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    I love spicy resinous scents, a lot of florals (except Rose), asian inspired scents, foody scents, and fruity blends. Current favorites include: Gingerbread Poppet '05, Semiramis, Hellhound On My Trail, Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo, Three Witches, Sunbird, Snake Oil, Velvet Bandito, Strawberry Moon, Sol Niger, Upa Upa, Beaver'Versary, Velvet Unicorn, Tarot: The Star, The Perfumed Garden.


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  1. moonstonemama

    Lolita v2

    I don't get bubble gum from this. this smells more like multi-flavored twizzlers that have been half chewed and mashed up together into a ball. ew.
  2. moonstonemama

    Hua Mulan v4

    this is very pretty, girlish, asian floral. there's a light musk and some sweet plum. it's also pretty soapy. I like the released version better.
  3. moonstonemama

    Fenris Wolf v2

    in the vial: it's masculine with a hint of something sweet and a bit of eucalyptus. on application: it's a lovely musky sandalwood. it's resinous and fiery. but it's not going powdery and it's not too masculine for me to wear, but this would smell amazing on the right guy.
  4. moonstonemama

    Citrinitas v4

    in the vial: tangerines and cake on skin: the tangerine fades out almost completely and I get vanilla cake and ginger. it's nice, but I would probably never choose to wear it for a whole day.
  5. moonstonemama

    Aphrodite v3

    this is a perfumy musky floral. it's pretty in a very girly way. I agree with the previous reviewer that said it's frothy.
  6. moonstonemama

    Ares v3

    very minty and sort of astringent smelling. taking a big whiff of this straight from the vial actually feels pretty good in my nose. there is a somewhat sweet/bubble gum note underneath the cold mint/eucalyptus. it's a little incongruous for a blend called Ares.
  7. moonstonemama

    Hellion v2

    in the vial: rich plummy incense on: it's deep and smoky. it's yummy smelling, but not sweet. the plum and what ever that smoky/incense smell is (I have no idea what that note is) is beautifully blended. I like plum. I really like this blend. It's sexy and womanly, but not overtly feminine.
  8. moonstonemama

    Apothecary v1

    in the vial: this smells cold, green and soapy. Like a walk down the laundry/dish detergent aisle at the grocery store. on application: the same, this doesn't change at all on my skin.
  9. moonstonemama

    Dorian v2

    I smell fresh from the dryer laundry and clean guy. There is also something sweet and feminine. There's a lot of lavender coming out when it's drying on my skin. *le sigh* I've never tested the released Dorian, so I don't know how this compares, but I don't like this version.
  10. moonstonemama

    Albedo v5

    mmm... this is a lovely lemon meringue. I'm not big on lemon scents, but this is a creamy yummy dessert lemon. this is like the lemony cousin of the limey The Star.
  11. moonstonemama


    Lilac based floral. It's pretty. My mom would probably love it. not really for me. it goes to powder really fast.
  12. moonstonemama

    Sekhmet v5

    I like this. It's dry and dirty and it has a lovely resinous aroma. It's also got just a hint of evergreen. I can see the comparison to Sunbird, but Sunbird is warm desert. This is cold nighttime desert. I don't get any floral notes at all.
  13. moonstonemama

    Rubedo v4

    in the vial: Pink floral. Roses and white flowers. Also something sweet. my best guesses are Rose, Gardenia, and Lotus. it's a floral hat-trick. hmm, now that it's dry on my arm, I think there's a bit of musk and vanilla in there too.
  14. moonstonemama


    in the vial: fire. smoky burny spicy and sweet fire. on: there's something sharp and sweet. it smells kind of like mesquite bbq sauce. it's actually kind of nice. the mesquite is actually isn't that bad or strong, and the spices are nicely blended with whatever this "sweet" note is. or at least it would be great as an alternative to what I normally smell like if I've been camping for 3 or 4 days without a shower. beyond that, I don't think blend has a future in my box.
  15. moonstonemama


    This is kind of delicious smelling. It's a delicious cake with some yummy spices. aaaaaaand... orange zest. which makes it kind of icky. and my weird skin chemistry does nothing to improve this.