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  1. KittyHamilton

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I think I might still be relatively new to BPAL compared to some of you, but here is my is my list so far in no particular order. Sherlock Holmes Desire Event Horizon Cathedral The Last Unicorn
  2. KittyHamilton

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    Anyone know of any GC scents like Lurid Library or Endless Corridors? 🤔
  3. This is my first review I am not much of a Scent Understander, but I'll do my best. Bottle: The candlewax gives a creamy feel, but there is also a strong, sticky sweetness, with some spice. Appetizing. Wet: Still creamy, but with a freshness too? Suppose that's the clover. The sticky sweetness from the bottle is gone. Dry: More of the different notes seem to be coming to the foreground. Everything is smoothed by that lovely wax. A little less fresh clover, more of that incense and do forth. Makes me think of a lovely, clean cottage kitchen with a variety of herbs laid out fresh from the garden. But not sharp clean; cozy clean. Overall, I like it! It's the kind of smell I'd like to surround myself with. Fragrant and evocative but not stifling so. The kind of thing that would be great in a bubble bath
  4. Two votes for Philologus. Majority rules, I'll give it a go! thank you! Oh know, it seems these ones are limited edition Halloween ones? It's breaking my heart in particular that I missed out on the Haunted House ones. Thanks for the suggestions though! Maybe I'll hold out until Halloween to make my order and see if there's anything suitable this year... I actually have this one already, at least I thought so, but the Imp's Ear seems to have disappeared. Maybe time to grab a full bottle. Oh wow, this is a lot of great recommendations! You really went above and beyond. Thank you! Gonna put myself together a new wishlist...
  5. Assume it is night and thunder is crashing ominously. There are definitely ancient paintings of aristocrats on the walls that seem to follow you with their eyes...but it must be a trick of the candlelight. A list of adjectives that might be more useful: Gothic, Victorian, antique, diabolical, mysterious, magical, haunted, morbid, decadent, tempting, scholarly, eldritch, decaying... That's a lot of stuff, but I don't expect any one scent to hit everything. But if I were to put together a small collection to suit the vibe, what might be in it? I am particularly interested in knowing if any limited edition scents that are currently available come to mind! Thanks in advance.