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  1. Teaotter

    Black Coffee

    This is all coffee in the imp, but as soon as it hits my skin it becomes sweeter and woodier. There is still a coffee note wafting around, but the incense-y wood note dominates, along with a sugary sweetness. Throw is low, but it lasts fairly well on my skin. Sweet, woodsy incense and a cup of coffee.
  2. Teaotter

    Civil Twilight

    Honeysuckle and lemon blossom. The amber barely peeks out after a couple of hours, and I don't get the peach at all. A light floral that burns down to a skin scent very quickly and fades out on my after a few hours.
  3. Teaotter


    I was worried that the tuberose and Queen of the Night might dominate this scent, but I love the other notes too much not to try it. And I'm glad I did! It's hard for me to pick out individual notes, no particular one seems to dominate. Overall, this is a sweet woody incense with some soft floral notes floating over it, and I adore it.
  4. Teaotter


    My previous bottle of Baku was very much soft lavender and anise. Fairly long-lasting, but it kept close to the skin. My new bottle is medicinal lavender and eucalyptus, with better throw and about the same longevity. I honestly don't know if this is an issue of aging, skin chemistry, or formula changes, but it's a significant difference.
  5. Teaotter

    Corrupt Chancellor

    Sweet sandalwood, grassy vetiver, and bergamot floating over the top. It's a little sour if I push my nose right up against it, but the throw isn't sour at all. Not a hint of pepper to my nose. I can only identify the leather if I try, and it might be my imagination, or maybe just part of what makes this read as 'cologne' to me. This is masculine in a dapper, sophisticated way, and much sweeter than I was expecting from the notes.
  6. Teaotter

    Lady Hatton

    A slightly fizzy, classy perfume. Very well-blended, so I don't really pick out the other notes so much. Decent throw and wear length.
  7. Teaotter


    Powdered laundry soap. It's a nice powdered laundry soap, but that's pretty much all I get out of this. Hella throw.
  8. Teaotter


    On me, this is almost single-note leather, kind of like Riding Crop. There is a bit of clove, but it's drowned in that new leather smell. I do expect it to age beautifully.
  9. Teaotter

    A Multitude of Dreams

    After settling in for a month, I love this perfume even more! Thick, luscious resins under a drifting breeze of licorice and lavender. Good throw and excellent longevity.
  10. Teaotter

    Thought Photography

    Floral lavender perfume. The lavender and palo santo work together to make it a gorgeous musky floral. Good throw and longevity. I was personally hoping it would be more like 18 June 1860 than it is -- on my skin, at least, that one has an airiness where this one is musky from the ambrette seed. Fairly similar, but not identical scents.
  11. Teaotter

    Gingerbread and Lavender Sugar

    On me, the lavender smells more like the one in Puppet Kitty than in TKO. Otherwise, I agree with other reviewers -- a sweet lavender scent with the barest hint of lemony gingerbread warmth in the background. Decent throw and longevity.
  12. Teaotter

    Gingerbread Oudh

    Warm ginger-spice and incense. It gets a little smoky char around the edges for about the first twenty minutes, but that dissipates. Not especially foodie, not particularly sweet. Just warm and comforting. Sadly, this doesn't last very long on my skin.
  13. Teaotter

    Mincemeat Pie

    Fruity spice. Goes on in a blast of nutmeg and simmers down to a sweet, fruity pie filling. No crust note that I can detect, sadly. Reminds me very much of Alice's Evidence on my skin. I'll need to test them side-by-side to be sure, but I think they're definitely scent-siblings if not twins.
  14. Teaotter

    Mopey Boar Alchemy Lab

    This goes on with a sharply inky note -- something more reminiscent of a machine shop than I imagined. There's a strong medicinal clove under there that starts to burn through the machine oil after about ten minutes. The smoky incense blends comes out after a while -- not smoky like bonfires, but there's definitely the warmth of incense smoke and not just the smell of incense. This one confuses the heck out of me. Good throw and decent longevity, but it never quite leaves the machine shop behind. This is a steampunk alchemical lab.
  15. Teaotter

    Smug Yale Alchemy Lab

    A sweet, almost chalky vanilla. More complex than I can put my finger on, but it stays true from application to drydown on my skin. Settles into a skin scent after about an hour.