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    Sibyl is my HG. Other loves: Bedbug, Centzon Totochtin, Mother Shub's Spiced Lait de Chèvre, Mr. Fezziwig's Ball, Santo Domingo, Titania, Trick or Treat 2009, Victoria. Fave notes: Mandarin, sweet pea, tea rose, tobacco, vanilla, white musk, and wine. Dread notes: Most herbs, red musk, and vetiver.


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  1. Aisha

    romantique delicate flower bouquets

    My favorite "delicate flower" scent is Victoria from the Stardust collection: "Graceful vanilla musk, tea rose, and stargazer lily." The vanilla isn't foody or "vanilla-ish" at all. It's just a soft, gentle background.
  2. Aisha

    Honey and Floral Blends?

    First one that comes to mind is Les Bijoux: Skin musk and honey, blood-red rose, orange blossom, white peach, red apple, frankincense and myrrh. It's a fruity, golden-sweet bouquet.
  3. Aisha

    Springtime scents

    Mmm, I love spring because I get to fetch three absolute favorites from my wee BPAL cellar: Sibyl, Titania, and Zephyr.
  4. Aisha

    A first date kind of scent?

    Tossing in a vote for Morocco. It's so beautiful and feminine without being either too maidenly or too vampish. Plus (on my skin, anyway), it sits close enough to the skin that he'll have to lean in for those delicious whiffs. Have fun whatever you choose!
  5. Aisha

    Peach Champagne

    No description given In the bottle: Simple and pretty, it smells just like its namesake. A slice of bright, juicy peach in a glass of dazzling champagne. Wet: On my skin there's a bit of a champagne blast upon application, which worries me a little, as I'm not big on the champagne note in general. Crossing my fingers for more peach. Dry: Wonderful! The peach comes back something fierce as this dries, which is great, because this peach is just beautiful. It's ripe, juicy, and bright without being overly sweet or syrupy. The champagne is definitely still there, but it's providing a sparkling background instead of stealing the show. Overall: Just delicious. I'll be putting this away for a while since it doesn't say "winter" to me, but it'll get lots (and lots!) of love in the spring and summer. Hats off to the Lab for this one! ETA: About six hours later, this is still around but now sitting right on the skin. Also, as the hours wear on, the champagne fades away almost completely. It's now pure creamy peach.
  6. Aisha

    Looking for a Tea Rose scent

    Euphrosyne is the only one on your list that I've tried. I too went for that one since I love tea rose, but unfortunately all I got from it was gardenia and jasmine (and eventually baby powder). I'll definitely be watching this thread for recs!
  7. Aisha

    The Elephantine Colossus

    In the bottle: Red musk and root beer Wet: Mostly red musk (like every other red musk blend on my skin) with an almost boozy strength. There's something just a tiny bit buttery going on too. Dry: Red musk and buttery-warm sweets. The root beer might be in there too (it definitely was in the bottle), but if it is it's blending in and I can't find it. No appearance from the pipeweed for me. Overall: I don't generally like red musk, but this is a pleasant enough red musk scent. Still not "me" enough to keep the bottle--it deserves a home where it'll get more love.
  8. Aisha

    Centzon Totochtin

    In the imp: I pick up a bit of cocoa and booze...but mostly I smell vetiver. Maybe it's just a really smokey, deep, bitter chocolate, but it sure does smell like vetiver. Normally I translate vetiver as "place directly in swaps pile," but I'm gonna go out on a limb here. Wet: Couldn't have told you there was wine specifically, but there's definitely a dark, sweet, somewhat boozy fruit. There's also raw, bitter cocoa. What I get mostly though is a rich, woody, smoky scent. Dry: As the hours wore on, this only got better and better. Less vetiver/woodsmoke kick; more well-roundedness with the wine and cocoa. Verdict: This is what The Most Interesting Man in the World's study probably smells like. The smoke from a roaring fire (real wood freshly chopped from the forest, of course - smells like wildwood smoke). Wine and dark chocolate smeared on a hardwood desk from some sexy-time. The tiniest tinge of blood from his last adventure. The hell with a bottle; I want to buy this by the bathtub.
  9. Aisha


    In the imp: PATCHOULI. Lots of patchouli...and something sweet. Wet: Same as in the imp. Dry: Much fruitier now! But on my skin there's something...Pez-like. This smells like patchouli, sweet dry brown grass (most prominent note - it's super "golden"), and powdery Pez. There's something reminiscent of red musk, too, which is bad news for me. To swaps with ye! Note: This stuff lasted *forever* on me. 14 hours and 2 showers later, it was still going strong. Whew!
  10. Aisha

    Les Bijoux

    In the imp: Pretty! If this scent was a color, it'd be golden. It's all warm, honeyed fruit and florals. Wet: Just lovely. Apple, peach and honey with a background of florals. Dry: Fading quickly and sitting close to the skin, but still nice. I'm also getting more honey and a bit of the musk as the fruits fade. Overall: Not a "WHOA I love this!!" find, but still a warm, pretty little scent. I don't know if I'll get a bottle, but I'll definitely keep the imp for use in the spring/summer. So glad a generous seller frimped me this!
  11. Aisha


    In the imp: Gardenia and jasmine. Can't find the other two components (which makes me sad, since those were the two I wanted it for). Wet: Same as in the imp. Dry: Same as imp, only now it's taking a turn toward baby powder.
  12. Aisha

    The Green Apple Of Venus

    In the imp: Green apple bubblegum - appley, fruity sweetness. Cute! Wet: Oddly enough, once I put this on my arm it smells like a Lemon Drop. Not quite what I was expecting. Dry: Same as wet, but I'm also getting the apple blossom and some greenery (the violet leaf, I guess?) in there too. As others have mentioned, GAoV doesn't stick around for long, but that's alright with me as this one just didn't work out for me.
  13. Aisha

    Autumn Cider

    In the imp: A sweet, spicy apple and an almost buttery warmth. Smells good enough to drink. Wet: Mmm, boozy and spicy - I get lots of cinnamon, and the orange slices are clearly present as well. A bit strong on the spiciness for me at this point, but I'm assuming this will tame down with the drydown. Dry: Pleasant enough, but it's gone full Christmas-spice-candle on my skin. Not for me.
  14. Aisha


    In the imp: Warm, buttery yellow cake with lots of vanilla frosting. Just sniffing this makes me want to bake cupcakes! Wet: Whoa...boozy. Like, nail polish remover boozy. There's also something plasticky/bitter going on. Dry: Booziness is fading a little. There's still something plasticky/bitter, but now there's also a fakey berry scent--strawberries? Cherries? The combined notes are almost cough-syrupy. Hours later: Plasticky cream and strawberry. It breaks my heart that something that smelled so amazing in the imp went so completely wrong on my skin. Massive chemistry fail.
  15. Aisha

    Baobhan Sith

    In the imp: Grapefruit and lots of it! Wet: Mostly grapefruit, but I'm starting to get a wee bit of the apple blossom. Dry: Grapefruit & apple blossom for a while (pretty, but it's a generically citrus-y bodywash smell to me). I don't smell the white tea or ginger. Hours later kinda "ick" -- something went sour on me.