amber warm syrup you get when making a peach pastry. But it's like, just that without anything bready. It's so peaceful and warm. I can see myself wearing this in the dead of winter to keep my spirits up. I originally got it hoping it would be similar to the wonderful limited edition This Is A Perfume About My Dog Eating Peaches, and it hits that same sunny, warm gourmand-y peach category. But it mixes fresh peach with baked peach so seamlessly that it's now my new fave. It smells both syrupy and sparkly. I'm physically restraining myself from writing a full thesis paper outlining exactly why and how much I love it.
  2. amokslime

    Like the Very Gods

    Like the Very Gods truly is one of the scents that made me fall in love with fragrances. It's so gorgeously blended. I get woods, sweet skin, radiant osmanthus, something else tingly, and an overall sense of warmth that leaves a shining golden impression. It just keeps getting dryer (but still sweet) and more complex with age. Idk if it's just my perception, but this scent really seems to shine on my skin when the ambient temperature is warm. I love to smell it in the bottle during winter, but I always find myself reaching for it in the summer. It seems like it has the most radiance during that time. While it's hard to judge these things on yourself, it seems to have just the right amount of throw. I get compliments from people in my bubble (like, handshake radius) but not further, which is about the distance I'd want. I honestly can't hype this perfume enough! I really hope it comes back to the Lupercalia GC someday. If it does, I beseech you to try it.
  3. amokslime

    Autumn girl seeks summer scent

    I can't recommend Lyonesse enough! It smells soft and sunny, but like... sophisticated and ambery at the same time. I also own Horses, and while it feels wintery to me, that's all subjective. It's warm but not super heavy, so I bet it would be great as a summer fragrance. As far as fig and neroli goes, Carnal is fig and mandarin! It's described as bold, bright, sensual and earthy. I'm also really interested in The Apothecary which is a green scent with fig, but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. I love green fig though, so I'm gravitating towards it. Edit: I just remembered Brisingamen, which is a beautiful beautiful BEAUTIFUL mature amber scent. It's lightly floral and aromatic from the apple blossom, carnation, and myrhh. But it's like a spicy, subtle floral that compliments the amber really well. I think the myrhh takes it out of sweet territory. The amber is definitely the MVP. I hope this helps!
  4. amokslime

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I'm sorry that happened! My imp is pretty new, I think from this autumn. I haven't noticed any out of the norm changes.
  5. amokslime

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    My new favorite bpal that feels dry is Little Wooden Doll! It's described on the site as "rose-infused amber and soft golden sandalwood." In my experience, the rose is definitely there, but it blends in really seamlessly with the rest of the notes so it feels like one of those dried rosebuds you'd use in tea. While there's only three notes listed, everything blends together so well and it feels really soft and cohesive. So hopefully, it will fall into the more complex category.
  6. amokslime

    Help me find the perfect October scent🍁

    Maybe The Fox Sisters would be up your alley? The description is: rose geranium and tea roses with mahogany wood, bourbon vanilla, and apple peel. It's a Yule, but the Fox sister's connection with spiritualism is definitely good for October and Halloween imo. People in the reviews are mentioning the apple and one person, at least, compared it to cider!
  7. amokslime

    Radiant Abundance

    This scent is gorgeous! It starts out quite floral and dries into a sweet, metallic incense. The floral note is something I've definitely smelled before, but can't quite identify. It's warm and nostalgic. Like my mom or one of my aunts had a perfume with this ingredient, or something. It doesn't smell matronly or overpowering to me, though. Just like my hugs are powered up to be the most comforting they can possibly be. Maybe it's heliotrope? On me this one is warm, gentle, long lasting. You can smell it ambiently on yourself without it being too strong.
  8. amokslime

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Oooh, those notes sound perfect. I also love oakmoss, tonka, and muguet. I hope it makes a Lupercalia appearance! 😊
  9. amokslime

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I think you're right about frankincense, now that you mentioned it! I've tried a couple other imps that have it as an ingredient, and they always seemed to have a little extra something something I couldn't identify. Now I'm looking at the frankincense tag on the site with new eyes... πŸ‘€ Grey amber seems like another good guess. I love A Moonlit Winter Landscape, which also has grey amber! Thanks for your suggestions! 😊 I've been especially curious about Antony and The Apothecary for a while. Might try imps of them next time.
  10. amokslime

    The Caterpillar

    This one taught me the importance of letting perfumes age before giving up on them! When I first got an imp, it was soooo incense forward. But as it's aged, the incense is completely settled. Now this is a mossy, spicy, rococo painting-ish forest. It's beautifully blended and kinda difficult to pick out any of the specific floral notes. Sometimes the spicy carnation or a light waft of smoke stands out.
  11. amokslime


    Titania starts off as pure, bright purple grape candy (think grape bubblegum and grape hi-chew) and then gradually fades into a soft fruity floral scent that I associate with sweet pea and pear. This perfume summons my inner child who loved flower fairies and imagined Titania as a Glinda-like figure in a big pink dress. This isn't my usual type of scent at all, but I'm really treasuring the imp because it makes me so happy.
  12. amokslime

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    My top 5 right now: Druid Arcana The Little Wooden Doll Lyonesse Like the Very Gods (I tried an imp of Defututa and it goes sunblocky on me.) I feel like Druid and Arcana are similar, and then Little Wooden Doll and Lyonesse are similar. And then I impulse bought Like the Very Gods 'cause I'm gay but it ended up being my dark horse holy grail summer perfume. So I guess I like deep green woody, loamy and herbal scents, then dry soft ambers, and then... uh, smelling like a magnetically beautiful ancient-world lesbian? I'm still pretty new to BPAL, but I got Baby's First Political Campaign with my latest order and it's such a lovely sweet lavender! The lavender seems quite strong and stand-out to me, and it sits on top of the ambrette seed, honey, and orange. I feel like the orange is really soft and gentle, not a bracing citrus at all.
  13. amokslime

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    Dwarven Ale and King of Hearts made my skin get red and irritated where the oil came in contact. I’m hoping to learn if there’s any common ingredients between the two of them, so I can avoid that ingredient in future imp purchases. Does anybody know? FWIW Morocco and Spellbound both gave me headaches, but I didn't experience any irritation. I'm just starting out on my BPAL odyssey, but so far my skin chemistry seems to do poorly with any note that's described as "red" πŸ˜… which is a shame since the scent descriptions always sound so tasty and alluring.