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  1. BetteNoire

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    You might also try Melisande the Puppet Mistress. It's got a good boy of similarity to Fallen
  2. BetteNoire

    Winter Night. Figure on the Bridge

    Deep purple with a breathtaking iridescent sparkle to it. I love all these notes, so it shouldn't be surprising, but still....wow. This is that literally intoxicating lilac smell, made cool (not icy cold though) instead of warm. The plum and tobacco flower seem to be supporting the lilac and adding back in whatever it is that often gets lost between a real lilac bush and the distilled flower oil. Unf. And as it dries down the opium comes in. I'm iffy with musks but clearly I need more of the indigo variety. And possibly a backup bottle of this.
  3. BetteNoire

    You Are Not Alone

    Good lord, this should come with a warning. Scent wise it's a used bookstore, where maybe the owner's got a diffuser running in a corner with lavender oil in. What this really is, is one of those long hugs from someone who loves you where suddenly you're crying because it's been too long since you felt safe enough to feel all your feelings and they all come up at once. Yikes, that was oddly specific. But this is one of those that bypasses everything and smacks you straight in the limbic system. There's a reason all the reviews mention a memory. I'll probably need a backup bottle, it's cheaper than therapy.
  4. BetteNoire

    Amber & Cardamom

    Does what it says on the tin. But, if you are like me and insane for cardamom but not big on foodies, know that without notes of vanilla or cake or whatever the cardamom can really expand into a beautiful complexity. The amber supports it and ties it to the skin. So very lovely.
  5. BetteNoire

    Aperotos Eros

    I love all these notes, save for massoia bark which I have no experience with. Should be nice! On skin: interesting, nice galbanum note at first. 5 minutes into dry down: this.....smells exactly like balsamic vinegar. What the everlasting fuck? A skin chemistry fail for the ages that had to be scrubbed off with Dawn. I gotta find that Tree of Disappointment people keep talking about....
  6. BetteNoire

    Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo

    Roses? Candy? Bubblegum? Mayhap some citrus? All adds up to the olfactory equivalent of Judy Garland singing "Come On Get Happy" I actually love it, feels like bottled happy and we all need that right now. I usually got for comfort in a bottle, but clearly I need to seek out joy as well.
  7. BetteNoire

    We Wear The Mask

    Holy shirtballs, Beth. I've been dreaming of a perfect smoky lavender blend, but this is better than that. In the bottle and on the skin it smells like a perfect blend of the listed notes, everything in is supporting the lavender but it all blends so well that it becomes it's own entity. This truly is a tranquil mask over a vast expanse of sadness. It is heart clenching, it creates a very clear image of mourning not allowed to show outwardly. And at the same time is that smoky lavender with a touch of wisteria to keep it out of the skincare realm. A masterpiece, I have no choice but to bow down. And buy a full bottle.
  8. BetteNoire

    Black Lily

    #Tournament of Underdogs Black Lily smells classic. It's almost just a perfect lily soliflore, but there is something compelling and DARK that comes out when you wear it. It's stealth goth, for when you want something light that still feels natural and a little spooky. I always need it in rotation.
  9. BetteNoire


    This is one of BPAL'S underrated masterpieces. Medea is dark with a sense of vast space and air, like being outside at dusk surrounded by oddly menacing flowers. There is an almost wine-like aspect, but it isn't a wine note at all. The cypress and myrrh ground the florals so beautifully, and I much prefer them to any musk. This is so perfect for it's inspiration, it smells like Medea's garden, and has a vague aura of menace that's really fun to carry around in the world. For all that it draws compliments regularly from non-witchy folks, and is one of the few scents I can wear in the hottest days of summer when I don't usually want to wear my skin, much less a perfume. Love love love.
  10. BetteNoire

    Dead Leaves, Blue Lilac, Black Currant, and Black Orchid

    My HG lilac scent has been found at long last! Normally lilac is made more "chilly" which doesn't smell authentic to me - lilacs are warm and heavy. The other notes are swirling around keeping the lilac warm and earthy and not at all soapy, but you don't pick them out in the waft. Smelled "at a glance" it's a really beautiful complex lilac soliflore, like encountering a lilac bush in a garden, real and still growing. Trying to convince myself not to buy a backup, might be failing.
  11. BetteNoire

    Dead Leaves, Green Cognac, and Tea Roses

    Oh. Expletives. This one is awesome. I'm not getting much dead leaf. I'm not complaining. The combo of tea roses and cognac is heavenly, and I think the leaves are they're just grounding it so that neither of those notes goes powdery like they sometimes can. This is a very film noir floral but just fresh enough to wear literally any time, and even any time of year. Absolutely a blind bottle jackpot.
  12. BetteNoire

    Dusk in Autumn

    Some scents really love up to that "alchemy" part of the BPAL name, and this is one. I can smell the dead leaves, tea, cake, currant, and the barest whiff of smoke, if I really try to hone in. But the effect is more than the sum of it's parts. It's sweet but not overly foodie (thank goodness, I can't stand smelling like food or too sweet) and very atmospheric. Fall outside at dusk. I wish I got more prominent smoke, but this is fresh out the mailbox so that may come with time.
  13. BetteNoire

    Recs for my next order- sweet and spiced?

    Seconding Pepper from Good Omens. You might also like Faiza the Last of Serpents.
  14. BetteNoire

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Pomegranate Snake Oil or Pomegranate Morocco might do the trick, from the current Weenies. The other suggestion I have is pretty hard to find these days - Hymn to Proserpine, a discontinued GC. It is pretty close to the Jo Malone.
  15. BetteNoire

    Fresh, Fruity Florals

    Don't sleep on Persephone, either. It's simple, just pomegranate and rose, but it's fresh and fruity and lovely.