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    I am looking for De Sade, Venom, Noir and F54.


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  1. quimerula

    Thousand Pillar Atmosphere Spray

    Since I was gifted with a sample of this, I feel obliged to review it. I had the same alcohol smell some of you have reported before, but after a while this scent blooms into a soft mossy scent with a hint of resins and a touch of faint flowers (maybe a stone-like scent?). I think it's a quiet one, so if you find other atmosphere sprays too loud you'd like this.
  2. quimerula

    "You can't afford me" scents?

    So far, we've discussed sexy, seductive and smutty scents, but this is about our inner bitch. I've bought a mainstream perfume because of it's cold in a classy way, detached, "cleary better than you" and expensive feeling. It's about power. It's about "yes, but not with you". Not cold in a Ice Queen way, but rather in a Queen B way. Sexy but absolutely not affordable. Then I got tired and I reached for a BPAL scent to fill the spot... What would your "I'm clearly too much for you" scent be?
  3. I always thought that Severus smells just like Malediction. (and Cosmic Dreamcatcher from Lush, by the way). It's a strong scent, and not "easy" at all.
  4. quimerula

    Old books... Books, paper, libraries

    Maybe Dee.
  5. Boomslang Death Adder Western Diamondback I need backups!
  6. quimerula

    Red Musk

    Blood Moon, aged, just perfect. Chrysanthemum Moon; how happy I am of having bought three bottles! And aged is just purrrfect! Spellbound, red musk and rose. So sexy and deep. Scherezade. This one screams posh and sexy. Fenris Wolf. Not as manly as it may seem. IMHO, red musk is the sexiest of musks.
  7. quimerula

    Autumn Scents - recommend the ones you love

    Samhain never lets me down when I seek for autumny scents. The PP are also really evocative, and their sweet undertone catches the masculine atention, so do Creepy (apple and caramel), Plunder and Goblin.
  8. The Phantom Calliope? A few months later I actually see this response. lol. That's one of the scents I have been considering, but the reviews mostly seem to point out the cherry, and I'm afraid of the patchouli - at least in terms of trying to match the scent. And it's not impable, so I'm waffling on whether to buy a bottle and hope I like it even if it's not at all like YSTW... Just give Bordello a try!
  9. quimerula

    Scent for Halloween?

    I wore Goblin, mostly because I need more gobliness in my life!
  10. quimerula

    Villainess and BPAL

    What's your favourite combination? Please share! I am looking for the perfect match for Pearl Diver.
  11. quimerula

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Macha, I really love your work. I think it's absolutely gorgeous. But on the other hand I did expect the "regular" labels in the resurrected scents, as I love how they look in my show case. It's a bit obsessive, I know, but the old labels made the bottles look like real bottles with dragon's blood or black lotus inside(and yes, I am such a geek, I know).
  12. quimerula

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Now I will have a Bat's Blood bottle that won't match my geeky collection of Dragon's Blood, Black Lotus and Blood bottles. It was hard enough when the RG got their own labels (now my Wolfsbane bottle doesn't match), but seeing the resurrected ones with those new labels was Sorry to rant, since I love the new labels in the LEs but I thought my new Silentium Amoris bottles would be exactly as my old beloved one. At least I can decant the new oil in the old bottle once it's gone, but I don't have a Bat's Blood one to do the same. Please correct me if I'm mistaken, but I think that last year's resurrected scents came with lovely old labels.
  13. quimerula


    Wet I can smell red musk and spices. I love red musk because it's very, very sexy on my skin. As it dries down I get a soft saffron touch as the one I get from Silk Road, but lighter. This is a sexy and evocative Oriental perfume, quite true to the image I have of Sherezade. It smells like the high end posh perfumes that your mother never allowed you to touch!
  14. quimerula


    .Wet it's a very aquatic scent (as it should be because of its name, LOL!). It reminds me of Ophelia but it's stronger and not as sweet floral. I imagine it green and blue with a sweet touch, but this one it's not a light aquatic scent, on my skin it's quite intense (even dried down) and it has an obscure edge.
  15. quimerula

    De Sade

    Soft and old leather. This one is Dead Man's Hand grandfather, less fresh but more smoky and interesting. And if Dead Man's Hand is the perfect scent to put in the leather seats of your car, De Sade is the lurid leather that you would wear on your skin.