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  1. amokslime

    New to fragrances

    How about Velvet? The description on the lab's site is: Envelop yourself in the soft, sensual embrace of gentle sandalwood warmed by cocoa vanilla and a veil of deep myrrh. On my skin, it's exactly as described. I think it's a fantastic dark, rich, feminine feeling scent for those of us who don't always do well with dark and rich fragrances. I figured I'd recommend it in case you end up falling to that category. And it's available in a sample size so you can easily try it out! I also strongly agree with other people's recommendation of Snake Oil. What are some of your favorite smells? It's OK if you're not sure what works on your skin chemistry yet, but chasing a nostalgic memory or a favorite food/flower through fragrance can be a great way to start!
  2. amokslime


    This is a frottle from the lab. It's labeled as a prototype. BTMEN smells exactly like nostalgic Choward's violet candy to me. Even down to the powdery texture. When I press my nose to my wrist, I get a spicy, nose tickling milky carnation. It's kind of like if you added violets to Alice. Reading the reviews in this thread feels like encountering long-term nuclear waste warning signage. But I like it! I can see it reading gothic and stately on the right person. Unfortunately I think my vibe is too bright and grandma-y to pull it off, and my skin doesn't seem to love violet.
  3. amokslime


    A sweet, red honey wine with a bitter myrhh undercurrent. It's decadent and unique. It's light enough to wear in summer.
  4. amokslime

    The vanilla bean in Silvery Accents

    Ooh, I'll keep my eye out for a decant of that! I'm also curious about the vanilla bean in the new Tea Leaves, Vanilla Bean, and Incense Smoke.
  5. I'm obsessed with the soft, wafting vanilla bean in In Silvery Accents, Whispering Low. It seems stronger and different than the other BPAL vanillas I've had the opportunity to try, and I'd love to find it again in other formulations. Does anybody recognize it from another fume?
  6. amokslime

    Kids cosmetics pink candy scent?

    Titania! It's a big juicy candy grape that fades into a cute and sugary pink sweet pea. Color synesthesia wise, it's hot pink and bright purple to me. Grape candy isn't quite the same vibe as a candy necklace or kids cosmetics, but this one gave me such a strong sense of nostalgia that I figure it's worth a rec. Plus it's impable, so you can try it without too much $$$.
  7. amokslime

    Chanukkiyah 2022

    This is so nice. My first impression is a warm olive blossom and beeswax. I haven't tried any of the Sufganiyot perfume oils so I'm not familiar with that note, but I feel like I smell a warm, savory sweet bready note that must be it. And then there's some tartness in there to balance it all out. It kinda feels like a Lupercalia or Shunga to me. The way the beeswax and amber sit on the skin is kind of sensual. It's got elements of a gourmand and a floral, but it feels sheered out and abstracted in a way that makes it totally wearable for those of us who love gourmand florals, but can't often wear them. Edit: My partner commented that this smells like a "really expensive candle." And I totally agree! not a holiday or Michael's candle (No shade to those, I love them) but like a very luxe beeswax candle.
  8. amokslime

    Die Pest auf der Treppe

    Oh, this is great! The trajectory on me is a burst of black pepper -> chic androgynous cologne -> soft resins and vanilla that feel like a skin musk. The black pepper smells spicy and fresh, with that lovely fruity-indolic undertone I sometimes get from black pepper. But I worry that saying the scare words fruity and indolic will be misleading. It's totally fresh, savory, and spicy. It just has this extra blooming undercurrent that makes for a really interesting and complex introduction. I'm definitely getting a full bottle.
  9. amokslime


    I originally tried this because it was suggested as similar to my beloved Like The Very Gods. Both are good, but the impression they give on my skin chemistry ends up being very different. Defututa is a milky, fuzzy vanilla cinnamon. behind that, I get an impression of soft florals. There's an extremely faint smoky spiciness that tickles my nose, but it's primarily a vanilla floral. It gives me the impression of a pink blush. But it's like wearing cozy pajamas after a hot shower. Very clean, warm and soft. When I first got the imp of Defututa it did go sunblocky and plastic on me, so I didn't try it again for a while. But I tried it on today and it seems like it's matured into what I described above. So that's great!
  10. amokslime


    I totally agree that Aureus smells like a wood church. It smells how a stave church looks. It has a smoky-resinous quality that brings back memories of stepping into one of those log houses in reenactment villages. It's making me feel so gender euphoric, because it has that robust woody smokiness, but also that soft resinous sweetness. Sometimes I just want to look soft and cute while smelling like a ruggedly handsome D&D blacksmith NPC, and this fragrance delivers exactly that. I'm a firm believer that all scents are for every gender, but if you're looking to revel in an outdoorsy masculine scent, this is a great one! It's a bit hard for me to pick up the notes in this one because it's so seamless to my nose, but I'll do my best: Smoky, slightly camphorous wood and golden fossilized amber. Edit: I just recalled that back when I first got the imp, there was much less smoky woodiness than there is now. It was way sweeter. All the delicious stave church qualities showed up after about half a year of aging.
  11. amokslime


    Pele is so lovely! On me it starts out as sheer, transparent muguet and shimmery ginger. As time goes on you get less of the ginger and more of a general impression of tropical white flowers. They stick around close to the skin for a long time. It's light, gentle and breezy without being cool or astringent. Such a good summer perfume for any fellow white floral enjoyers. While I don't think this qualifies as a skin musk, on me this ends up being the perfect clean skin scent. My fiance hugged me and couldn't tell if i was wearing anything or if my skin just smelled really good. Sometimes that's exactly what you want.
  12. Anybody know of something similar to Honey, Bordeaux, and Red Roses?
  13. amokslime

    Scent based on a DnD character

    This question is so fun! I hope more people ask it in the future. (If they haven't already! I'm relatively new to the forum, too.) I feel bad recommending past limited edition scents, but one of my faves, A Moonlit Winter Landscape, seems super close to the vibe you're describing. The notes are listed as: It really smells navy blue, steel grey, and dark purple to my nose. The orris note is powdery and soft, and the benzoin is vanillic and sweet. It's not a sweet scent at all though, it really does smell like taking a night walk in the cold air. The soil note feels cold and hard, so it could work really well for your subterranean mineral cave without being too loamy. I think the grey amber is probably synthetic ambergris. Not sure about that one, but either way AMWL has a bit of that kind of dark, mysterious musky undertone. If you can find it on the forum or ebay, I definitely recommend giving it a shot! I've never smelled it myself, but from what others on the forum have said, indigo musk could be a great note. Lightning Struck a Flock of Witches is a current weenie that has indigo musk, as well as: ozone, benzoin, tobacco, and opoponax. I might be super wrong, but I think opoponax is the same or similar to myrrh, which has a resinous, warm, earth smell. So while I haven't smelled it, the mix between deep and ozonic in this scent could fit your character! Here's some others that you can currently buy on the site: Fuck You, Said the Raven (again with the opoponax, as well as violets, black patchouli, myrhh, and oak leaf.) Coffee Bean, Cacao, and Khus (reviews say it's an earthy and not sweet black coffee. Could be layered with another scent as well?) I agree with Twilighteyes re: Black Annis.
  14. amokslime

    The Bow & Crown of Conquest

    On me, this is a warm vanilla/spicy carnation/soft leather blend from start to finish. My skin tends to amp cedar into a woodshop smell, so it's surprising that this is so suave and mellow on me all the way through. On my fiance, it starts out as a much higher, colder sage/lavender/cedar. It then dries down to a leathery vanilla with a lightly masculine colonge-y feel left over from the opening notes. Very interesting! I get a strong brown, cognac colored impression from the leather. It feels cool and vintage, sexy in a suede-like way that would be amazing on any gender. The wear time is about 6 hours on me.
  15. amokslime

    Peach Milk

    Yooooo!!! This is my perfect, ideal baked syrupy peach. It's got both the tangy, juicy fresh aspects of BPAL's peach accord, and this lovely stunning sweet undertone that reminds me of the gold-amber warm syrup you get when making a peach pastry. But it's like, just that without anything bready. It's so peaceful and warm. I can see myself wearing this in the dead of winter to keep my spirits up. I originally got it hoping it would be similar to the wonderful limited edition This Is A Perfume About My Dog Eating Peaches, and it hits that same sunny, warm gourmand-y peach category. But it mixes fresh peach with baked peach so seamlessly that it's now my new fave. It smells both syrupy and sparkly. I'm physically restraining myself from writing a full thesis paper outlining exactly why and how much I love it.