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  1. sqwook

    Cottage Garden

    Ooooo this is like real springtime! Lovely!
  2. sqwook

    Blackberry & Oudh

    Beautiful. Sweet deep blackberry, warm resiny. If you like Mme Moriarty then you'll like this.
  3. sqwook

    It’s All I Have to Bring Today

    If you apply this lightly, you get the most natural true-blossoms fresh airy scent, it is such a perfect springtime scent. Like actual springtime. When you stick your nose into a patch of flowers still wet with dew. And it fades over time to a skin-close true honey scent, NOT the same honey note as bpal usually uses. Totally beautiful.
  4. sqwook

    Amoretti LXXV

    Beautiful golden scent, hint of crisp apple, with a light incense spice that may be coming from the benzoin. Love this, so golden and beautiful. Not foody. Not powdery. I don't get musk, it must just be blended in with everything else. Gorgeous. If you like Liquid Gold is In The Air then you will love this.
  5. sqwook

    LOVE The Antikythera Mechanism, any suggestions?

    Some others to try: Voodoo Port Royal Dee Bow & Crown of Conquest Black Tower
  6. sqwook

    Dusk in Autumn

    This is so good, and, what a surprise, as well. I put it on and then forgot all the notes, and was thinking it was a blackcurrant fougere full of added autumn wonderfulness. Or somethign like Mabel, perhaps (which I think has zero notes in common, lol.) I do not get any cake scent, which is a scent I normally don't wear well. This scent is not foody. This is so good, and I wish I knew how to describe it! Very beautiful on me. I agree, this is one of the true 'alchemy' ones.
  7. sqwook

    Metallic scents

    18 June 1860 is a good metallic with herby-lavender (as opposed to the soft-florally lavender).
  8. For sweet pine scents -- Try Slobbering Pine! Ignore the name if it bugs you, but it may just be what you will like. Also - Jersey Devil. Maybe Jabberwocky after the Eucalyptus burns off. The Illustrated Woman. Golden Priapus. Fascinum. Troll.
  9. sqwook


    Starts out springy and lovely with the light tea note. Then hours later becomes a gorgeous warm skin-scent which must be rice-milk with the sweetness of spun-sugar almond. Beautiful!
  10. sqwook


    Nebulaphobia!!!! omg, lovely.
  11. sqwook


    Really beautiful!!! Soft ambergris, really gorgeous. (I do not get any off notes as others mention above so ymmv, all just lovely and soft on me. Cade is apparently an evergreen (who knew?), and I don't get that scent either, other than *maybe* a slightest hint while it's still wet on my skin, but, it burns off immediately once it's on me -- for me, this is a soft scent, and the ambergris is just lovely.)
  12. sqwook

    Once an order is placed, it is final.

    If the lunacy is still available and you want it, then I'd order it now, because the estimated time they stay up is 72hours (3 days) and it's already been longer than that. Good luck!
  13. Possibly Seance or Danse Macabre - Strangler fig on me is mostly soft woods, after the coconut / fig settles down.
  14. sqwook

    The Sun Has Perished

    This is really beautiful. On me, the asphodel is reading as the lab's orange blossom / neroli note (and I compared this to The Sun's Treasure; yep, that's it for sure.). Perfect for representing the sun, over the smoky, slightly spicy myrrh-amber. Does not go powdery, just keeps close to the skin. This is the stand-out for me of the eclipse scents. Gorgeous. I love it. And perfect for a sun-moon conjunction. I didn't have this in hand for the actual ecplise but it's the one I'd have chosen for the big event, too. Solar-lunar goodness.
  15. sqwook

    Coin Trick

    This is so beautiful! Before trying it, I had thought it might be metallic or harsh and it is NOT, at ALL. It is airy, light, with a light-citrus air to it, and just really like the glimmering light of sun moon and stars, NOT the other notes that bpal often uses to signify those concepts. For me, the dominant image it evokes is the silvery golden glow of sun moon and stars. Air and light and glimmering, and possibly sparkling rain in the sun.