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    I enjoy so many things. I love to travel. I love to try new restaurants. We have traveled places just to try new restaurants...LOL! I am open to trying anything at least once. I love road trips. I love the mountains. I love the rain. I love taking walks in the rain. I love the ocean. Autumn is my favorite time of the year. The earth is getting ready to slumber and I love how she displays her preparations. Someday, I want to live near the coast.. I want warmer winters and summers spent at the beach. I love to plan romantic weekend get away's for Aaron and I. Many of these plans are just in my head but it is fun to play them out there even if it does not really happen.
    I love Disneyland and wish I could go at least once per year.
    Some day I will spend a month in Italy. I will leisurely stroll the streets of Rome and romantically experience the seductiveness of Venice. I will try a variety of Italian cuisine and walk the vineyards of Florence.
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    High John the Conqueror

    I love this. On me it is Honeysuckle. Sweet, soft honeysuckle.

    Loved To Death

    Spicy, woodsy, slightly charred cola is what it smells like on my skin. I totally love it. <3


    First sniff....Car motor oil? Apply it to wrist...Still car motor oil As it is drying down I still smell motor oil but am whiffing some sweetness too. This is so weird to me...LOL! Almost dry and I am smelling less motor oil but more of a aquatic perfume-y type smell. Dry... I smell some of the spices and a bit of the citrus and still a bit of a motor oil smell.... gosh, I really don't care for this at all.

    House of Night

    I smell some lovely kinda sparkly florals and greenery when first applied. As it is drying, I smell a hint of pencil shavings...LOL! OH NO! But you know what this dries down to on me... a blonde tobacco smell. I am kinda diggin' it!

    Chaos Theory VI: Recursive Self-Similarity v7

    I ordered 3 bottles and I am terrible with picking out individual notes. I just know a well blended scent when I smell it. I will try my best though to mention the notes I *think* I recognize in my blends. #420 I wore this to Church yesterday and my husband kept sniffing me all day telling me how good I smell. This one smells to have a dark, black smelling vanilla, balsam or maybe clover(something green and kinda like U), some kind of wood note(maybe mahogany or maple). There is almost a bit of a dark coffee smell to this as well during the dry down. There is another note to this blend that I cannot identify yet. It is driving me crazy! Mostly, this blend is sweet and warm.... green with wood notes. LOVE~ #464 I have CC:Female and this blend put on side by side and there is very little difference between these 2 blends. There is a little less leather and more of a sweetness to my blend than CC:Female but gosh, they are VERY close to my nose. My blend is not quite as complex as CC:Female just as a note. Another LOVE! #508 This is my favorite blend of all. Creamy French Vanilla, fruits that smell purple to my nose, golden honey and what I think is a linen note. There is a tiny bit of a sparkle to this blend too. So glorious! All of these blends have a great throw and last for several hours. I lucked out hard core and really could not be more pleased with what I received. Love, Love, Love them all!

    Scent for Halloween?

    I wore Mircalla today. I didn't want my perfume to smell foody when I was in the kitchen all day cooking...