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  1. Argentwolf

    Flickering Lights, Fluttering Curtains

    First impression: Vanilla with a bit of an edge that is both warm and bracing, cognac and amber, probably. After wearing: It just turns into powdery vanilla on me. There is a bit of that edge still, but I just can't pick up the notes like chamomile here, and the cognac and amber are not strong enough to overpower the vanilla baby powder smell.
  2. Argentwolf

    Étienne De Boray Oak

    In the bottle: Dry, spicy bark and moss, with just a trace of dusty lavender. Upon application: Almost immediately, the mushrooms start coming out. There's a short period where it is very evocative of the concept -- it's a venerable sort of scent, for someone sitting in the shade of a big old tree while early evening sunlight slants through the leaves and branches. Then the mushrooms predominate. It's a creamy, waxy smear of a smell, and...it's the note I enjoy the least in this blend. It just smells kind of funky, and maybe that's the honey working with it to make that scent, though I don't smell -honey- itself. Just mushrooms. If only this had stayed in that drier stage, I would have enjoyed it so much, I think. Alas!
  3. Argentwolf

    Dead Leaves, White Sandalwood, and Cannabis

    First impression: A very 'perfumey' scent. I can see why some would describe it as 'lemony', but I think what I detect most is leaves and sandalwood. I don't get any cannabis. Upon application: A brief puff of the perfumey aroma and then...nothing. It fades really fast and my skin eats it.
  4. Argentwolf

    Dead Leaves and Cinnamon Buns

    In the bottle: There's cinnamon, and it's spicy, but I wouldn't call it aggressive. Upon application: I very quickly get a cloud of sweet cinnamon rolls with icing. It's really nice! But then something weirder than aggressive cinnamon happens, it starts turning kind of chocolatey on me, the way that my nose seems to usually process sandalwood. Later on it gets an almost leather sort of note to it, though not like any leather that I'm used to -- it's very buttery. Whatever it's doing it's really psyching my nose out. At the end of the day, it's just kind of a generically-sweet smell. Final verdict: I don't know what's going on here but at least it's pleasant.
  5. Argentwolf

    Dead Leaves, Bourbon, and Bitter Almond

    In the bottle: A very dry, rustling, dead leaf smell, peppery and strident. Upon application: It reminds me of a pile of leaves that has been lying around long enough for the undersides to get black and crumbly; they're dry, and bit musty, and there is a bittersweet, rather sour smell along with it, the bourbon I assume. I have doubts. 😧 However! After a few minutes, there is an almond aroma that comes forward. This thankfully remains foremost for the rest of the experience. It's mostly a sweet and pleasant almond, though every now and then I can detect a bitterness to it; by this time, though, it's a pleasant sort of thing, adding an edge to the perfume that isn't too sharp. Final verdict: It's quite tenacious, which would have been a nightmare if that initial sharpness had been predominant -- but it ends up being a good experience. Sweet in an almond way, not a boozy way. I don't know that I'd want to smell like this every day, but it's nice!
  6. Argentwolf

    Dead Leaves and Black Licorice

    In the bottle: Dead leaves, which have an initial, peppery kick and then get back to that recently-fallen, bedewed leaf scent which this note tends to have. Upon application: The leafy smell, pretty much, though there is an occasional whiff of licorice. As others have said, this is a more herbal sort of anise scent. If Black Licorice Smut is lewd and dirty, then this one is very clean. Final verdict: Alas, I didn't get a whole lot of licorice out of this, though the leaves are certainly pleasant. Licorice, I like you so much! Why won't you stay with me?
  7. Argentwolf

    Cold Moon 2020

    In the bottle: A piney scent with chocolate undertones. Upon application: There is an initial waft of powdery milk chocolate. Then this does honest to goodness turn chilly, like fresh air filling a room when you open a window. I get a 'green' vibe from it, like spruce branches, or juniper, though in spite of the blast of pine I got directly from the bottle, I really don't feel like I'm huffing trees all the time. It is just a frosty, outdoorsy scent, with a solid, fudgey chocolate that almost operates on a subconcious level. The overall word I'd describe it with is clean, and it's very pleasant. I got to smell little wafts on me all day, so this is a win. Verdict: Love it. I don't usually go for the lunacies but I'm so glad I bought a bottle of this. I may need another!
  8. Argentwolf

    Black Licorice Smut

    In the bottle: Licorice and holy moley BOOZE. Almost as if I'd just opened a random bottle in a liquor store and started inhaling the fumes. Though maybe not something off of the bottom shelf, because it is a nicer sort of holy smokes alcohol. But man, it's strong. Upon application: The first time I wore this I was a little alarmed that I might actually go out in public smelling like a liquor store. Then the licorice kicked in, and it settled into something really pleasant, and the licorice was nicely noticeable. Today I wore it and the cheap-floozy aura of alcohol was replaced by something that I can only describe as swarthy: just dark and rich and also smutty and naughty. Yet it actually feels a little classier than just straight up hello booze, like going into a dark nightclub that has all the best word of mouth reviews. This time, the balance of this and the black licorice felt like more of a partnership, trading off in prominence intermittently. I felt like I was going to be in for a real nice time. At the end of the day: As much as I hoped to wander about in a cloud of licorice hedonism, it faded fairly quickly on both wearings. Today I'd swear it had faded by noon, and it's barely detectable on my wrist, now. Sadness.
  9. Argentwolf

    Baby’s First Chainsaw

    I was interested in this at first purely because of the name, but once I had heard the full, charming story behind it, and how it reminded the Labbies of meet and greets in the Before Times, that clinched it for me. In the bottle: It's a bit strident! There is definitely a chemical, solvent-like scent with a greasy feel to it. It can be a little daunting. But! Upon application: A brief shock of that chemical smell. It is sharp, still oily, but it quickly coalesces, congeals into the smell of chocolate chip cookies, where they are fresh out of the oven, the pan is still hot, and the chips which had managed to touch the metal have been burned, while the rest of the cookie circles them in crispy circumference. It's really nice! And unlike some foodie sort of scents, it never gets cloying. It's just a good, warm sort of smell, of a tasty reward waiting for you after a long day at work. At the end of the day: As it fades, a note of vanilla becomes more dominant in the cookie-smell. It really is worth a try if -anything- about it appeals to you. Come for the novelty of the title, stay for the strange, delicious magic which has made these notes combine into such an enjoyable scent.
  10. Argentwolf

    An Open Grave Underneath the Heavy Leaves

    This definitely has a sweet, grassy aroma to it, and it's pretty steadfast -- what you smell in the bottle is pretty much how it will smell on the skin. It makes me think of a flower crown made of herbs and wildflowers twined around long blades of grass that is nearing the end of its life cycle, but still has more green than brown to it. This is a 'freshly harvested' sort of scent with life in it. It's quite pretty, but even with slathering it on, it has all but faded by the end of the day.
  11. Argentwolf

    A Glimpse

    It's been a minute since I last acquired BPAL oils, and it only occurred to me to read the reviews of this after I had made the arrangements to get a bottle. I admit I was wondering what I was getting into by the time it arrived! In the bottle: There's a sweet, almost floral quality to it, that shifts now and then to reveal a warm woodiness, or...something more pungent. Just a tiny spike in the nostrils at first, but it's easy to dwell on it, and it does smell a bit...earthy, and unpleasant. So I can understand why so many people get that indole vibe from it. On skin: Thankfully the sweet, floral scent is what lingers and asserts itself. Phew! Leather notes smell sweet to me, so I can only assume that the components in this are blending into one whole that transforms them into something my nose translates as 'flowers'. There is a warm quality to it, though -- like the essence of sitting and nuzzling up to someone, and being able to smell their perfume on their skin. Over time: It is not retiring or subtle -- maybe that's the oud's gift to me. This went all day long on me, and I was constantly getting whiffs of myself and thinking gosh, I smell good. The day's application was a dab on each wrist, so a modest amount goes a long way. It pretty much retains that floral quality all the while, maybe getting a little woodier over time. For me, at least, this perfume minds its manners and is very classy. Go figure! I'm a fan of this.
  12. Argentwolf

    Dead Leaves, Frankincense, and Copal

    For once I do not instantly get leaves and nothing else at first. Instead the frankincense seems to be what come out, first. There is a brief flare of very beautiful smoky copal. After a while, they seem to mingle together into a soft smell of incense. Like the other DL scents, it hugs very close to the skin, and while durable, does not present itself; you have to seek it out. It's very surprising to me, considering I thought that all of the scents in this line would have very prominent notes. In any case, I think this is a pass, for me.
  13. Argentwolf

    Dead Leaves, Bourbon Vanilla, and Myrrh

    Like the other DL scents, this starts off for me as a mix of dead and green leaves. As time goes on it balances out into something nice and warm, a nice mix of the vanilla and myrrh although neither note stands out more than the other to my nose. Does seem to have slightly more throw than the others I've tried so far, and is as long-lived as the rest -- these scents seem to be the kind that will gladly just hide out on your skin all day, for you to come to and have a sniff to enjoy whenever you need one.
  14. Argentwolf

    Dead Leaves, Black Pepper, and Sandalwood

    Right away there is a spicy note of powdery, dusty pepper like kakiphony has mentioned. I like that a lot, but curiously up close on my skin, the pepper rapidly disappeared and the leaves predominated. All the same, they were more the dry, rustling sort of leaves one might expect from the name. Even curiouser, though, is soon after, when I go to smell it, the green note, like this were a mix of dead leaves and living ones, is what now dominates the scent. I'm not getting any sandalwood, really. Very little throw. Can't say that I like it as much as DL and Tobacco.
  15. Argentwolf

    Dead Leaves and Tobacco

    Oh wow. As others have noted, this is more like a mix of dead and green leaves, which threw me off quite a bit at first. I was not expecting something so fresh. Over time, though it turns drier and 'browner', and then the tobacco starts to come out and -- oh holy hell, it's sexy. Like sweet, rich pipe tobacco, a bare hint of caramel, with the dry leaves now very contentedly in the background. There is like -no- throw to it, which is disappointing, because I could basically just live in a cloud of this all day very happily, if I had to. Dabbed behind an ear or somewhere else you want a special someone nuzzling, though, and I can see the, um, possibilities. So nice.