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    Tiki Queen, Ice Queen, Judith and Holofernes, Hymn to Proserpine, In Winter In My Room, When the Chrysanthemums Go, Snow-Flakes, Marae, Queen Mab, Yvaine, Black Lily, Muse, Alice, Mme. Moriarty, The Red Queen musks, mandarin/tangerine/orange, tuberose, magnolia, frangipani, tropical florals, white florals, cream, opium, sandalwood, mahogany, vanilla bean, lily, night-blooming jasmine, honey musk, floral teas, sugar cane Complexly blended scents, where an interesting array of notes play against each other. Not one for straight fruit/floral/incense/whatever scents. Notes that (usually) have a vendetta for my skin: aquatics (air freshener), roses--except when they're ok, fresh florals (sharp), orange blossom (powder) Dislike: intensely foody, buttery, nutty, maple syrup/brown sugar, molasses, chocolate/cocoa, fig (newton), gritty patchouli, headshop incense, cherry-almond, cinnamon, clove, spices, evergreen/fresh woods (christmas tree, cedar, etc.), lemon, lemon flower, dragon's blood

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  1. cinderfallen

    Frostbitten Dorian

    Oh man. What am I gonna do when this is gone? I prefer this to the original Dorian, which I find to be overwhelming in its lemon/tea/musk. it's subdued with all the best aspects of that wonderful snow note and delicate tea aspects merging together to form something delightfully new.
  2. cinderfallen


    Very subtle scent. Very befitting the character; it's not loud or opulent but understated and refined.
  3. cinderfallen


    What grabbed me, surprisingly, was Materialisation from the Yules. I'd had a passing curiosity by the copy when it first came out (A quiet perfume that emerges slowly out of nonbeing) but thought, surely not. I've been grabbed by copy before. Surely it can't be as good as it sounds. As surprising as it sounds. But nope. It was that good. It smelled like more than the sum of its parts and smelled spectral and mysterious. It smelled like the color of chartreuse.
  4. cinderfallen

    I Die of Love

    I die of love for him, perfect in every way, Lost in the strains of wafting music. My eyes are fixed upon his delightful body And I do not wonder at his beauty. His waist is a sapling, his face a moon, And loveliness rolls off his rosy cheek I die of love for you, but keep this secret: The tie that binds us is an unbreakable rope. How much time did your creation take, O angel? So what! All I want is to sing your praises. – Abu Nuwas Balsam-dusted leather, crushed lilac, bay rum, soft black musk, cubeb berry, and smoke. Soft, soft, a hint of leather. Close to the skin, lingering. Did you want to wear it, Lola? Don't just leave it for Edward. Prise it from his hand to yours, a delicate extraction. The afternoon slant of day echoes in a lilac haze, dust motes sputtering into universes par fume. Come to bed, come to bed.
  5. cinderfallen

    Blueberry Sufganiyot

    Smells like a 7th grader's lipgloss. Kind of like a Lipsmacker. Kind of plastic-y. Has a sharp, astringent note to it. It's nowhere near any kind of realistic berry note. ...Why do I still kinda like it anyway? edit: I kind of want to layer this with Eat the Strawberries from the American Gods line. edit 3.8.19 - This is starting to smell a lot like Monster Bait: Bloody Mary. I put it on and instantly remembered that scent. I think it's the powdered sugar note?
  6. cinderfallen

    The Red Queen

    I had an imp of this that had the most amazing mahogany in it. Loved it so much that I got a full bottle that smelled like pencil shavings. It was such a disappointment. Luckily, aging it made the pencil shavings scent disappear, and there is a velvet smooth quality about it now. However, that original imp had such a lovely scent that's just not quite the same in the bottle... =(
  7. cinderfallen


    So interesting. This smells completely different on me the several times I've worn it. The first few times, perhaps because the bottle was fresh, I got a lot of the mandarin--it radiated a citrus heat tempered by a tang of tuberose. Now, recently, I've been getting a poisonous veil of vanilla layered with only a faint floral/mandarin haze that makes this smell like a cousin to Chanel's Chance.
  8. cinderfallen

    Fifth Lash

    Immediately, I got smoked plum, the same used in Snake Charmer. It's very plum forward with red musk rounding out the lavender sillage. I don't get much leather. It's incredibly well blended and one of those classics. Highly recommended! (If you missed out on Snake Charmer, try this one to see the kind of feeling the other one had.)
  9. cinderfallen

    Almond Blossom

    My initial impression was that of snow-minted slush with a flurry of Dana O'Shee! The almond dies quickly and it's a blast of ice which eventually also dies down and warms into a beautiful pale fragrance that I wouldn't call a floral because I can't discern "flowers" from it, but that wonderful BPAL Yule-flavored scent that's so special and indescribable. If you like Snow White, try Almond Blossom!
  10. cinderfallen

    Black Lily

    I fell in love with this in college, and it's been long a year since then and I still love it. Black Lily really does smell of lily, corrupted by a darkness.
  11. cinderfallen


    So many new blends to track down and try!
  12. cinderfallen

    Dragon's Milk

    Goes on bubblegum sweet, cherry-sour and dries down Snake Oil spicy vanilla, clear and pure Dragon's Blood--slightly floral, candy cherry hard candy, wet and mouthwatering. Perfect batch. Edit to say Eureka!: This smells exactly the first couple seconds of a red fruit candy chew, when it's the most tart and juicy and mouthwatering.
  13. cinderfallen


    This smells exactly like Haus of Gloi's Elevenses, described as: "Not quite breakfast and not quite lunch, its the little snack in between. Tiny, little fluffy orange cakes, sugar coated toasty almonds and a wee steaming cup of black tea!" Wet, a big punch of butter--and yeap, smells like toast! Dries down to smell like a cozy house with throw pillows and cross-stitching hangings. It's not a clear, delineated scent but rather definitely the blended scent of buttered toast and milk tea, maybe if you had them together as a snack?
  14. cinderfallen

    Mouse's Long and Sad Tale

    A good scent for guys! My boyfriend sampled my imp and ordered a bottle for himself a couple years ago. Mild amber and vanilla. He actually really liked Mouse Circus as well, so I gave it to him. He's got a little Mouse collection going now. =)
  15. cinderfallen

    Dana O'Shee

    Fresh from lab, it's very reminiscent of Serge Lutens Rahat Loukoum, a very light and pleasantly sweet, soft, cherry almond (and not the cheap kind!). I've gotten this before in imps and bottles, and I remember it to be a little creamier, which I'll hope it gets with a bit of age. It's a very light scent on me and almost disappears after applying, which I like as I hate cloying sweet smells.