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  1. violetblue

    Game Over

    Game Over is amazing and I just ordered a 2nd one with a few snakes a bit ago. I have bought a LOT of BPAL over the years and I have never smelled anything like Game Over. It makes me happy and somehow reminds me of Christmas and clove cigarettes yet doesn't have that generic potpourri holiday scent. I wish I had a better way to describe it, so def. look at the review above mine, because it's perfect. One I definitely have enjoyed slathering. As rich and thick as it is, it doesn't seem to last long on me.
  2. violetblue

    Kinda Sorta Snake Oil Cream Soda

    We’re running out of room at the Lab, and it’s been a long, long time since we’ve had a trunk show. When Brian and I were rifling through the prototype and snafu shelves a few weeks ago, we dug up two busticated Snake Oils – one that was a mispour of Lemon Scented Sticky Bat, and another involved an Aggravated Vanilla Incident – and we unearthed the very first Samhain prototype from 2002. We don’t have time to do a full-blown trunk show right now, so we’re offering these three for sale. They’re in very, very limited quantity. Fastest delivery ever! I snatched two of these the minute I saw the link up. I got them today and immediately tested fully. I am really scratching my head though. I don't know if my sniffer is off but I am not smelling the vanilla/cream soda like I had hoped. This is a sharper snake oil to me without the powdery, almost too sweet/cloying dry down I can get if I put too much on. Maybe there's some added carbonation dryness in this to make one think of soda pop, but this was not at all what I was expecting and shame on me because I should have known the lab would never make something that smelled so simple/one note (unless released as one of course!) For a minute I even wondered if I got the lemon sticky bat snake oil instead by mistake due to the sharpness/almost medicinal scent, so I tested my 2nd bottle and it still smelled the same on me. The odd thing is, if you just sniff the oil in the bottle, you def. can smell sweet vanilla/cream soda-ish oil! On I get snake oil, dryer, with a bit of a sassafras note and more stable, consistent dry down. I prefer new Snake oil to aged snake oil so I will probably keep using this and possibly swap the 2nd bottle to someone who maybe didn't have a chance to snatch this up and wants to have one. I can't wait for more reviews!
  3. violetblue

    Goth Queen

    I want to BATHE in this. I think I probably smell like I did as I just got my hands on some and slathered away. This is probably my favorite BPAL ever and that says a lot after 14 yrs trying tons.
  4. violetblue


    One of the Alkyonides, the seven daughters of Alcyoneus. Blueberry and tangerine for the bright plumage of the kingfisher, limned with frozen flower petals. I have to say, this is just what I hoped it would be light! Fresh light and frozen come to mind. I don't know why but I thought of Skadi when I smelled it. Sometimes Lunacies are too aquatic or ozone-y for me, so I don't buy them often anymore, but not this one. The fruits are strong and realistic (the blueberry is great not synthetic) wet, though I don't smell tangerine alone, then it morphs into cold frozen, sweet musky petals on me. I like it better first applied, but it's def. a keeper.
  5. violetblue

    MPF 13 Hair Gloss

    Just tried this for first time, finding a big decant untouched I bought back when this was released! How was this not more popular?? It is glorious! It reminds me more of sandalwood than patchouli - maybe the aging? The coconut is lovely and this reminds a bit of the beach. Amazing!
  6. violetblue

    Gas Masks and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

    I ordered 2 at once of this one, unsniffed, because candy scents lately are the ones I reach for and love the most. I've worn this several times now and have wanted to review it, but am really having a hard time with notes - the jellybeans one, anyways! If anyone is into Lush, this makes me think of the "Rockstar" soap scent but not totally. I love that the sugar cookie crumbs do not take over and make this foody/bakery-ish as those scents can be cloying on me, even if delicious. The jellybeans note is some kind of fruit but not orange yellow black or green....maybe red or purple. Kinda like the purple jelly beans that are nondescript, have a sweet flavor, almost floral at times?? I like this scent a lot and do get the cotton candy but not so much frosting or cookie. LOVE!
  7. violetblue

    Snowball Fight

    Last winter, we took Lilith to New York for the first time. We were en route to the march in Washington, DC, with our friends, and made a few pit stops on the way. This photo was taken a split second before I got snowballed in the face at the East 72nd Street Playground. The handsome devil in the background is one of Liliths best friends in the world, Kyle. Snowballs and vanilla ice cream. This is a freezing cold scent for sure! Cool mint, ozone, and vanilla. A perfect winter scent in a bottle. I think of icy vanilla kissed with minty snow when I smell it.
  8. violetblue

    Mischief Hair Gloss

    Sorry to say, glad I started with a decant with this one. Sadly, I've had the same reaction as several other reviews - not really any cotton candy - more like a strange mesh of dragon's blood, carnation, with some sweetness, but on me it's still dry and kind of sharp. Not what I was hoping for but not horrible. I was really hoping more for something like Pink Wig Spray.
  9. violetblue


    First sniff, there is an amazing blast of yes, I concur ZZ, black cherry, that slips away quickly to be replaced with a musky Midway (from Carnival Noir)-ish scent just bordering on play-dough but not reaching the edge, that I'd like more if it stayed a bit sweeter. Even though meringues have no scent to me (but I adore the taste and texture of them, having a mom with a European background who had great tastes in desserts and all the ones she exposed me to as a child. Meringues were a special treat from the bakery when I was little!), I imagine them when I sniff this. But I'm not complaining, it's delicious the short time it lasts on the skin.
  10. violetblue

    Pink Wig Spray

    This is straight up Midway or even Mouse Circus, (I smell popcorn too!) in atmo form. Love it, wish I had 10000 bottles!!!!!!!
  11. violetblue

    Sandalwood Scents

    Poor Monkey from the Yules!!
  12. violetblue

    Poor Monkey

    So happy I had a chance to get this one - a blind buy after reading the reviews here, and it is a gorgeous as I had hoped! The fig sweetens up the sandalwood - those are the notes I smell the most. LOVE!!!!
  13. violetblue

    Gingered Chocolate Soufflé

    Just now sampled my bottle and wow. I normally despise chocolate in perfumes (but wanted to support the cause and loved the name), but wow, this is great, deep but sweet chocolate with to me, the lab's champagne note. Dries down to a sweet but dusty chocolate with the fizzy edge. LOVE.
  14. violetblue

    Peanut Butter and Jelly!

    I will PM you a link of one that was released from another etailer yrs ago, I was so bummed I could never get it as it sold out!
  15. violetblue


    The smallest of Jupiter’s Inner Moons. This is a maternal perfume: warm, comforting, and protective. Goat’s milk accord, white honey, cacao-dusted amber, white coconut, white rose, and benzoin. The honey is really amping on me and I'm getting musty musky honey -no coconut, rose, etc. This is fresh from mailbox, so will retest and revisit this post!