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  1. Returning to BPAL after 13 years working/living in a scent-free environment, and I'm not sure what to order. Somewhere along the way I've developed some scent sensitivities (sinus pressure/headache), and I'm not sure what the problem notes are. I want to shot-gun test my sensitivities. I'm looking for a couple imp packs that would help me sample a broad variety of common BPAL notes but each in a simplish blend for ease of isolating later. I am not looking for a new favourite scent - that will come later! I am suspicious of: spicy scents, evergreens/woods, and florals. My man-friend also thinks he gets headaches from vanilla. Rose red 2008 was fine. Red moon 2007 and Brides of Dracula were not. Samhain 2007 and 2008 give me a headache sometimes. (Mods, I hope this is ok here and not in the allergy thread).