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    crochet, computer games, wildcrafting, gardening, my pets, reading, writing, teaching myself new things, cooking, anime, biking, swimming, LIVING SOMEWHERE WARMER!!!, botany, learning about other cultures, learning other languages....oh heck, I have infinite curiousity about everything.
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    hard to pin down, so much has to with season and mood but I do try to keep on hand crowley, cairo, kali, snake oil, sin, defutata, lady of shallot, and I desperately miss shadow witch orchid, fairy market, and blood countess. favorite notes...I love amber, musks, vanilla, quality rose fragrance, jasmine, sandalwood, myrrh, frankinsence,neroli, herbal fragrances, chocolate...actually, it's be easier to list what I don't like. I'm not to fond of smelling like fruit. Single note reaspberry or peach or such things. I love amber, vanilla and a splash of neroli well mixed

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  1. Sidhechaos


    This turned really cheap from Walmart holiday candle on me, right down to that zinc core wick smell somewhere...I don't seem to have a lot of luck with baked goods type foodie scents.
  2. Sidhechaos


    Ordinarily if it has honey in it it works great for me, bpals honey is practically a fixative scent with my chemistry, great throw, lasts forever. However, I think adding the orange blossom (which has been pleasant enough in other scents) turns this into a cloying over scented baby products extravaganza, which is a shame because I think the rose and honey and sandlewood would be delightful, but the honey and orange just turn the whole thing into a stinky cage match on me. I wound up with a bottle of this as part of a group sale, I may try it in a burner, but most likely will wind up in a trade pile.
  3. Sidhechaos

    Peach II

    So far this is most certainly my favorite. The peach scent isn't overpowering other notes and it has a light sweet effervescent scent and yet it is holding to my skin really well. Very refreshing and a perfect summertime scent. I think the citrus adds to it very well. (another of the peach set I'd tried and I can't remember which one it was now vanished almost instantly to my nose I'll have to wear it around someone else and see if they can still smell it even though I can't.)
  4. Sidhechaos

    Peony Moon

    Peony, plum blossom, water reeds and soft Asian woods. In the bottle a gentle weave of soft freshwater aquatic notes and mild floral sweetness. Wet on skin: hello there peony! My mother grew a line of peonies along a fence that was a good 4 feet long as I was growing up. I remember stepping out of the back door and being swamped by the sweet spicy scent. These peonies this perfume do not quite have the spicy bite a I'd remember from childhood but that sweet floral is very much present mellowed a lovely way by the plum blossom. I assume it is the water reads that are adding the soft aquatic note which is also helping to balance the peony. I have not particularly notice the wood fragrance nor am I noticing the green note that usually accompanies peony although you may only get that when you cut the flowers for a bouquet for the kitchen table. This scent remains very stable, but like most fragrances with aquatic notes is a very mild throw on me. I also had to apply rather generously. Regardless, I really like this scent and am glad I picked up a bottle from a forum member. I am hoping that I will see one up again in the future I like this well enough that I would like to get in other bottle. I am trying to branch out a way from my standard incense, musk, and spice type perfumes. I have always shied away from florals because I'd tend to amp them to nauseating levels, but I am learning that Beth and company somehow have the magic touch and can produce florals that I can wear.
  5. Sidhechaos


    Desolation. The remnants of an empire, shivering with forgotten glories, a monument to megalomania, sundered power, and colossal loss. Dry desert air, dry and hot, passing over crumbling stone megaliths and plundered golden monuments, bearing a hint of the incense of lost Gods on its winds. spice, incense amd musk....a warm somewhat masculine scent with a tinge of something I can't quite identify,I want to a wine or brandy like note. I like this a lot.
  6. Sidhechaos

    Follow Me Boy

    citrus, jasmine, maybe honeysuckle? some kind of musk, faint green note of some kind...later in drydown develops a strong warm vanilla. The jasmine is a bit strong at first but bearable. I didn't really get any powder until acouple hours into drydown and it was faint. I didn't notice any boys following me though I like it enough to wear from to time
  7. Sidhechaos

    Pet Magah Bird

    Pet Magah Bird Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) Yule: The Miskatonic Valley Yuletide Faire (Limited Edition) Status: Limited Every kid wants a pet magah bird! A prism of scent, an explosion of multi-colored feathers: blood orange, black plum, sugar cane, guava, frangipani, coconut, pimento berry, violet, caramel, and pear gack...whoa coconut caramel overload..this may be one of my few "eek wash it off, wash it off!" scents... not sure yet thank god the coconut is backing off...now it's caramel with other notes weaving in but I think the coconut caramel overkoad is rattling mys sense of smell to much to say exactly what, an afterbite of pear perhaps, and the tang of plum...fruit now fading and I've got caramel, faint tinge of coconut and the zing of spicy pimento. pimento, coconut and caramel. I think this bird wikk be flying the coop.
  8. Sidhechaos

    Lady Lilith

    Lady Lilith, Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Climbing rose, vanilla cream, vanilla flower, white tea, mandarin, red and white musks, opium poppy, Parma violet, and opoponax. In the bottle this had a spicy floral scent. However when I put it on my skin all im initially getting in the wet stage is the opoponax, and perhaps a bit of the musk. The florals and vanilla are completely absent. It's a lovely spicy musky scent but I I am really hoping the florals pop up soon. Eventually well into dry down I began to pick up the faint thread of rose and occasionally a tinge of vanilla, but this scent remains primarily a musk and myrrh fragrance for me. I don't know if it is because of how it has aged (I bought this on the forum) or if it is just my body chemistry. I'm really rather disappointed after reading that everyone else got such lovely floral in mandarin notes. I will set this back and try it again in a couple of weeks I am currently on antibiotics and I know in the past that has sometimes made my body chemistry wonky, although I have not noticed it messing up my other regular fragrances.
  9. Sidhechaos

    Blue Morpho

    wet on the skin a very crisp very lightLY floral scent, to me it almost smells like a fresh water aquatic. Oddly enough I can't determine if the floral I'm picking up is the orchid or the lily or the pikake (a note I'm unfamiliar with) it's definitely not honeysuckle, its remaining very stable. Even after a couple of hours this continues to be a very light floral with a fresh water aquatic note . it remains stable to what it was wet in the bottle. It has very little throw even though I slathered in on but it does seem to be lasting well. I like it I just wish it had more throw.
  10. Sidhechaos

    The Vine

    The Vine Lupercalia 2012: Love Poems Bradford pear, honey, and vanilla cream. My My, this is a fairly straightforward an simple perfume but elegant and delightful all the same. In the bottle and wet on skin is the combination of pear the cream notes blended with a light sweetness. I'm not necessarily picking up the honey or vanilla right away and I usually amp honey to a crazy degree. In fact anything with a honey note usually has incredible throw and lasting power on me but I'm not really getting that definitive honey scent here. The pear note is not a sweet foody type but rather that tangy tart crisp kind of pear. In the dry down I began to pick up some of the vanilla blending with the pear. I'm always impressed how Beth and company at the lab can take fragrances that for many other company I would run screaming but bpal blends them so expertly that they turned out magnificent. I don't care for foody type scents, but here is a product that is mostly food scent notes that smells not overly sweet and makes you hungry but rather smells rich even somewhat floral but still retaining the pure essential notes of the fruit and cream and spice. Bpal is about the only place that can get me to where food based scents or certain types of florals because I know there are excellent chance that they will make it work. Well into dry down honey finally comes up slightly in the background so I am hoping this is one of those scents that will last and have delightful throw. The end result seems to be a balance of a honey and milky note interwoven with brief whiffs of the tart tangy pear. The vanilla is a bit hard to separate from the milky note, but I can detect them swapping back and forth if I paid close attention. I'm really glad I got a bottle of this, it's lovely and light for summertime and I have a ceiling if I get the opportunity I would like to pick up another bottle or two for the future.
  11. Sidhechaos

    Scents for dreaming

    Almost all of my dreams are about loved ones or other people who have passed away. They always seem to be that someone is hiding them from me or constantly moving them and I am trying to find them or save them. And the case of my ex husband always nightmares of trying to get away from him or of him trying to confine me.
  12. Sidhechaos

    Quirkiest, most bizarre oils

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned Kali. It has such an odd combination of so many ingredients and they all tend to stand out. I get many comments on it when I wear it. It is a little like the centozin tz-whatever (the however many rabbits Aztec scent) but much more complex.
  13. Sidhechaos

    Honey and Beeswax scents

    Honey for some reason is a component that one in bpal always gives me fantastic throw and lasting power. I'm also a big fan of against idleness and mischief, jezebel, Doc constantine's sassafras strengthener, and there are a couple of others that I can't name right off my head (O mead Moon) and I would love to try the various honey scents in rappicini's garden.
  14. Sidhechaos

    Honey and Beeswax scents

    The sassafras strengthener is quite a bit like against idleness and mischief. I believe it also has hyssop in it. Lovely floral herbal with strong honey.
  15. Sidhechaos

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    Im amongst those who mourn the loss of shadow witch orchid, I have found that on my skin luna noir is a little bit similar, and another scent that I am mourning the loss of is blood countess. nuit is also another one I'm missing. Actually if you go through my list of beloved fragrances it seems as though have have been discontinued. I know there is something like black orchid? In rappicini's garden and I wonder if it is anything like the shadow orchid was.