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    Spinning in an orderly fashion through space in a quaint blue Police Box!!
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    United States

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    Jack, Sugar Cookie, Gluttony, Bliss, Candy Butcher, Pumpkin Patch V, Strawberry Moon, Eat Me and Drink Me

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    ALL things Alice!!!, pirates, singing, dancing, sewing, japan, anime, Star Trek, Star Wars, light sabers (I have 4 and I know how to use them!!), X-Files, Doctor Who (yes, all 10 of them), David Lynch, John Waters and Tim Burton films, reading books (Barker, Gaiman, Brite, Black, Beddor, Snicket and my love Poe), comic books, swords, Disney (the magic, not the empire!), playing with fire ;)
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    When people meet me, they often take me for a Libra. After 10 minutes with me, they always change their minds and say "Nope, you are totally a Virgo!"
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  1. death

    Crib Girls

    Oh boy!!! As soon as I opened this up...I wanted to eat some candy!! So I give it a Chomp!! Then I put it on...OMG!!!! I smell like a hard lemon candy... This is the first (and so far only) Bpal scent that smells on me, just like in the bottle!! So over all on my grading scale of I'm Not Hungry-Chomp!! this gets a well deserved Chomp!!
  2. death

    Trick or Treat

    Ver. 2009!! In the bottle, on my scale of I'm Not Hungry - Chomp!!, it gets an I'm Hungry On my skin this is very, very warm. At first sniff it is only caramel that I can smell. I gave it a few minutes, notes of sugary clove & pumpkin came forth. Needless to say the carmel was put in the back seat! Trick or Treat on me gets a Chomp!!
  3. death

    Pumpkin V (2009)

    As soon as I read that this contain 3 of my favorite foods in it, I ordered it that second! In the bottle this scent got a 5 on my grading scale. (5= Chomp!!) And so as anytime I order scents, I tested it. Pumpkin was the first thing I could smell, with the chocolate/coffee fighting over who was second. After several minutes I could smell it all and it made me go eat some waffles! Later that night I was out at a club. Several of my friends were standing around and commented on how they were getting hungry. Another said that they wanted waffles. Then one of the girls hugged me hello and squealed. She said that I smelled like maple syrup and that was why she had gotten so hungry! So needless to say this scent on me gets a Chomp!! on my grading scale!!
  4. death


    Oh how excited I was to get Boo from the lovely Hilary! And in the bottle, all I can say is it get a 3 on my grading scale. (3 being 'Yum!') So I placed a drop on my skin. First thing I smelled was coconut. That confused me. I waited a couple of minutes and smelled again. Boo turned this strange powdery floral like smell with a hint of the coconut. I am asuming the powdery floral is the cotton. I am saddened by this, cause it makes my head hurt. So on my skin it gets a 1. (1 being 'I'm Not Hungry')
  5. death

    Traveling with BPAL

    I fly A LOT!! (my boyfriend lives in Mass and I live in VA!! ) I always take my imps instead of my bottles. I place them in a very small zip-locking bag, placing that in my plastic bag with all my other liquids. I have never had a single problem with carrying them!