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  1. battisima


    marzipan, marzipan MARZIPAN. and nothing else. not an unpleasant marzipan by any means but not what i was looking for in this. im starting to wonder if my skin amps sweet sugary notes because i have similar problems with my snake oil imp trying to become marshmallows.
  2. battisima

    Questions about down dates/end of an LE series

    thank you that makes my life much easier , lovely as bpal is its probably not a good idea to try and finalise an order in the middle of a new years celebration. 😎
  3. battisima

    Questions about down dates/end of an LE series

    hi (yes i know this should be in the "Questions about down dates/end of an LE series" topic on the other forum but it wont let me reply to the correct topic there, figured this was the next best place) The down dates for the weenies are when the january lunacy turns up, can anyone tell me when that is? basically i just need to know if i should put my weenies order in tonight to be safe or if i'll be fine putting it in tommorow
  4. battisima

    Vilf smell alike

    i got an imp of the original vilf (https://www.bpal.org/topic/69498-vilf/) a while back and fell utterly in love, only to find out it was discontinued , since im about to make my first bottle order today can anyone recommend me something in the current catalog with a similar scent? (im allready planning on getting devils of the pit because of the honeyed patchouli)
  5. battisima

    Questions about down dates/end of an LE series

    sorry a very newbie question but as i;ve been having a hard time deciding which scents i want (its my first bottle order after trying out some of the imps last time so im checking over most of the site) i just want to make sure im not in danger of taking too much time to decide and losing the opportunity to buy the halloween scents