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  1. Tigrrrlily

    Where is this scent?

    Got one with the Bards! teehee. Thanks!
  2. Tigrrrlily

    Where is this scent?

    I just saw "leipreachan" imp on ebay! I didn't get with my March order- but I havent ordered the Irish bards yet- did this come with?? Does anyone know?
  3. Its either sweetened condensed milk or cream, not regular milk. I think they are trying to throw us off from knowing the TRUE secret to Thai Iced Tea.
  4. See??? Thats what I thought, only every recipie I looked up says "thai tea". Maybe its packaged that way but I know theirs more to it than a simple tea leaf. Man, Id BATHE in that stuff!!
  5. I havent sniffed enough of them to know- but I just asked Beth tonight, if she could make a thai iced tea scent! hey- we had thai food right before willcall! Lets keep our fingers crossed. I looked up the recipies for it just now, thinking it was some exotic blend of spices: "Thai tea, ice, sugar, milk" Thanks food network!
  6. Tigrrrlily

    Jingo-Kogo v6

    Pregnant Japanese Empresses rushing into battle smell like heaven !!! Jingo Kogo She smells like she bathed in vanilla oil before rushing off with her sword drawn thru the cherryblossoms... wind whipping thru her hair... Im getting musk, not sandalwood. And something fruit... plum wine? This is wet. On my skin- been wracking brain all day to figure out what perfume it smells like. They handed me something on a card once as I strolled thru the perfume counters and I remember sniffing it all day.... buts it less vanilla more musk-plum wine-sakura-and some other white flower in there- I think rice flower, yes, I concur with Persephone. This is on, and it stayed that way all day. No change. Beautiful.
  7. Tigrrrlily

    Maud Ruthyn

    How marvellously lie our anxieties, in filmy layers, one over the other! Take away that which has lain on the upper surface for so long—the care of cares—the only one, as it seemed to you, between your soul and the radiance of Heaven—and straight you find a new stratum there. Fresh wheat, honeycomb, rosehips, nectarine, climbing roses, and myrrh. I had this idea that the wheat was going to smell delicious and the honeycomb would be the thing that sold me... Sadly, no. If you like Roses, which I typically do not, then you will probably like this one. In the bottle- rosey fresh and nectarines, not like red or white roses, they are really sweet and innocent smelling, for some reason, they smell little and pink to me. On- Not getting the myrrh, and the honey is barely barely there. Its really sweet, and there is something vaguely grain-like in the background, its a dry scent, like something left in the sun and parched. The nectarines are really juicy and not very fruity. Mostly its roses and the sharp tang of the hips. After a few hours, unfortunately (for me) its still mostly roses and a little of the powdery myrrh smell. This was this afternoon, and just now (at 11PM) I dabbed it on again, and it reminds me of the perfume you'd give a girl whos beyond single note scents.. heres something a little more complicated, young lady. Its better now, than I thought it this morning. The myrrh is more present. Hmm. I could get used to, I think. Beth has a way of doing things with say, rose, or patchouli to where I can actually wear and like them. But anyway, if you're into rose and girly and innocent, this is for you!
  8. Tigrrrlily

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Here it is: Just got yesterday! Oh- its so good to have a birthday in February-WANT!!!! These are so pretty!!
  9. Tigrrrlily

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    I was going to get a bottle of "Butterflies and Plovers" for my kid, cause it sounds like a scent she would like, however, now that I see its along the lines of the "secret amusements"... is it kid safe or do I need to buy a pretty "perfume bottle". Does anyone have a pic of it? Edit: Uh, yeah. Found a pic. Um.... I think that new store by the AMC sells pretty pretty little bottles with butterflies. yay!
  10. Tigrrrlily

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Yep, that's Jolly Roger! ROFL. Durr. Thanks Stella!
  11. Tigrrrlily

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Hey- does anyone know what scent this is called??? Is it something REALLLy ridiculous simple like "Jolly Roger"? Lol.
  12. Tigrrrlily


    Well, its pretty simple, see? Theres Vanilla, and theres licorice. It could be just that simple, but no. In the bottle, it smells like those chewy licorice taffys that I so adore, the vanilla is sweet and creamy and soft, and the anise is not biting or sharp, but blends in quite nicely. It, too, smells "creamy", if that makes any sense. Wet, the vanilla takes the lead - the same dreamy, soft taffy smell, and thankfully isn't that horrid sickly sweet vanilla like most perfumes containing it (which make me naseaus). Its soft and light. The licorice adds a little spice/tang to the background, just a bit though, I think even a licorice hater would appreciate it. After a while, the vanilla maybe got a little too sweet for my taste, just a tad. Brought to mind when I first tried the sample- it was almost all vanilla and I didnt really see liking it. But for some reason this bottle (which the goblins so wisely chose for me), its.... blended better, possibly, and it never gets to the point of making me sick, and am I ever pleased. After its dried, the licorice all but disappears... no there it is- you just have to get close. My wrist smells like white frosting... on those tasty Mexican anise-seed cookies. Or those little anisette biscotti. mmm mmmm. Delicious oops! I couldnt find the topic for some reason!
  13. Tigrrrlily

    Spawn of the She-Demon

    Diabolical red and black musk with rooibos and mango tea. First of all, the bottle art is soooo cute! label for she-demon! Also- Im the first in this topic so Im anxious to do it justice. Ok. Ahem. When I first smelled this in the bottle - it was SO remiciscent of the scent of Punky Colours Hair Dye that I instantly wanted to dye my hair again. Dark Tulip. But anyway, maybe its the mango, though it didnt smell like mango at first just the sweet fruity, with the tea. I cant recall off the top of my head what Rooibos smells like but there are definate "tea" notes in there from the get go... Wet it still fruity but not cloyingly so- I am NOT a fan of fruits, except citrus so I tend to shy away from anything overtly so, but in this its pleasent, almost more of a mango-candy scent. The musk starts to come out the fourth or fifth time I smell it and was more present throughout the day. Yes I sniff my wrists regularly. Who doesnt??? Dry down is - surprisingly very close to the wet and in the bottle scent. I could smell it very clearly thru my sweater and while walking about town. And still, its not annoying sweet, just lovely. The mango starts to wear away, leaving just the tea with a hint of musk. I really dislike when I apply a perfume and there is nothing but weak musk left after a few hours... This is not one of those cases. Its been about 4 hours and its toned down to a nice musk-tea scent which leaves me feeling I really dont need to reapply, its nice as is. You just have to get reeeeeally close in there to smell it
  14. Tigrrrlily

    I Fell in Love with a Floating Brain

    I read my daughter the descriptions of the Dark Delicacies scents and after the first one, "I fell in love with a floating brain", without even looking up from her coloring, she said "That one". lol. She picked a winner! Ok, Ill do my best In bottle: Like opening a box of strawberry frosted cupcakes, almost too sweet.. almost. Wet, you get strawberry syrup & cupcakes, you can truly smell that there are two different kinds of cakes in here. Not picking up the grapefruit at all, but then maybe my nose doesnt want too, its enjoying the cupcake smell (Ive been on a diet too long). And the carnation, I can smell it a teeeny bit as it dries, like petals strewn in among the cupcakes for decoration. Have I mentioned that I want to bite my own hand off at this point? The grapefruit is a little more prominent after a bit- like you figured out the secret ingredient in the strawberry syrup filling... If I pass my nose back and forth over my hand.. you gotta look for it. Theres also more carnation, it adds a bit of spice at this point. Both are just adding to the overall yummy-ness of the scent (for want of a better word) after a few hours it does fade quite a bit, with just the cakes and a tiny bit of the strawberry still hanging in there. Like that last Zinger you left in the bottom of your purse and wonder where that smell is coming from. No, this is a thousand times better than a zinger. Methinks they need to open a bakery. As Zoe wears this pretty much every day to school- I will be ordering my own bottle.
  15. Tigrrrlily

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    Theres a gal at work who INUNDATES (sp?) the rooms with vanilla and it smells like when someone uses vanilla spray in a bathroom after... nevermind. Anyway, I hated Vanilla for the longest as a result of that. Until I tried Theodosius - something about the combo of the tea and the musk and the vanilla with the white flowery scent is magic.. it smells edible but still quite elegant. I highly recommend while the carnival is still in town.