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  1. starpixi81

    Peppermint Cream Cupcake

    Delicious! This one is all buttercreamy goodness with a peppermint kick. Soft, extremely foody (yet not cloying), this is just as delicious as I wanted it to be! I get more of a white cake note (a la Eat Me), rather than that rich cream cheese/cheesecake note (as with various Beaver Moon incarnations). Good throw, yet not overpowering. A true winner!!
  2. starpixi81

    I want Popcorn!

    I definitely got a popcorn note in E. Colossus as well. Boo didn't smell like it on me, but others have gotten a buttered popcorn vibe from it I believe.
  3. starpixi81

    Halloween: Las Vegas

    This is awesome! First on I smell red musk-y frosting and lots of incense. The drydown has a Cake Smash feel to it, with the frosting being more prominent at this stage. The booze in this is giving a nice edge to the sweetness, but is not screaming alcohol. I absolutely love the incense mixed with everything else in this blend, not a big incense fan generally, but this is smoky and rich. Gorgeous!! Edited for spelling problems!
  4. starpixi81


    Like others have experienced I get a very dry cocoa note, but on me it almost smells like a box of chocolate cake mix. This is delicious smelling, but unfortunately chocolate and I have become less friendly in recent times. This bottle of deliciousness will be more appreciated in a new home. The label art couldn't be any cuter though, so pretty!
  5. starpixi81

    Cake, cookies, donuts, baked goods, even Cinnabon

    Lilith's Tea Party has a similar pastry note to my nose with a bit of strawberry jam-iness, but also a bit of rose. Desiccated Frostberry Pie Filling(from the BPTP Underworld Cup update a bit ago) has a similar berry and pastry vibe to me as well.
  6. starpixi81

    Hungry Ghost Moon 2006

    First off, big thanks to the kind and lovely forumite who frimped me this!! This is gorgeous. It smells kind of like honey when it is first on, reminding me a little of Lush's fabulous Honey I Washed the Kids scent. This is a beautiful mix of ginger, light grapefruit, rice wine, and a sugary musk. It is very sweet, but it has a lot of depth and dimension. I can smell the sandalwood way in the distance, grounding the scent, but not being overbearing like it sometimes is on me. I have tested out the 2011 HGM and that one is a little more elegant and much less sweet to me, but I love them both equally.
  7. starpixi81

    Antique Lace

    This is lovely. I tested it awhile ago(very generously was offered a test from a lovely forumite!) and finally got my hands on an imp! This is the ultimate vanilla with a bit of a floral background and linens drying in the distance. Several hours after I put it on the linen/floral-ness goes away and I am left with a slightly somber and beautiful vanilla! It is very similar to Black Opal to me(and to many others it seems also) in that the same soft, dreamy vanilla is present. I also gets hints of Morocco when I sniff my wrist closely whilst the florals are still present.
  8. starpixi81

    Under the Harvest Moon

    I wanted to LOVE this one so much but it was not meant to be. In the bottle: Nice, slightly spicy carnation and lots 'o musk! On my skin it has a very baby powdery-ness that is very overpowering and a bit too much. I think the musks are too much at first on my skin as that is all I can smell, perhaps the grey amber is adding to that as well. After 2 hours or so it turns into the most delicious vanilla, very reminiscent on my skin of Elf v4. Sadly I cannot wait through the other stage to get to that point. For others without my crazy skin chemistry I can imagine this would be vanilla gorgeousness!!
  9. starpixi81


    I love Montreal and a lot of the time I visit there I end up wearing Dorian. I wouldn't necessarily say that Dorian reminds me of Montreal as much as it always seems like a good fit while I am there. I would also recommend Morocco as it is beautiful and lasts all day. Montreal to me is a little bit of spice and musk in terms of scent, and a little bit of vanilla.
  10. starpixi81

    Red Lantern Atmosphere Spray

    This smells a lot like Death Adder in room spray form to me. I get an almost smokey-coconut with a lot of caramel and something darker lingering in the background. Ultimately this ends up not being for me as it is a little too sweet, but it is very lovely all the same.
  11. starpixi81


    On my skin this is a true morpher. At first I get a creamy pineapple, slightly boozy, then it shifts into a soapy, rose-tinged phase. After several minutes it is turning into a sweet cherry. Very fruity and cheerful at this stage. Very light throw. Not sure I need more of this, but I do love the cherry stage!
  12. starpixi81

    Morocco v2

    This is gorgeous!!! To me it smells very similar to the Lush Twilight bath bomb and I LOVE that scent. It is a gorgeous lavender with amber(which is smelling more like tonka on me), vanilla, and a hint of spice. This one holds close to my skin and is absolutely stunning! I agree with everyone that mentioned TKO, similar, but lovely in it's own unique way!
  13. starpixi81

    Cake Smash v6

    Many thanks to the awesome person who frimped me some of this to try. This is vanilla cake on me with cream cheese frosting. The released version of this was a bit heavier on me, but this is more light and fluffly. It does remind me of a softer Beaver'versary. Very light throw on me, but a soft and lush vanilla is lingering. Really nice!
  14. starpixi81


    I really liked the prototype I tried at Will Call, which seemed more vanilla-y on me and less sharp, but maybe my chemistry changed. This has all the elements that should make it work on me, yet somehow it is too sharp. The vanilla is really lovely. There is an ambery/musky quality that takes on a bit of a strong front with my skin which I think is the orris mixing with the saffron. I think if my skin didn't amp the orris this would be a creamy vanilla delight, it reminds me of Underpants in that boozy/saffron way. Time for Celeste to find a new suitor!
  15. Cheers, guys! I think I'm going to try the Phantom Calliope, since it's been mentioned as similar to both Glogg and Tanin'iver. Also, I'm skin testing the Dodo right now, and it's definately in the same family, to me. I tried out NIKÊPHOROS yesterday from the Ode to Aphrodite series and it reminded me of Glogg(not 100%) but close enough that I am tempted to get a bottle.