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    Favourite.... GC's. Scherezade, Snake Oil, Dragon's Milk, Sed Non Satiata, Blood Amber, Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo. LE's: Pink Phoenix (omg orgasm) Snow White, Midwinter's Eve, Temple Viper, Khajuraho, Green Phoenix. And who knows what else will come along! Favourite Notes... Vanilla, Sweet Pea, Berries, incense, Tonka, Neroli, Red Musk, fruity things and incensey things.. (Scherezade is my purrrrfect bpal) Thigs I'm not too fond of... Aquatics, Ozone, foody. Some foody scents are ok (Teenage Cannibal, Beaver Moon), but I don't really like the thought of walking around smelling like something you eat. Things like Storm Moon, Sea Of Glass etc just haven't worked for me so I try to stay away. But like most people know..a certain blend you thought you'd hate can blow you away! (I'm still trying to find an aquatic scent that I like though)

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    Whoa haven't updated this little thing for 10 years!

    Hello! I'm Ouch from London UK! I've really slowed down on the BPAL purchases over the years as I feel I've kinda settled on my favourites. The need to try everything has subsided which I'm thankful for.

    I'm still totally obsessed with perfume in general though buy at least one a month. I'm now studying a Natural Perfumery course. I hope to qualify sometime in the near future!

    Oh yeah, and I'm gay and totally happy with it!

    *flicks hair and struts away*
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  1. ouch!


    The opening of this is quite soapy and floral. It’s smells slightly effervescent, lilacs and violets are really noticeable. It’s immediately gentle...and. The violet sugar in this tames things to give it a smoothness. It’s just enough sugar to stop it from becoming a sugar bomb. It’s a tinge of sugar the just rounds and smooths everything out. I love it a lot! This feels like a whimsical perfume, like something fairies would smell like. Soapy...yes...but not in a bad way at all. Its crazy how they can capture a personality..or a colour into a bottle. Mokey is all pastel colours...lilac...pastel greens...and this is JUST perfect! They nailed it. The combination of delicate blooms in this make it so pleasant and pretty. It’s one of the prettiest I’ve smelled from BPAL and it’s up there with “Fairy Market” Ever softer on the drydown, and ever simpler. The sugary violets take over and it still remains just that perfect amount of sweet that doesn't overtake anything else. It’s just a bit sweeter now. All the effervescence has gone. It’s almost like it has a childlike innocence about it. It’s really beautiful...as I’ve said. I want a full bottle for sure!
  2. ouch!


    Oh how lovely! I’m a huge fan of very clean scents so was excited to try this. Boober..with your sweet nervous temperament. You are not my favourite Fraggle but you are a very very pretty perfume. This has a sweet cleanliness to it. Yes, it smells like laundry as most people have said. It makes me feel clean I love it. The vanilla gives a lovely sweetness to the linden blossom so this smells quite smooth underneath, but has a crisp tone along the top. I get beautiful wafts of soapy, bubbly laundry that are tinged with vanilla. I’m sure people around me must think I’ve overused the fabric softener but that is FINE by me. The sweetness fades slightly after a while and this has a clean floral tone in the end. I’m a fan and may hunt down a bottle. 
  3. ouch!


    For the record...I LOVE THE FRAGGLES! Always have and always will. I’m really enjoying wearing this fragrance. I’ve been a bit weary of the labs Earth/Dirt note as Singing Moon went wonky on me and frankly, Zombi scared me. But...as it’s fraggles I couldn’t resist. So, this starts out with that earthy, mud, soil note but it’s paired together with something sweet and something slightly flowery so it’s a more toned down version of dirt. I can smell a background of vetiver in here waiting to push forward. Drydown, yep...there it is...this oil dries down to an extremely dry grassy vetiver with a slighty soily sweet undertones. This stage is really nice, I’m reminded of “Devil’s Claw” a little bit. Quite masculine, slightly dry, smnoky and dark. It’s very different from the opening notes. Not a bottle purchase for me, but a good addition to your “dirt” perfumes from BPAL if you like those kinda smells.
  4. ouch!


    Sporty and energetic: sweet red currant, tangy cranberry, pink musk, and spicy pink pepper. Yum! As the description says, and as the Fraggle is...this stuff is zesty, spunky full of life and effervescent. It reminds me a little bit of "Swank". It has that zingy red punchy opening. But this is more fun and slightly softer. I thought at Swank verged slightly on air freshener but this is a tamer version when it opens. I'm all for berry fruity scents and this one is a winner..the pink pepper in the opening helps with the "fizz" of the overall feel. This is a good choice of notes for the character it's portraying, Red always scared me when I was a child..she was just too intense, and the tang and punch of this is intense in a nice way (like Red Fraggle). As with alot of BPAL berry blends this one goes the same way in drydown..it turns much softer and calmer, nicer. I would say the that the dominating note is cranberry due to the tang but it is very well rounded and just has an overall yummy berry smell. There aren't really any surprises here...it's fun...cute..and a little bit mood lifting!
  5. ouch!


    Hmmm strange, I get NO fig from this whatsoever. What I smell when I first apply it is a blast of Almond and Coconut. I am not too find of the labs's almond note and have never really like marzipan and things like that so..it's a bit iffy for me. Once the almond has faded quickly which it always does on me, then this blend becomes much more wearable. It now smells like a beautiful musky, sandalwoody coconut. The coconut is very realistic, alsmost like there's coconut milk in there too along with mashed up soggy coconut meat. It's a very sexy cocount smell. It's not the strongest of BPAL's I've tried in my time but it's still pleasant enough. Not a 5ml purchase for me though.
  6. ouch!

    The Phoenix At Midday

    I really really like the opening of this perfume but they dry down is not as nice. It starts with a strong orange herbal smell, I fins it slightly masculine and quite clean smelling too. It's lovely. I wish it held on to this for longer, it's very golden smelling. I LIKE!!! The geranium is also another strong note. Man I love geranium. The dry down loses all the vibrant notes and this becomes quite bland to me, the neroli is there and I've smelled this many times before... Sorry not a very inspiring review...
  7. ouch!

    Pink Moon 2005

    So I finally brought myself to use my half imp I've been too scared to touch...and I thought...right..just gonna put the whole lot on and wear the hell out of this baby! So..my initial reaction is..HONEY! I can really smell honey and pink sugar. This is yum. I can't say thay I've ever smelled Phlox but there are some sweet florals flying around here which compliment the rest of the blend oh so nicely. This is kind of like my beloved most favourtie BPAL blend Pink Phoenix, but where PP is alot more doll-like and plasicy (in a good way) this is just so much more sweet and sugary. I LOVE IT!! And will probably never get to smell it again so and going to spend today sniffing my wrists and wafting around the house.
  8. ouch!

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    CCXCIII - 293 Ok so I've had mine and never really used it and never reviewed it either. I got this in a swap a long time ago, can't remember who from now.oops!!! Anyway, I'm not feeling amazingly eloquent today so this review may be rubbish! This opens with PINE!!! or Hemlock...or something of the evergreen family, this is bad for me as I hate pine in perfumes... The good thing is though, it's sweetened a hell of a lot by something, it's like a soft...almost sugary pine. I'm not talking burnt brown sugar...just..a light sweet sugar that's taken away the floor cleaner vibe of this perfume. The rest of the perfume completley baffles me, the drier stages see some kind of soft fruit emerge with....linen? I'm getting that laundry kinda smell along with the pine and the fruit, very bizzare. It's strong....this stays on me for ages...and my clothes even longer. I wish I was a pine kinda guy!!! Eventually the green element fades and I'm left with the smell of some indistiguishable fruit that's been put through the Laundry. I'd LOVE to know what's in here....grrrr OCD moment! LOL.
  9. ouch!


    I've never really been a fan of piney scents, especially not BPAL's pine. They re so good at making things smell real and..I love the smell of pine but not to wear. This perfume starts out pine, very green.....with a light light woodsyness behind it. I really like the woodsy element but not the pine. As it dries it gets SO much sweeter and the pine/evergreen fades quickly, now it smells like sugary woods that are very very light. I don't really have much to say on this one, it fades fast on my skin. Not a fan.
  10. ouch!

    Metal Phoenix

    This one really surprises me, I was expecting to not like it at all...boy was I wrong? Metal? Nah.... this is a lovely musky sweet scent with gorgeous florals. I really can't stand Verbena but in this it is tame and just enough to compliment the blend overall. It's got a nice freshness to it which is fuzzed over by the musk and it's gorgeous, it's a clean smelling scent like a shower product or...lovely body lotion. Candy Phoenix was my favourite of the lot but this is a close second. I love the label too!
  11. ouch!


    Erm....this smells like a cross between "Alien" by Thierry Mugler & "Poison" by Dior. Not exactly..but extremely similar. (Am I allowed to say that??) The melon is prominent and the citrus notes make it sparkle. Lovely. It does smell quiote fruity and green. I'm getting no wood really. It's like a concoction of stange fruit and I LOVE it. Ther's an oddness to this scent that's very hard to describe, something mysterious that makes you keep smelling. Winner for me.
  12. ouch!


    Everything has already been said about this but I'll say my peice too, I don't wanna be left out hehe. Ok...FRUITCAKE smells like friutcake! Weird huh?? You can really smell the almond in it. I can REALLY smell raisins...and the actual cake note. There's a bit of spice here..almost smells like Christmas Pudding but a bit sweeter. A really cool..realsitic blend that's alot of fun!!
  13. ouch!

    Kindly Moon

    Oh dear this is a disaster on me. It starts out ok..smells like apples. Then the gardenia ruins the entire blend. It whooshes forward very quickly and drowns most of the other notes out. I hope it doesn't stay like this. The gardenia stays strong throughout but lets a little bit of the vanilla bean through to smooth it out a bit. The other notes though..where are they?? I'm not sure this is a good blend with my chemistry.
  14. ouch!

    The Fruit of Paradise

    This is a nice simple scent that doesn't have many layers..or doesn't morph. It's not very strong which is the only bad thing I will say about it. Yes..pomegranite, with a hint of something else. It's almost like greenery or..something a bit sharp. It does smell a bit plasticy and fake but I kinda like that sometimes. Where swank had fizz, this doesn't, where swank was sweet...this isn't. To a certain degree yes it's sweet but it's bitter at the same time. Simple..juicy..slightly dark.
  15. ouch!

    The Grindhouse

    As far as red musk blends go...this is a pretty good one! I'ma sucker for anything with red musk or vanilla so HAD to try this one. I really rally like this. When it's wet it's a lovely balance of Red Musk, Flowers and a bit fo sweetness. It alsmost smells like there's fruit in here..like..dark red/purple juicy fruit, and it has an almost grape kinda smell. Like the grape feel you get with Blood Phoenix. But this is MUCH better. I cannot pick individual flowers out either as most people have said, but this is a well balanced perfume that's blended beautifully. It smells smooth. Gorgeous! Floral & musk..with what smells like dark fruit. When it dries more the clove comes out a bit more adding a bit of spice but it's smothed out by the vanilla bean. This is a lovely powerful blend.