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  1. BetteNoire

    Dead Leaves, Blue Lilac, Black Currant, and Black Orchid

    My HG lilac scent has been found at long last! Normally lilac is made more "chilly" which doesn't smell authentic to me - lilacs are warm and heavy. The other notes are swirling around keeping the lilac warm and earthy and not at all soapy, but you don't pick them out in the waft. Smelled "at a glance" it's a really beautiful complex lilac soliflore, like encountering a lilac bush in a garden, real and still growing. Trying to convince myself not to buy a backup, might be failing.
  2. BetteNoire

    Dead Leaves, Green Cognac, and Tea Roses

    Oh. Expletives. This one is awesome. I'm not getting much dead leaf. I'm not complaining. The combo of tea roses and cognac is heavenly, and I think the leaves are they're just grounding it so that neither of those notes goes powdery like they sometimes can. This is a very film noir floral but just fresh enough to wear literally any time, and even any time of year. Absolutely a blind bottle jackpot.
  3. BetteNoire

    Dusk in Autumn

    Some scents really love up to that "alchemy" part of the BPAL name, and this is one. I can smell the dead leaves, tea, cake, currant, and the barest whiff of smoke, if I really try to hone in. But the effect is more than the sum of it's parts. It's sweet but not overly foodie (thank goodness, I can't stand smelling like food or too sweet) and very atmospheric. Fall outside at dusk. I wish I got more prominent smoke, but this is fresh out the mailbox so that may come with time.
  4. BetteNoire

    Recs for my next order- sweet and spiced?

    Seconding Pepper from Good Omens. You might also like Faiza the Last of Serpents.
  5. BetteNoire

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Pomegranate Snake Oil or Pomegranate Morocco might do the trick, from the current Weenies. The other suggestion I have is pretty hard to find these days - Hymn to Proserpine, a discontinued GC. It is pretty close to the Jo Malone.
  6. BetteNoire

    Fresh, Fruity Florals

    Don't sleep on Persephone, either. It's simple, just pomegranate and rose, but it's fresh and fruity and lovely.
  7. BetteNoire

    Rose Recommendations - which blend is for me?

    Pepper from Good Omens is GC, though unimpable, and has pink pepper and rose. It's lovely, I highly recommend it.
  8. BetteNoire

    Discussion of all things Amber

    Brisingamen is back in stock! If you haven't tried it, you are missing out. :-)
  9. BetteNoire


    My Little Grotesque was absolutely stunning, which actually prompted my resurrecting this thread. I missed it due to money, but can stop thinking about it. Oh well, a couple current Lupers look promising, and I have Bastet and Mama-ji.
  10. BetteNoire


    ARISE, CHICKEN. I need more cardamom in my life. What are your favorites? If they are GC, so much the better.
  11. BetteNoire

    Goblin of Yuletide Past Atmosphere Spray

    I'm not good at going first, oh no. I can smell all the individual components if I think about it, but this Goblin really just smells like Christmas when you were a kid - magic and sparkles and sugar and snow. It smells like walking through a forest of mixed evergreen and deciduous trees, snow falling, while eating an amazing sugar cookie. I don't really get any cinnamon at all, but I'm not missing it either. So glad I got a whole bottle, and I've been spraying every room in my house today, feeling like Carol Kane in Scrooged. :-)
  12. BetteNoire

    Saw-Scaled Viper

    Every once and again I put on Snake Oil and wish it were heavier on the spices. Saw Scaled Viper is exactly what I've been craving on those days. It's the truest to Snake Oil of the Snake Pit blends, it seems less like SO plus other things and more like a tweaking of the original. The cinnamon is very realistic, no red hots or Yankee Candle here, and surprisingly sophisticated. The ginger almost has that "clean", fresh edge that ginger sometimes takes on, which actually keeps the Viper from going too far into foodie territory, thank all the gods. Overall, so very pleased. And it doesn't give me hives so far. Fingers crossed!
  13. BetteNoire

    Feeling lazy - casual scents for lounging

    Mouse's Long and Sad Tale. It's very quiet and unobtrusive, but lovely.
  14. BetteNoire

    Who do I email with questions? BPAL/BPTP contact info

    Thanks for the help guys, I sent the email directly from my email client and had a response and fix within an hour. Chinkee, I'm sorry to hear you're having issues also. Which email client do you use?
  15. BetteNoire

    Who do I email with questions? BPAL/BPTP contact info

    Does anyone know if there's a good alternate way to message Customer Service at the Lab? I've sent 2 emails through the website form and waited a week with no response about the fact that a gift certificate I got for Christmas isn't working. Normally CS is prompt and fabulous, so I'm wondering what else to do.