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    Amber, grass, ozone, lime, lilac, dirt, aquatic, anything really except rose or pine. Favorite BPAL scents: Scarecrow, Hellion, Sea of Glass, Dragon's Eye, Bastet, Mr. Nancy, Temple Viper, Jazz Funeral, Ultraviolet, Arkham, Jack, 'Tis The Voice of the Lobster, Phantom Queen, Jolly Roger, 51, Schroedinger's Cat, Tombstone

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  1. Ultraviolet is one of my go-to "hot summer day" scents, because it has such a cold smell and feel to it. Like frozen violets! Violet Ray also has the chilly mint/violet to it, but not quite as sharp on me as Ultraviolet. Other favorites: Schroedinger's Cat, Croquet, Sea of Glass, 51, Shattered, Envy, Tweedledee, 'Tis the Voice of the Lobster, Lightening, and Jolly Roger. Also, the discontinued Atomic Luau scents have a very "summery" vibe to them...I wore Screeching Parrot a lot last summer. I tend to wear a lot of ozones, aquatics, and fruity scents in the summer.
  2. Mayhem27


    I'll throw in another vote for Mr. Nancy, which is one of my favorites. It's a bit boozy in the bottle... but on me, it's all lime with a bit of sugar cookie sweetness. Also, Croquet is a very nice tart lime/fresh fruit scent...another one I wear frequently. I love lime
  3. Mayhem27


    Arkham was a frimp included in my last order, which was awesome because I had it on my list to buy next time! In the imp...wow this is stunning! The first thing that hit me was the grass, and I LOVE grass scents. It also had a watery, aquatic smell...like a meadow with a little trickling stream nearby. On my skin, the light flowers came out, I definitely could smell the columbine. I'm not great at picking out florals but I have columbine in my garden and it smells very much like this. :-) The lovely watery grass is still the main element...so glad it didn't disappear on my skin. A few hours into wearing, this hasn't changed much, except for a light, woodsy note has appeared. The throw is moderate on Arkham, and it lasted all day for me. Gorgeous scent, like Spring in a bottle! I can't wait to buy a big bottle of this.
  4. Mayhem27


    In the imp, yup, smelled like a cough drop. I swear I could make out honey although it isn't listed as a note. Once I put it on, I could really smell the orange and rosemary, with a little tiny bit of mint. The orange is very nice, and thankfully no honey! I just looked up the description for Bess again and was surprised to see rose listed. I must have overlooked that when I ordered, because I definitely do not like rose. I didn't get any rose from this, though. A few hours into wearing this, it has almost disappeared except for a slight trace of grape. All around a pretty nice, light scent, but didn't stick around on me very long.
  5. Mayhem27


    Almost ordered a 5ml of this unsniffed, but got just an imp instead. I'm glad I did...something in this does not like me! In the imp, a little sweetness and ylang ylang, very nice! Then I put it on. The ylang ylang was still there, but masked by an overwhelming icky note. Like stale candy mixed with B.O. I suspect it might be the honey that is wreaking havoc on me. This didn't have a very strong throw, so I left it on to see if it would improve during the day. About 5 hours later, I caught a pleasant whiff of the ylang ylang. It seems whatever was ruining the scent for me had disappeared. It was actually quite pleasant at that point, but I don't think I will be wearing it again any time soon.
  6. Mayhem27


    Ah, well...I got an imp of this on accident. I intended on ordering Bewitched, but somehow requested Spellbound instead. I was quite surprised when my order arrived and I eagerly opened the imp, waiting to smell sweet berry goodness, and instead got BAM! ROSES! ::recoils:: I love just about everything but I can't do roses. I've never liked the smell. And Spellbound is very, very strong rose! I still decided to give it a try, hoping that maybe the rose would tone down & I'd get something else out of it. I used just a tiny dab, and it was still too much. The rose, obviously, was the most evident...but it had a very heavy powdery note as well. Another no-no for me. I gave it about 10 minutes before scrubbing it off. Even still, the scent lingered all day! So this is definitely a long lasting scent. Perfect if you are a rose lover, but unfortunately not for me.
  7. Mayhem27

    Schrodinger's Cat

    I added an imp of this to my last order out of sheer curiosity. After reading the reviews here, I was hopeful that I wouldn't get much chocolate from this, as it isn't one of my favorite notes. In the imp...whoa, this is a crazy scent. Like liquid chaos! I could smell citrus, and a lot of other stuff that I couldn't even begin to make out. Very strong and tangy! On my skin, it took a while for me to actually pick of notes. Lime, grapefruit, a little bit of mint and very faint lavender. The citrus was quite dominating, but in a good way since I love citrus scents! This has a very happy, playful feel to it. It isn't overly sweet either, very tart and fresh smelling. Like real, fresh squeezed fruits. Several hours later, the citrus seems to have backed way off and the lavender is more evident. Something else, too...a green mossy note. Very fresh and clean, not powdery at all. Thankfully I didn't get any chocolate from this. This is quite a complex scent, and something I think would be great for spring/summer. Definitely getting a big bottle!
  8. Mayhem27


    I've put off buying an imp of this for years, 100% convinced that it would never work on me. I confess, I wanted it solely for the name! I added it onto my most recent order, figuring I would get it...hate it...and it would be out of my system. So I was really, really surprised I ended up LOVING this. On me, this was a "clean" scent, sort of soapy but with something more, a hint of pepper maybe, and very faint myrrh. The myrrh amped up some after several hours and I could not stop sniffing my wrist. This reminds me of something and it's driving me nuts trying to place it! Czernobog is definitely a keeper for me and I plan on ordering a big bottle asap!
  9. Mayhem27


    In the imp, Scarecrow smelled very green and grassy. Once it hit my skin, the hay note sprung to life. This didn't change much during the course of wearing it, but I could detect the faintest whiffs of dirt/soil throughout the day. Which is great for me since I love dirt! This reminded me of walking though a hay field in the fall. Scarecrow had really good staying power on me as well, so this one is a keeper!
  10. Mayhem27


    In the imp, this smelled very lemony. On my skin, even more lemony! I happen to like lemon, so I didn't mind, but I couldn't make out any other notes. On drydown, this started to turn very powdery. I was disappointed, and figured that Whitechapel was just another scent that didn't agree with me. About an hour after putting it on, I was pleasantly surprised when the powder faded and was replaced by LILAC! Ahhh...much better! I couldn't stop sniffing my wrist for a closer smell. The lemon was still faint, but oh my goodness...the lilac is wonderful! So glad I waited this one out rather than wash it off!
  11. Mayhem27

    Screeching Parrot

    In the bottle, Screeching Parrot smells very fruity and tangy. On my skin, I still smell the fruit but I get a very sharp clove smell. It must be the ginger, but on me it smells exactly like cloves! Which is good for me since I love the smell of clove! This didn't change much on drydown, and it lasted for quite a while on me. The fruit mingled in and out, and I caught faint boozy notes occasionally. I'm glad I bought a bottle of this because I really like the scent!
  12. Mayhem27

    Meadow scents!

    I just tried Envy...and oh my! It smells exactly like a fresh cut meadow with a hint of lavender. It's wet and green on me and I love it! I've been searching forever for a true "fresh grass" scent and I'm so glad I gave this one a try.
  13. Mayhem27


    Envy exceeded my expectations completely! I was looking for a scent that smelled like fresh cut grass,and the only one I've been able to find is Gap's Grass, which is nice but only lasts a very short time on me. In the vial, Envy smelled very promising. Wet and green with a touch of floral. On my skin, the grass exploded into a fresh cut summer meadow the morning after it rains. I could smell a touch of lavender, but it was mostly a fresh, grassy scent on me. I didn't get any mint or lime out of this, and as much as I do love both those notes, Envy is wonderful without them. I'm surprised that this had such good throw and staying power, so I really lucked out with this one. It's been moved to the top of my "To Buy" list for a big bottle!
  14. Mayhem27

    BPAL Fruit Blends - the many variations

    Thanks for the suggestions! I've been curious about Embalming Fluid...will have to pick that one up.
  15. Mayhem27

    BPAL Fruit Blends - the many variations

    I love tart, fruity scents. Especially lime! While I've been pleased with many scents I have tried, they don't seem to last very long on me (even in a scent locket). Has anyone found any fruity BPALs that seem to last a long time?