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  1. Argentwolf

    Sinister Groundskeeper

    Sniffing this in the bottle I definitely got grass and dandelion, and was like yes! finally the outdoors type scent I've been looking for! When it's actually on me, though, it's dirt. A clay-like dirt, the sort with an adipose clinginess. And then a little bit of dandelion and grass. There's an almost indole edge to it, which may be how I'm detecting the blood. No clove, alas. So it's -not- the outdoorsy scent that I was looking for, but it -is- unique for my collection, and cool. It does get faint after several hours, as stated elsewhere, and isn't terribly strong to begin with.
  2. Argentwolf


    2020 version OMG this is overbearing. The sweetness in it is downright shrill, and while near the end, the patchouli gives it a more smoky hue, it's just not enough. And go figure, it lasts foreeeeeeever, with an in-your-face throw. I think I tried this before and didn't like it that time, either -- maybe I just need to be patient or dedicated, and either age this or hunt down an older bottle. For now, though, oof.
  3. Argentwolf

    Pumpkin Smut

    At first, I could see how this would be a filthy pumpkin scent; it was pretty shameless, and I was looking forward to a day of that. But unfortunately on me it just sort of seperates so that there's pumpkin spice, and then there's smut, and the two are more running parallel to each other than melding into a symphony of filth like I'd hoped for. It doesn't seem to have a ton of silage or to stick around for very long, either.
  4. Argentwolf

    Pumpkin Gazpacho

    Rather than soup, this smells more like the assorted vegetables, all freshly cut and diced and ready to go in the pot. It's a scent that is all at once clean, savory, and a little spicy -- there is an edge that is almost like onion or cilantro to it, like these veggies are destined for salsa instead of soup -- not sure where that's coming from. It is the strangest thing! It is like eating a dish and trying to pick out the various ingredients in it -- which I know we do that often, with these scents, but it feels so very literal, here, like my nose is trying to do what one's palate would do. It's a very unique scent, to me, and while I don't think I need a whole bottle of it, I want to hold onto this imp, just because of how it stands out among the other things in my collection. I would recommend this to foodie people, even if they don't normally prefer gourmand scents, just on this merit.
  5. Argentwolf

    Pumpkin Doob

    Going on, this smells like some utterly dank weed. This interval is pretty brief, though, and the pumpkin spice comes to the fore. It ends up smelling like...you know how pipe tobacco can be infused with certain things? Like that, but with weed. As if it is this very classy, probably expensive strain that smells pumpkin-y and smoky and a bit spicy, but not overwhelmingly so. The throw and duration are moderate.
  6. Argentwolf

    Pumpkin Booze

    There is definitely a nice, spiced, almost herbaceous adult beverage vibe to this. No strident booze note on my skin at all. I could get the overall notes of a tasty cocktail, without smelling as if I had literally spilled on on myself. Unfortunately this scent was neither very extroverted nor long-lasting on me.
  7. Argentwolf

    Please Scream Inside Your Pumpkin Patch

    Spiced pumpkin filling, with a creamy pastry underneath. There's pumpkin spice, without it being an in-your-face sort of thing. Some cinnamon, a bit of a buttery note which is what I would expect from both pumpkin and pastry, a dusting of sugar, a bit of vanilla. It starts out mildly spicy and becomes a creamy sort of scent over time. It's fairy low-key on the throw and had some decent staying power. I enjoyed it!
  8. Argentwolf

    Solved Mysteries

    This does indeed have a very incensey vibe to it. Close to the skin, I could detect what I believe was the sandalwood, as a smooth, woody scent, like a burnished wooden bowl. That was interesting. It has decent throw and staying power.
  9. Argentwolf


    This has a warm, nutty sort of vibe to it (though some of that could just be the name trying to convince my brain that it's smelling peanuts). And yes, it is kind of like a puppy personified -- warm, a little fuzzy, full of nothing but happiness and goodwill and a desire to cuddle. Not the most long-lived of scents, but it's pretty good.
  10. Argentwolf

    Our Little Crypt Ghoul

    Both in the bottle and after first being applied, there is definitely an apple cider vibe, but there's also a sharp note that makes it rather unpleasant. I think that's the sage, and my nose just doesn't care for the two together. It does mellow down to a nice cider-y scent though, and I don't think it wastes too much time doing so. There is definitely another aura around it that makes it not -just- cider -- so if you enjoy both cider and grass as notes, and want to see how they do together, I recommend giving this a try.
  11. Argentwolf


    2020 edition. Big damp red leaves, right in the face! Like the mother of all leaf piles, from which all Dead Leaves scents branch off and grow. On skin, this retains that scent better than pretty much any Dead Leaves scent, though, but it's also mixed with something that is sweetly smoky. My dumb nose wants to say that it's almost chocolatey, like sandalwood; that must just be the smoke and sap mixing. It's quite pleasant, and pretty tenacious, only fading away at the very tail-end of my evening after all-day wear. I think this one is a keeper, this time around. If you tend to like Dead Leaves scents then I recommend October, as well, for what at least initially is a good, healthy blast of damp, freshly-piled autumn leaves.
  12. Argentwolf

    A Night In the French Quarter

    There is a rainy scent to this at first sniff, a little like wet pavement. But on my skin, it's just a really pretty scent that combines violet and incense and a bit of that rain essence all together. It is really, really lovely. I tested this out of a sniffie bottle, and even with the tiny amount I had to put on, it lasted all day. This here is a keeper. I will have to make sure to order a bottle before they go away!
  13. Argentwolf


    Welp. I put this on in the morning, and by the time I got to work the day had turned into a proper dumpster fire. Perhaps I was channeling a little too much BRING IT ON energy, there. It did get better! And smell-wise, this oil always smells great. I sensed the dragon's blood in it, with some of the peppercorn's bite, and it does have a strangely uplifting effect, in the sense of being able to continue slogging through a day. If I am going to have to have a rough day, I am content to have it with this warm, dry, peppery scent around me.
  14. Argentwolf


    This smells sweet, to me -- kind of buttery, sugary, caramel-y as one reviewer noted above. Maybe my nose is obsessing about the berry-like qualities of the caraway and that's throwing me off? It's a pleasant scent in its own right, but it doesn't smell like bread, at least not to me.
  15. Argentwolf

    La Calavera Catrina

    A brief puff of dry leaves and sweet flowers, all mingled together. It disappeared quickly.