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  1. Back from outer space! (Well, able to get out of bed without help most days, at least.) For my sanity, I've cleared out all the messages older than a month. I'm sorry to those who found my sales between 2019 and now--everything has shifted so much that it's too much strain to go through those requests. I've updated everything again and hopefully will be able to keep up with it for a while.

  2. I'm so, so sorry to those who've reached out since, er...basically April for sales and haven't heard back from me until today. I've just been buried since my move (family drama, bureaucratic drama, hosting madness, and just...all the illness that comes with the stress of life), and this is the first time in months I've even remembered to check the forum x.x


    I've made a note in my sales post that...99% of it is dormant right now. I will eventually add the items I've culled from my personal collection. New shipping location will be from Finland though, which has just the most finicky postal people. International packages are either gonna be 7.00 or 45.00, depending on the mood of the Posti worker. 

    1. thekittenkat


      so sorry abt the drama :(

  3. yokaitenchi

    Semiramis Hair Gloss

    A legendary Assyrian queen, often identified with Sammu-Ramat, the wife of Shamshi-Adad V, she was believed to be the daughter of the goddess Atargatis. Her youth was filled with mythic adventure, and her otherworldly beauty and voluptuous sexuality ensured her two advantageous marriages. When she took the reins of power of Empress of Assyria, she expanded her kingdom by conquering much of Mesopotamia and Asia. She beautified and revitalized Babylon, and implemented improvements in Nineveh that helped to moderate the flow of the Tigris. She was renowned for her military and political prowess, as well as her ferocious and merciless sexual appetite. Red musk, pomegranate, orange blossom, and melon. Lush and gorgeous--better than I remember. I only need an oz, since I don't usually reach for such scents, but A rich, juicy red musk scent, like (aged) Mme. Moriarty bathed in a pool of warm pomegranate. It has crazy throw--I can smell it in the bottle from a few feet away. If I crack open the bottle, I can smell it for miles. Okay, maybe not miles, but quite a while away. This is not a scent for sensitive noses.
  4. yokaitenchi

    Samhain Hair Gloss

    Samhain HG is what I want Samhain to be every year, but isn't. Cidery woods, cold air, and a touch of earthiness, and a touch of coming darkness. We don't get autumn here in Houston, but when I close my eyes with this on, I can imagine it. PS: It smells strangely yummy when mixed with Lilith's hair gloss.
  5. yokaitenchi

    The Old Goblin

    "Well, I suppose I must tell you now," he replied; "two of my daughters must prepare themselves to be married, for the marriages certainly will take place. The old goblin from Norway, who lives in the ancient Dovre mountains, and who possesses many castles built of rock and freestone, besides a gold mine, which is better than all, so it is thought, is coming with his two sons, who are both seeking a wife. The old goblin is a true-hearted, honest, old Norwegian graybeard; cheerful and straightforward. I knew him formerly, when we used to drink together to our good fellowship: he came here once to fetch his wife, she is dead now. She was the daughter of the king of the chalk-hills at Moen. They say he took his wife from chalk; I shall be delighted to see him again. It is said that the boys are ill-bred, forward lads, but perhaps that is not quite correct, and they will become better as they grow older. Let me see that you know how to teach them good manners." THE OLD GOBLIN A crown of hardened ice and polished fir-cones. Initial impression: Hard, somewhat dirty ice (sort of like Black Ice); lovely touch of fir. Comes off slightly metallic on me if I huff too hard. Strong but short throw of a few inches. This is a big disappointment, as there tends to be mutual love between the Lab’s cold + fir combos and myself. Later impression (about 30 minutes into the scent): Okay, not so much of a disappointment after all. This is taking the sweet, snowy edge of Ice Queen without having that slight floral about it. Throw has receded to barely an inch though. An hour in:.....where did it go?
  6. yokaitenchi

    Golden Wave

    GC version Bright and sparkly--almost as sparkly as Blooddrop's Etoile de Mer. Tangerine give sthis a citrus touch, yet it's not immediately identifiable as itself--I can just tell that there's citrus in there. Bright adn a fruity in a floral way. Guava has been cracked open and is sitting nearby. About 20 minutes in, citrus is gone and it's mostly guava and tonic. Not bad, but meh. Sits on the skin
  7. yokaitenchi

    Rangoon Riptide

    GC version Getting mostly the first three; it's candied pineapple on me, though the kick of alcohol is more of a fizz here. As it dries, the mandarin comes out with the rum and most of the fizz is gone--it's just sweet liquid (thanks, mandarin >> it's a little too much). Throw starts off strong, but as is dries, throw shrinks back and wafts. more drying and the fruit it like a crushed mixture--less sweetness. Didn't get much passion fruit
  8. yokaitenchi

    Polynesian Pop

    Bright ginger ale with orange zest. As it dries, turns into Perrier with a glass of rum next to it
  9. yokaitenchi


    BANANA soaked in grenadine--a lot like the dessert we made. As it dries, switches over to coconut rum entirely. Oh dear, something just turned into crap--need to wash off. This is a really strange, random occurrence.
  10. yokaitenchi


    What is that weird...almond? Googled and yeah, orgeat is "a sweet syrup made from almonds, sugar and rose water or orange-flower water. It was, however, originally made with a barley-almond blend." Well, that makes sense. Almond and orange vitamin water while wet--an inch of throw. AS it dries, I get a sort of floral peach. More of the gel soap I used to have, sadly
  11. yokaitenchi

    Red Tide

    Smells very B&BW to me, or like that jelly raspberry soap I once had. It's not bad, but it's impossible to separate it from that image. Throw of about two inches derp speliing
  12. yokaitenchi

    Screeching Parrot

    GC edition Immediately: BUBBLEGUM. That backs off and it's very juicy--pomegranate and apricot liquor without its kick. Very light and happy feel though, a ginger nibbling around the edges. Over all not bad, but nothing to go crying home about
  13. yokaitenchi

    Cake Smash

    7/14/10: Predominantly warm vanilla frosting. I know when I first got it Doc was right up there with the frosting and I loved it, but with age he's receded to the background Boooo
  14. yokaitenchi

    Cykranoshian Catnip

    Cough medicine >_>...then wood sort of comes out. Then mosquito repellent. By the way, it *did* repel mosquitoes.
  15. yokaitenchi

    Tin Foil Hat

    Magazine perfume + touch of dove soap. Good throw though