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  1. Happicuppa

    Vanilla Husk, Nutmeg, & Hay Absolute

    This is amazing. The nutmeg/hay combo really elevates the vanilla and makes this unique but comforting. Warm and cozy and not-too-foodie...I love it. Will be keeping this one.
  2. Happicuppa

    Vanilla Bean, Marshmallow, and Benzoin

    Oh hey, Stekk marshmallow! Tempered by an AL-similar vanilla, this isn't too punch-you-in-the-face foodie, but it's definitely tilted that way. The hint of resin keeps it grounded for me, and dare I say I like it better than Stekk since the vanilla isn't foodie and the resin gives it depth - it's missing that buttery/cream note of Stekk and yay for that. If you like vanilla and marshmallows, get this one for sure. Will be curious to see how this ages.
  3. Happicuppa

    You May House Their Bodies But Not Their Souls

    This comes out of the bottle swinging, but tames down very fast. Swings with patch, but it calms down quickly. I think the skin musk makes it go from loud to skin-hugging. The amber isn't powdery on me at all, it just adds a gentle resiny note to me. As for the vanilla, I am not finding it in anything but a sweetness that rounds this out. But I'm okay with that! It is golden and skin musky and warm and I like it a lot. Will age it and see how it goes!
  4. This is soft, gentle, and almost tween-like. Love the sandalwood, but the vanilla is threatening to go plasticky candle vanilla on me. It hasn't done it yet, but I'm afraid it'll go that way and has that little whiff of it. I'm not sure it's a deal breaker yet. It's definitely low throw and skin-hugging. If you're looking for that, I think you'll love it. I'm going to let mine age.
  5. Happicuppa

    Walking My Daughter to Class

    If you love a Dorian variant, put this bottle in your cart. Buy it. What a beautiful combo. It's definitely not The Serpentine, but it's a slightly more mature sibling (and maybe slightly more masculine with the oakmoss/bergamot moment). I love this Lilith lavender, and the bergamot and tea giving a citrusy salute makes think of Paper Phoenix briefly before it moves onto the bourbon vanilla note (and I'm a fool for the lab's bourbon vanilla in the right combo). This is one of those right combos. It ends up nice and neutral on me at dry-down with the Dorian, Lavender, and Bourbon Vanilla present, tempered by the bergamot/oakmoss. My biggest gripe is that this lacks staying power. It didn't become sharper for me, it just went MIA. I'm a dabber though, so I may just need to slather a bit more? I really enjoyed this scent, it may be backup-worthy.
  6. Happicuppa

    Faster Kittycat?

    Wet: This is like...sexy grandma. Higher pitched, powdery amber patchouli. Dry: This is just sexy, now. Meow indeed. A very nice dusky patchouli scent which maybe comes off a little high pitched wet, but calms the f down in record time. I absolutely love it dried down, and it's going to be a go-to 'feelin' myself' scent to be sure. Loved it.
  7. Happicuppa

    Aoede, Melete, Mneme

    Unfortunately, this is my least favorite bottle of the 5 I purchased blind. I thought the sugar aspect might save me, but the cream still goes 'fake-plasticky- candle' on my skin and it's a damn shame. I thought the sandalwood might save me too, but alas, it never shows up. This is likely my skin's fault, as cream scents and I don't often get along, but I was so hopeful with the sandalwood and vanilla husk in there! Alas. To the sell/swap pile it goes.
  8. Happicuppa

    Velut Luna Statu Variabilis

    This scent was a lovely, fresh floral that steers clear of indolic territory (at least on me). There is a nice depth here, probably the red benzoin and the chypre doing their jobs, and a subtle vanilla sweetness. It's a floral that doesn't go too floral on me. No soapiness, no poopy-jasmine note, no high-pitched 'white' scent that spells a headache for me. A little spicy from the carnation, a little sweet (but not foodie) from the vanilla. It is a perfect floral for when not wanting to go into full blown 'white floral' territory. I'd call this more...pink? Softer, more refined, and smoothed down nicely by the touch-of-resinous benzoin and vanilla. I love it.
  9. Happicuppa

    Rose Quartz Bedroom

    This evokes an image of a high-end spa/hotel and I ain't even mad. I don't usually love roses, but this blend was too good to pass and I absolutely love it. When I want to smell fancy, but maybe not overly femme, I may grab for this one. It definitely gets better with time on skin, but I actually liked it from wet to drydown. The roses fade as it goes, which is fine for an anti-rose person. Really like it!
  10. 9/25/20 I happen to live near this amazing place. Do you have any interest is anything that I could pick up there? The have hand made pottery, cookie molds, cookbooks with historical recipes all sorts of good stuff. https://www.gcv.org/shop/ No thank you! 10/1/20 Would you be interested in anything from KBShimmer's new Fall nail polish collection or their Falloween collection? Smashed, Fully Booked, Slay Cozy, Glazed and Confused, Best Witches 10/3/20 Witchee, darlin', anything appeal from this goth-metal-Satanic Tea company, Pitch Black North? https://www.pitchblacknorth.com/category/all-tea No thanks. WITCHEE, WOULD YOU LIKE ANY OF THESE? Don't just say "yes" -- please be specific about which ones you want the most! Brown Sugar Plum Butter sure Pflaumenmus (also Plum Butter) Cardamom Plum Jam Star Anise Plum Jam Ginger Peach Butter sure Vanilla Peach Jam sure Sweet Green Tomato Relish Dill Green Tomato Relish Huckleberry Jam Apple Butter Candied Jalapenos (delicious with cream cheese on burgers or crackers) sure Lavender Vanilla Bean liqueur Rose Petal liqueur 10/4/20 the other day I found the pattern I made for a small crocheted skull. I have made some before and included some herbs and oils and such, things that both smell good and are said to carry protective virtues, in the stuffing, and hooked them up to hang in a vehicle or such. Would any of y'all like one of those? Maybe! 10/5/20 is anyone a Daredevil fan?? I'm going to be working with Christopher Brewster who is Daredevil in the suit (i.e. the stunt performer but not the FACE of the actor... but when the suit is on... its Brewster). I worked with him on something else... and he was super cool... excited to get to work with him again... but if that's anyone's fandom... I wanna know LOL No thanks! 9/19/20 Lilith are up! Is there anything from the release that you want? Decant or full bottles? NGL I just bought myself everything I wanted. How would you feel about recipes? Love em so long as they don't require being followed to a 't' Would anyone be interested in anything from Bucees?! It’s a magical giant beaver gas station/shop! It has spices, fudge, Knick knacks, all things Texas, candy, beef jerky, roasted nuts, and of course beavers! Most things like the fudge and nuts are made in house. I...think I'm good? 9/20/20 How do you guys store your decants so they are not a confused mess? If you've got a system, please share it. I have no idea. Help me. 9/21/20 I'm a knitter. I have some knitted washcloths done, and can knit up more. Would you like some? Also, if answered soon enough, I can maybe get a scarf done. Would you like one? What colors would you like? Thin or thick? With or without fringe? Are you allergic to any fibers - wool, cashmere, angora, alpaca? No fiber allergies, would love a scarf or washcloths. Love me some purples and teals and the like. Witchee, darling, there's a *slight* chance I might be going on a trip next week and *might*, in the course of this trip, have access to Disneyworld goodies from Epcot and Magic Kingdom - any stuff you might desire? OH MY GOD I'M SO JEALOUS. I'm supposed to be at WDW next week but Covid took it from me Literally anything, but I collect Epcot World Showcase pint glasses and my Norway glass shattered this week. Would love any pint glasses (I only have Germany's pint glass, I have event-specific ones otherwise). 9/22/20 Would you like any of Snag Tights’ Halloween offerings and if so, what size? Um, yes but I don't wear skirts much I do wear a size E there. Do you prefer getting one or two really nice/more expensive things or several smaller/less expensive little things? Or do you have no preferance? No preference! Witchee, do you like tea? If so, what kind? I feel like this gets asked a lot! Yes! Mate. Fruity tea is good too. Chocolately-coffeeish tea also. Witchee, do you want anything? Shirts, mugs, postcards from Anarchist Seattle, Portland, or New York.... https://www.redbubble.com/people/litlnemo/shop?artistUserName=litlnemo No thanks! Would you be interested in a gently-used tarot deck (or other oracle)? If so, toss out some styles you gravitate towards, cause I have SO MANY DECKS and I'd love to send one or more along! Sure! Whichever one calls to you. Are you interested in receiving a burned CD of music? If so, name of genres, artists, styles that you are into or would like more of to explore. Eh, my car won't play discs. Maybe a Spotify playlist? Do you have an Amazon wishlist? If you do and you're ok with getting stuff from it, please share the link! I do but I share them with my husband. Maybe I can work on it... Have a nacho ask me to if you want me to. Pumpkin/pumpkin spice – yay or nay? Yay in food/drinks but nay in other products (soaps, perfumes, etc.) or vice versa? What are your thoughts? YAY ALL THE THINGS. Candy corn – love it or loathe it? Or just don’t care much one way or another? I am indifferent. 9/23/20 https://www.poesieperfume.com/loose-leaf-tea <---- would you be interested in receiving tea and / or scents from Poesie? Smores Tea, Union tea I have been remiss--witchee (or anyone needing a minion), I am notorious for homemade caramels, shortbreads both savory and sweet, and catnip/catnip laced toys. I've also started playing with homemade marshmallows and fruit candies. Any interest? Catnip is beloved by my babies. Esp. in crinkly delivery devices. But yes to the above. Caramels mmm. 9/12/20 Does anyone like the prints or items from www.ElissaMarieCreative.com ? I have a few of her prints and the notebooks and they are quality! Phases of the Mewn! The Make Magic notebooks! Love me some notebooks! What about www.drawingsbynicole.com? Anything specific? This seems themed towards moms, and I am happily childfree. No thanks! Does anything from www.vapidlacquer.com stick out to you? I love nail polish, but rarely buy it for myself. I'm a neutral/metals/mauvey/purple sort of person. I do pour painting/acrylic fluid art (with varying degrees of success, haha). Would you like a custom piece in colors of your choice (takes 3-4 weeks with curing, longer if you want it sealed, so it would arrive post-round if custom) or a piece already finished in my collection? I have mostly 12 x 12 and 10 x 10s right now. Pics available upon request! This was my question! I am good on these After enjoying looking at the links several others have put in the questions, I decided to add some of my own favorite independent artists who I enjoy supporting - so, what do you think of the goodies from these people? And specific items you love? Enjoy! 1) https://www.catcoven.com/ 2) https://www.mineralgypsy.com 3) https://www.redbubble.com/people/thelatestkate/shop 4) https://www.marikapaz.com/shop/ 5) https://www.faunwood.com 6) https://www.shannatrumbly.com/ 7) https://fiddlersgreenzine.com 8 ) https://www.hedgespokenpress.com This is a bit much to go through! If you suggest one of these to me, I will look but honestly you can't go wrong with cats, owls, foxes, or raccoons? One of the things I do is make nifty things from sweaters that I cut up & upcycle into things like super warm mittens, arm warmers, striped arm warmers, cowls, teapot cozies, & French press cozies. I don't have a slipper I love yet, but I'm working on it. So, which of these things might you like? Give me some thoughts on colors you like & if for a teapot or press, I need to know a size. Look it gets cooooold in the office in winter (assuming I go in?), so hand warmers/fingerless would be my jam. I love purple, but jewel tones in general. I enjoy historical reproductions and am a fan of LBCC Historical Apothecary. Is there something in her store you might be interested in? That wooden cat comb! Otherwise, surprise me. 9/13/20 Do you have a favorite art style/movement/artist? I really like art deco, but I am not the most artsy. Who is your fashion icon(s)? Bold of you to assume I have one! What is your favorite mythological creature? Hmmmm... is there anything you want from Lush? Bath Bombs: Goddess, Floating Flower, Deep Sleep, Butterball, Marshmallow World, The Comforter, Twilight Bubble Bars: Nana, Lucky Cat, Big Bottle of Calm, Sleepy Twilight Shower Jelly, Almond Blossom shower gel The new hand kits look interesting! Do you need any astrological work done, since thats one of my professions? Any particular areas you could utilize a consultation? I think I'm good! I had some done a couple rounds ago. I wouldn't mind an in-depth tarot reading but I've had my charts done. How do you feel about the homemade fudge I sell in my etsy shop? https://www.etsy.com/shop/HollysRainbow -particular preferences, flavors (consider I take special flavor requests all the time!)? I like fudge. I like chocolate. Go from there How do you feel about keto or sugar-free, low carb baked goods or treats?? No thank you! 9/14/20 Anything you'd like from Future Primitive: https://futureprimitivesoap.co.uk Ooooh yes, I received some a couple rounds ago and OMG. So nice. Cracked coconut, cold pillow soap. That Lavender Ice Cream and Pumpkin Chai whipped soap looks DIVINE. Do you have an Etsy wishlist? I do not, but I can make one? 9/15/20 I have a friend who does pet caricatures. He's done ones for all of my pets. Is this something you would be interested of for your pet(s)? Um, yes. Do you decorate seasonally/for holidays? Is there anything in particular you would like to that end? A little, but I'm rather chaotic in my decorative skills and forget some years, haha. Would you like anything from House of Gloi, especially from their Autumn Update? (https://www.hausofgloi.com/collections/fall-1) Most of their fall scents look interesting! Something moisturizing, please! I know the tea question has been asked, but what, specifically, about Adagio teas? No specifics, but I like mate tea and caffeinated teas. Homegirl has a caffeine problem. What about anything tempting from Dandelion Chocolate? (https://store.dandelionchocolate.com/pages/home) Y'all have a lot of retailers! I mean, I love dark chocolate. 9/16/20 Would you, my dear Witchee, like anything from April Gloom? https://www.etsy.com/shop/AprilGloom (this is our @spookygrrrly - switch witch code coming soon to a spreadsheet near you.) No thanks! How about from https://twinklentwilight.etsy.com ? (This shop belongs to @twilighteyes - we can maybe crochet some of the unicorns that are sold out...) No thanks! I have a project bag from her and I love it but I only need the one! Would you enjoy anything from my friend Brian's Etsy shop? https://www.etsy.com/shop/BrianSerwayArt? Very talented, but perhaps not my aesthetic. Are you a sock person? If so what are your favourite kinds to wear? Do you have a sockdreams wishlist? Lbr, I don't love wearing socks but it gets cold in Indiana. So, when I do wear them I like funny ones. I prefer blueq but I would def. spend a sock dreams giftcard. If you're not near one, is there anything from Trader Joe's you'd like? Dark chocolate pb cups! Chocolate covered jojos. How do you feel about local items from my city, like spicy (think chili) things or local coffee? The coffee is not spicy lol. Love coffee. Love spicy - not overly HOT - seasonings. Like, don't put me on Hot Ones, but I like hatch, cayenne, other flavors with some depth. do you have good feelings about Funko Pop? I do, for the fandoms I follow. I could use a couple more Overwatch Pops (Widowmaker, Pharah, Tracer, Moira) . My Firefly collection just needs Wash 😭 Candles! Anything from these places catch your fancy? https://cantripcandles.com/collections (restocks Friday 9/18 at 9:00 PST) https://miruscandles.com/collections https://briarwickcandles.com/collections I like em, husband and cats don't like scented candles. 9/17/20 Is there something from your fandom that popped up in another country you'd be particularly interested in? What, and what store? I have no idea. Would you be interested in some boozy chocolates (or anything else) from https://www.chocolatemoonshine.com/ ? Uh, yes. Love me some booze. Love me some dark chocolate. 9/18/20 Witchee, assuming you like home made/home canned condiment goodies, what is your spice level preference? Medium to the low end of hot Would you be interested in anything from Cellar Door Bath Supply Co.? Sure! My bar soap collection is depleted. Almond Vanilla Ginger Fizz Lavender Fields Lavender Pumpkin Oatmeal, Milk, Honey Morning Dew Pumpkin Chai Latte Samhain Hard Cider Sanderson Spice Tupelo Honey Sex Machine 9/11/20 Is there anything you'd like from the UK? Tottenham Hotspur googaws (I'd love a mask if they're making them there!), CANDY (esp. chocolate), clotted cream, golden syrup, tea. Do you have a particular fandom you'd like stuff from? Oh do I. I love everything Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Parks and Rec, Schitt's Creek, Friends. How do you feel about tea? Preferences? Would you want anything from David's Tea (https://www.davidstea.com/us_en/home/), Steepologie (https://www.steepologie.com/), Bird & Blend (https://birdandblendtea.com/us_en/), or do you have a favorite tea maker to suggest? What about tea tools or cups? Love me funny mugs or teacups (the kind with curse words at the bottom? Killer.) I like mate tea blends, chai, and will try a lil of everything How do you feel about fragrant things for the home like incense, candles, atmosphere spray? I would probably pass on this. Love em', but I have a very sensitive kitty. Do you share your home with any loved ones (human, feline, canine, etc.) who might enjoy a tiny treat too? Husband! Don't worry he'll help me with anything edible that comes my way. 9/9/20 would anybody like a small cross stitch thing, like a patch or pin? or cross stitching notions like handmade needle minders? If you want to cross-stitch me a curse word, or something funny to hang in my bedroom or bathroom or wherever, I am *down* for it. I am not crafty myself. 9/8/20 Art and artists - anyone dig any of this? https://www.studiodesade.com/ (They also do masks, see here.) If you knit/crochet/weave, would you like custom dyed yarn? And if so do you have preference on weight, fiber, colors? Alas I am not crafty like that. what is one fun/frivolous thing for $20 or less that you’d enjoy? Hmmmmm. Makeup, probably. If I sent you to a dollar store with $20, what would you walk out with? Candy, spooky stuff, energy drinks, maybe some pens and crafty stuff 9/5/20 what are your feelings on home made/ home canned jams & pickles or syrups? I even make things with berries I grow in my garden. I make both brandied & bourbon cherries. Syrups good for cocktails, in lemonade or tea, flavors include Lavender, Lavender + Lemon, & Lavender + Vanilla. Interested? Generally, yes! I am being a bit more cautious on baked goods, but I would love canned jams, pickles, or syrups! I've gotten really into craft cocktails and flavoring my coffee. Bourbon or brandied cherries sound so f'in amazing! I would love those. I'm not super huge on floral syrups, but fruity, vanilla, or herbaceous can be delicious. Also love me some pickles. Is there something that you're especially hoping to receive for this round? For example, a brand you've heard of that you're especially wanting to try, or a certain "thing" that you really want but just cant bring yourself to buy for yourself?? Not off the top of my head? Would you rather receive supplies/tools for your own craft/hobby or receive something you can't make yourself? I am not the most crafty. I'd say I'd prefer something already crafted vs. to-be-crafted by me. Is there anything you'd like from Penzeys (https://www.penzeys.com/)? Listen, when I die please cremate me and mix in some Smoked Spanish Paprika from Penzeys. Love me some Penzeys. I have most of my cabinet staples from there. I've never convinced myself to buy some of the baking spices and would love to try the vanilla sugar. Some spice mixes from there could be fun too, I just stick to the single blends mostly. 9/3/20 Would you like anything from here? https://www.etsy.com/shop/TaterRoundsBeauty OOOH hmm. Crazy Jack soap, El Cucuy candle, The Pale Moon and the Sun soap 9/2/20 Would you like a face mask from one of my favorite artists? https://akumuink.com/collections/facemasks No thank you! one of our fellow BPAL friends makes custom masks, Hakutaku Custom Masks on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/HakutakuMasks/ ). Would anyone be interested in one of her masks? Oh wow! These are lovely! Just off the bat, that silver cranes one is beautiful, as is Let Them Eat Cake, Honey Cats, and Fox. You really can't go too wrong with owls, cats, foxes (or animals) for me! 9/1/20 are you familiar with https://www.a-natural-alternative.com/ ? Take a peak & let me know if you might like to try something. I am not! But nearly every scent of the soap looks good to me! Would try it! 8/30/20 Is there anything you want from Japan? Current kit kat flavors are... Salty Lemon, Salty Lychee, Sweet Potato, Chestnut and possibly still some Cookies and Cream Ice Cream or Strawberry Ice Cream from summer. Other than that, anime goods, cute stationery, other Japanese snacks, lay it on me! Japanese kit kats are the bomb. I love the green tea ones, but of these flavors I think I'd try sweet potato or salty lychee. What are your favorite self-care items or activities? I'm especially curious about things that you hesitate to do/get because they feel like frivolous luxuries. I love to get my hair done which is trickier during covid, but possible with masks. At home I do a lot of baths for self-care, and also play video games to keep my mind distracted. I like pedicures but haven't had one in a while, I've been eyeing those foot spas for at home, like the Homedics ones? 8/29/20 Does anything from Paintbox Soapworks catch your eye (http://paintboxsoapworks.com/)? Um, yes! Rice pudding soap, Second Breakfast soap, Whiskers soap, Mandinka soap Does anything from the Trading Post's etsy page catch your eye (https://www.etsy.com/shop/bptradingpost)? Amber Pumpkin HG, Luna Negra
  11. Happicuppa

    Peach Chypre

    I was really hopeful here, but I went full on dryer cloth for a few hours. It did mellow out to a lovely woody, fruity floral BUT it gave me that high-pitched headache first so unfortunately it's going to the swaps BUT it's for a worthy cause so I am 100% happy to have purchased it either way. Medium throw, pretty decent staying power. It's 4 hours post-application and I'm digging it now but I can't do that headache zone phase again!
  12. Happicuppa

    My Tiger

    This goes a bit masculine on me and I don't get much lavender, but that being said I really like it. Sweet patch reminds me a little of Badgers but the amber seems to ground it with zero powdery notes that I sometimes get from amber. Wish there was a lil more lavender in the front but overall, I think this one is a keeper. Warm and cozy, yet bold. Pretty strong throw, it's mellowed out considerably after 4 hours. I think it's a keeper.
  13. Happicuppa

    Bourbon Vanilla & Yellow Carnation

    I love this. It's pretty, it's well balanced, and it's beautiful on. I was terrified we were going dryer sheet for a hot second, but it mellowed out fast and was a lovely bright floral vanilla with a spice of carnation and the mellow vanilla. Definitely a keeper!
  14. Happicuppa

    Impromptu Goat Yoga

    Unfortunately for me this went extremely buttery on me with hardly any trace of lavender. It was really foody, but not like the marshmallow I was hoping for...if I had gotten some tea maybe it would've balanced it more but my chemistry wasn't agreeing. It was pretty strong throw. Several hours later (like 4) it smells really good and the throw mellowed and I'm getting a soft marshmallow lavender with a butter undertone, but I don't wanna wait 4 hrs to love it! To the swap pile!
  15. Happicuppa

    Like a Girl

    I had some high hopes for this one, some of my favorite scents have some of the same notes (Sachs, Drag is For Everyone) In the bottle: Neutral, is it you? Neutral + something femme in the bottle. Wet: Sandalwood, vanilla, and skin musk and dare I say, it gets plasticky for a second on me?! Panic! Dry: This has lost the plastic pretty fast, whew! I'm really getting Neutral + Some Buddies and that's not a bad thing. Clean, sheer, and feminine. I can see being about to wear this to more scent-subdued locations or just day-to-day for that clean, fresh feeling. Glad to support the cause! Rating: 7.5/10