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    Vanilla, benzion, smokey, leather, aquatics, chocolate, cotton candy, shea butter, coconut, spicy, resins, patchouli....still discovering stuff I like!Death notes: Lily, clove, carnation, cherry, some pumpkin, and honey are iffy.

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  1. tansy19

    Roof Goblins

    Holy cow. I got THISCLOSE to putting it in my swap pile. So glad I gave it another go after 7 months. It was kinda basic and boring at first so I never reached for it. It has started to age and the sugared milk note is making it very soft snd “perfumey”. Definitely gonna hold on to this!
  2. Well shit the new site looks pretty sweet 👍

  3. tansy19

    2018 Weenies

    Have you tried dead leaves before? I got dead leaves and vanilla incense and dead leaves and sugar cookie and I'm...surprised. The dead leaves wasn't what I expected.
  4. tansy19


    This almost went in my nope pile. But it's a morpher. I've never tried a scent from bpal that morphed quite like Haunted does. It started out sharp and weird wet. But I didn't wash it off because it wasn't completely off putting. Later I was laying in bed and kept getting a whiff of something soft and comforting. I realized it I was dried down Haunted. I was very surprised. I was like "there's no way this is the same oil." So today I tested again and sure enough yes. Don't throw this one out on first sniff! Give it a chance to dry down!
  5. tansy19

    Bread-and-Butterfly - Resurrected

    Bread and Butterfly was my first bpal. It was forced upon me by a friend during a tough time in my life. The first time i sniffed it i was taken aback. I couldn't believe how delicious it was. I immediately went to the website on my phone only to find it was discontinued. I horded the imp and looked for almost a year for more. But it was beloved and no one wanted to give theirs up even to sell. totally understandable, I would be the same lol So when resurrected a forum member shot me a message on here letting me know it was resurrected. I immediately nabbed two bottled and waited. I came home the night it arrived and dabbed it on one wrist with the last drop of the original on my other. My reaction was much like the previous reviewers. "that's not it." HOWEVER... it's very good still. You can still tell what it is. It's so hard to put my finger on but missing the slight "toastiness". Maybe that's the licorice-y tea note that the previous reviewer refers to. I'm going to see how this ages. I'm glad to have the resurrected version even if it's not exactly the same. I still love it! ​If you didn't get to try it before definitely pick up a bottle before it's gone.
  6. tansy19

    The Candy Butcher (2015)

    So far I'm on the fence about this. It's definitely dark chocolate and cream but like other reviews stated there must be lilies are another floral in this and here's why. Certain florals smell like strait up diapers to and on me. Sometimes this goes away with age sometimes it doesn't so I'm gonna hold on to her for at least a year to see. Oddly enough the diaper smell isn't completely off putting and not everyone can seem to smell it like I can. So don't let my review completely turn you off. I suggest trying to find a decant on sales or swaps and giving her a try. Chemistry is everything!
  7. tansy19

    Irish Coffee Buttercream

    So I the day I got this in the mail I ripped open the box and went strait to this little guy. It was for a good cause and I'm a huge foody smell lover so I had to blind buy a bottle....I nearly gagged. It was awful on first sniff and smelled plastic and nothing like the notes listed. Luckily I know better than to judge bpal oils solely on first sniff when travel shock hasn't had time to wear off. Do not do what I did. PLEASE GIVE IT A CHANCE TO REST! I let it sit for a week and it's perfectly lovely coffee, sugary, creamy goodness. I just know it's going to get better with age. I don't always wear coffe scents bc Florida can get stupid hot and these smells get get nauseating in the heat but when I want to wear one I have this little guy. P.S. Beth and Ted are so amazing to support and be so vocal about these causes. Just one reason I'm happy to spend my money on their products.
  8. tansy19


    This is strait up Swiss miss hot chocolate both in the bottle and on my skin. It's exactly what I wanted. I have to add this bc it was adorable. I was dabbing some on and my husband said "mm smells like brownies" and smiled. Now he's started to steal my oils to enjoy for himself.
  9. tansy19

    Autumn Cider Hair Gloss

    Warm, spicy, cozy autumn cider. This is the perfect fall scent. I like that it's not just a plain old apple cinnamon smell. I even get whiffs of the butterscotch. I won't be getting a back up simply because smells like this can become overwhelming in the Florida heat and we don't have cool weather for very long down here but I will enjoy it while it lasts!
  10. tansy19

    Who is Nibbling at my House? Hair Gloss

    I am a lover of all smells foody and this is PERFECT. I can pick out all the notes even the hazelnut which is a nice touch to me. To someone not familiar with it it just smells like pancakes which is fine by me. I'll have to get all the back ups I can of this one.
  11. tansy19

    Sugar Skull Hair Gloss

    It sells to me like an aged version of this years perfume oil. This is very nice and I'm glad we got a hair gloss to match the oil!
  12. tansy19

    Like Father, Like Daughter

    I'm so glad I got this! I jut ordered a back up. The balance of pomegranate and cotton candy is perfect! The description sounded like it would be really little girlish but the pomegranate makes this more grown up imo. For me it actually had a lot of throw. At least for a few hours which is longer than some other sugary scents I own.
  13. tansy19

    Lemon-Scented Sticky Bat

    Sticky-sweet iced lemon sugar! Lemon has always done so well on my skin. This scent is no exception. It's so simple yet addicting. I'm ordering TWO back up bottles!
  14. tansy19

    Mouse's Long and Sad Tale

    I can spot sweet pea in anything no matter how little. It's a distinct smell and as an someone who is pretty meh on florals I love it. If it's got sweet pea I will automatically blind buy. I was not disappointed. I can smell the amber and vanilla still. It almost reminds me of O because of that. the on my skin sweet pea is the star. Lush, soft, sweet, very feminine. It reminds me of my own elementary school for some reason. It was a very small school and the teachers loved their lotion and that's what this reminds me of. Sweet scents to have a tenancy to turn my stomach so I dont wear this too often. But I did get a big bottle and wear it periodically. Usually for church stuff for family member's events I'm invited to when I'm going to be around a lot of kids and older folks because they always seem to like it
  15. tansy19


    K so when i first sniffed this out of the imp my nose wrinkled in disgust. I had considered blind buying a bottle based on the notes but I decided on a test run. Any scent touted as "sexy" I'm always eager to try. But i was disappointed. at the time. I thought it smelled cheap and too sweet so i didn't even skin test However, I will say, I've learned my lesson in judging at first sniff. Before BPAL perfume, to me, was impressions of things you wanted to smell like. Not too deep, fam. just spritz, and be on your way. This company changed all that. It showed me scents can be something you enjoy alone (personal scents), for everyday wear that you would like others around you to enjoy or for specific situations. This is one of that falls into the first and last category for me. Honey can easily come off as dusty, old, cloying. And my skin amps honey like crazy. The amber and vanilla in this blend is very muted on me. O is done so very well though. It smells so eerily natural on my skin. Almost like something my own body made. It makes me think of those slow, sweaty, sensual scenes/sessions that go on for hours. It smells like being close to someone and having a connection whether you know them very well or not. It smells like loving submission, given completely and freely. I don't know if I'll be getting a full bottle because I don't see myself wearing this in public ever. I can see the vanilla and amber being more prominent on someone else making it different and more suited for day wear. Either way don't pass up at least skin testing this one because it really is a masterpiece