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    Favorite notes: ozone, white florals, botanicals/herbals (but not overly earthy/dirty), clean scents, vanilla, tea, ginger, cardamom, lavender, green musk, white musk, neroli, narcissus, sandalwood, amber, 'sweet' leather scents, bourbon vanilla, aged carnation, currants, chai, foodie No thanks: Strong roses, violet, vetiver, heavy incense, straight-up leather, smoke (alas, I amp and smell like a human bonfire...), loamy mossy scents, insane-jolt-of-sugar scents, I'm a little iffy on lemongrass and verbena - I want to like those two so badly. Favorite Scents: THE GIRL, Sachs, Dorian, Morocco, Stekk, Badgers, Serpentine, Torture Queen

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  1. Happicuppa

    Like a Girl

    I had some high hopes for this one, some of my favorite scents have some of the same notes (Sachs, Drag is For Everyone) In the bottle: Neutral, is it you? Neutral + something femme in the bottle. Wet: Sandalwood, vanilla, and skin musk and dare I say, it gets plasticky for a second on me?! Panic! Dry: This has lost the plastic pretty fast, whew! I'm really getting Neutral + Some Buddies and that's not a bad thing. Clean, sheer, and feminine. I can see being about to wear this to more scent-subdued locations or just day-to-day for that clean, fresh feeling. Glad to support the cause! Rating: 7.5/10
  2. Happicuppa

    Psalm 82:2-4

    In the bottle: Not much of anything? I'm getting some skin scent and something a little sharp. Wet: ooh, this reminds me of something...Pedio? Zorya P? It's much less in-your-face though. Drydown: This is clean, soft, and feminine but my skin just EATS it. Still, I really like it. It's a little sister to the scents I mentioned before and is more subdued. I do like it. We'll see how much I wear it because I'm not a slatherer and I'm going to have to with this one. Rating: The scent is divine so 8/10.
  3. Happicuppa

    The Eternal Virgin

    In the bottle: SWEET. Hello honey. Just a little green around the edges. Wet: Still honey, but some spice is already peeking out. Drydown: honey and cardamom with a floral carnation edge but it's mostly honey. I don't even get creamy honey with the honey milk, just real, raw honey. It's pretty f'kin good but I'm not sure I'm going to wear it enough to justify my blind bottle. Overall: So much sweeter than I expected, was hoping the spice would pipe up but it seems that honey is queen today. Rating: 6/10
  4. Happicuppa


    Oh I have a winner. A true winner. My #1 BPAL is The Girl, and this....this is The Girl's older sister who still has that air of mystery, a soft vanillic floral, and something seductive (I think the description said voluptuous?) and mature. Ava is so beautiful. She definitely has the same 'floriental' vibe but Ava's got more vanilla behind it and it just feels sexier than TG on me. After wearing this for hours, they both smell very similar on my skin and I'll have to test them against one another tonight. It's just that wrist-huffing mystery note that made me fall in love with The Girl in the first place but updated and fresh with some delicious vanilla. Ironically many of the notes listed in Ava are not always great on me. I am #blessed that this one worked. So. Good. I bought two bottles blind and I'm a slow-use BPALer but I'm going to need one more at least. I can see wearing this every damn day of my life. <3 <3 <3
  5. Happicuppa

    Marshmallow Snow Bath Oil

    It smells so good in the bottle...! Except...in the tub it's the little Christmas-tree shaped air freshener with a touch of soft sugary marshmallow. I don't like pine scents so it's a no for me.
  6. Happicuppa

    The Pearl in the Volcano

    Rice milk, warm myrrh, red currant, red amber cream, and a trickle of vetiver. Oh dear, I'm first! Well, this one I'm nervous about because it was a whim of a blind bottle. I'm gonna admit now I usually don't seek out vetiver, and I often outright avoid it. It can be a scent-hog and often drowns out the rest. But here I go! Fresh-from-the-mail testing: In the bottle: I am pleasantly surprised. This smells like an expensive, sophisticated unisex perfume/cologne to me in the bottle. I think the vetiver gives it a little push towards cologne but I also get a small sniff of the red currant too. Wet: I'm getting a cacophony of scent! I can't tell what I'm smelling but so far, so good...! My husband has tried to help me but is shaking his head no. He said it he smells powder, I think that's the amber. Dry down: I'm still having a hard time sniffing the individual notes. I can't really suss anything out other than I think the most dominant scent is myrrh and amber. I am getting the powdery scent too now and something a little creamy which is either the rice milk or amber cream. However, when I huff this for science ...I'm starting to get a little headachey... I can't find the red currants and I got it for that + rice milk. Honestly, there must only be a trickle of vetiver, because i can't find it's earthy astringent self anywhere on my skin. 3.1 RE-TEST: Okay, what a difference a few days make. The headache-inducing high-pitched note is calm, and it's a creamy, red-fruited myrrh scent on me...and now I love it. I need to stop testing fresh!
  7. Happicuppa

    Alabaster Vulva

    Fresh from the mail, a few hours rested: In the bottle: Huh. Creamy and vanillic with a tiny punch of non-aggressive floral. Wet: I think this buttery scent is the orris butter + vanilla...little bergamot coming out to play. I'm getting a...medicinal scent? But it's not bad! It's just...strange. Dry down: powdery but not baby powder - I think this is the amber and not the orris. Still some creamy vanilla hanging out on the edges, but there is a really strange medicinal quality to this one on me...and then there are sniffs that are just f'kn amazing. I'm so confused! I would second that this is totally more of a spring/summer scent. It's floral, but not FLORAL. I'm still thrown off by the medicinal plastic bandage whiff I get, I'm going to chalk it up to fresh-from-the-mail-ness.. I really want to like this and at other times, the whiffs I'm getting are amazing. Verdict: I'll give this baby some time to settle in, but iffy on whether I need it in my life.
  8. Happicuppa

    Caressing the Wild Rabbit

    Fresh from the mail, rested a few hours: Bottle: it's hard to smell in the bottle, but I'm getting white tea. Skin wet: white tea and vanilla orchid, the sandalwood is keeping this from going in-yo-face floral on me. Sweetness...is that you, honeycomb? Dry: Ooh...I like you. If I put my nose right on the skin, I get the sharp floral of the vanilla orchid but the throw on this is reasonably low and at a distance I'm getting a really mellow, sophisticated scent. It goes a little sharp though when I get in close. I like mild tea scents, and this white tea is delicate and not too strong. Verdict: Winner, winner chicken dinner, but no backups needed.
  9. Happicuppa

    The Goddess of Mischief

    I really want to love this, but I'm getting a weird leather smell which seems to be the oudh and musk duking it out. There was a brief moment before drydown where I got a lovely amber lavender with some oudh, but I am getting sueded lavender now and it's really strong and I do. not. like. I put a small dab on my arm and I can still smell it through two layers of clothes. So sad!
  10. Happicuppa

    BPAL at work?

    With BPAL, I only apply enough that I can smell me and anyone else has to zoom in to get a whiff (and no one does because hello that's creepy to do to a co-worker.) I'm a dabber not a slatherer, so I never have real issues. Some bpal does give me a headache/sneezies so I keep it away from my face by only applying on wrists and inner elbow if I'm wearing long sleeves (I don't put much on if I'm wearing short sleeves. ) As someone who hates smelling other people's intensely over-applied alcohol based perfumes (think a skunk-trail in their wake when they leave a room) I find BPAL is about 90% less offensive than anything alcohol based. Full disclosure, I used to get allergy shots and I'd wear my bpal into the waiting room which is a 'scent free' zone (coming from work usually, where I do wear BPAL daily.) I never set anyone off, no one ever mentioned my perfume or any issues, and even the nurses administering shots never mentioned being able to smell my perfume and they were right by my arms (and I'd heard them comment to people that their hairspray was too strong, etc.) If you dab and avoid the big ballsy scents (I don't tend to like incense/leather/tobacco/smoke much) I don't see you having any issues at work.
  11. Happicuppa

    18 June 1860

    In Bottle: Lavender! Wet: a little soapy, but still Lavender! Dry: Wow this got sophisticated quick. This is a super clean scent but it is NOT at all soapy or powdery...pretty amazing in it's own right. I'm getting an ozonic metal + amber and lavender. It's pretty dang nice.
  12. Happicuppa

    Cemetery Creep

    In Bottle: I'm getting that 'plastic-in-a-good-way' smell that I get from Pediophobia! Wet: I'm getting more of a Pediophobia vibe, but way more floral. Again, not a bad thing. Dry: Not much vanilla, but a really nice floral musk that does not go powdery at all. It's got a sharpness to it that I really like. I feel like a sexy headmistress. It's like a...powerful but older vibe. It's neither close to Zorya P or Pediophobia on me when dry...but it's definitely in the same family. Verdict: I'm glad I bought a bottle. May not go through it fast, but for now it's in the keep pile.
  13. Happicuppa


    In the bottle: this smells like Lilith's HG! Wet: okay, this is a nice lavender and coconut! Dry: Oh hey, it's the Single Note: French Vanilla vanilla in here and unlike the SN:French Vanilla this DOES NOT go to plastic candle hell! It's a nice and simple blend of lavender, coconut, and vanilla and I can tell all three apart on my skin. Bonus: my husband even likes it! I can't wear TKO due to the hell of burning-sugar-dryer-sheet but this, this I can do. It goes great with Lilith's HG at bedtime... I need more! Verdict: Buy a 2nd bottle.
  14. Fatherhood 2017 - 0-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Vanilla cake with sprinkles and red velvet cupcakes, with a touch of climbing wisteria and sparkling apple cider. I would sniff a decant of this, but I don't see myself needing a bottle. A CUTE KID Pale lavender and Tahitian vanilla with a smudge of chalk dust and a pop of strawberry bubblegum. Bottle - I'm not sure about the bubblegum, but I love the lavender used in Liliths! LIKE FATHER, LIKE DAUGHTER Pomegranate cotton candy. I love the bottle art but I'm not a cotton candy person, though I do like pomegranate. Sniffie territory. MORNING IN THE CITY OF ANGELS Sunflowers and California poppies, vanilla-tinged oak bark, and a spill of sugary breakfast cereal. I'm not sure I'd enjoy this one. MY LITTLE THEMYSCIRAN PRINCESS Rich, sweet, valiant amber, coconut milk, honeyed saffron, gleaming gold-gilded leather, and sweet olive blossom. Decant - Leather gives me pause, SPINNING ON GRAVES Dorian and lavender mist, crushed grass, cypress leaf, and a drop of clove. I think I'd try a bottle of this one? Clove gives me serious pause, but I did like the clove in Mabel this year so...maybe. Dorian and Lavender in the same bottle is bliss usually, though, so I'd half-bottle for sure...but might blind bottle. THE PILLORY Caramelized rum ice cream with a splatter of berries. Pass. WEDNESDAY’S CHILD IS FULL OF WOE A little kid’s interpretation of a gothy goth perfume: sugared clove and vanilla patchouli with cacao, dried Avignon rose petals, and a bit of black cherry. I'd want a half-bottle of this one...maybe a fb based on reviews. ZIP LINE Brown leather and bourbon vanilla with honeyed oudh and cinnamon buns. I'm generally not a leather person but this one does have me curious. I'd try a decant. Motherhood 2017 Admete Driftwood and sea salt submerged in a marine layer, a touch of sweet carnation, bright neroli, and a sandy strip of kelp. This is one I labeled as blind bottle it. Sounds pretty awesome, though I'm not always an ambergris fan. Apocalyptic Horseprincess Crushed mint and neon lime, sour candy powder, and wild plum. Pass. Babys First Con Panel The scent of the soft pretzel we hid in our backpack, plus a bit of leftover chocolate chip cookie. Pass. Brunch Witches Pumpkin pancakes and berries in cream. Pass. Cemetery Creep Marble-white musk, orris root, and vanilla blossom. I'm super curious...I'm just afraid the orris will go baby powder. Otherwise...half bottle or decant. Closet Raid This is the scent of generations of children raiding their parents closets: my grandmother and mothers Chanel No. 5, my father and grandfathers Lilac Vegetal, my Snake Oil, and Liliths lavender blossoms. This one is definitely on my check-reviews radar. I think a half-bottle would be great, or possibly a full bottle based on the reviews. Dancing Among the Tombs Osmanthus and jasmine, Spanish moss and dandelion, Snake Oil and Dorian. Yes, yes, yes. Bottle. Daybreak Last nights lavender drops and a whiff of Pickles vanilla coconut pupper shampoo. Blind bottle! Do All the Good You Can Madagascar vanilla and sweet patchouli with Yule pine, white fig, and almond blossom. Pine gives me SERIOUS pause because pencil shavings/hamster bedding. However, if reviews come back positive I want a decant. Do You Like Clowns? Raspberry ice cream and a smear of black cherry lip gloss. I'm watching reviews, but generally not my thing. I'd try a decant though. Ego Sum Lux Mundi Frankincense and myrrh with golden amber, green apple pulp, and white pear. Curious, but going to hold off on it, though I would not say no to a decant. Gas Masks and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails Cotton candy and jellybeans with sugar cookie crumbles and vanilla frosting. Pass. The Goddess of Mischief White lavender and sweet amber, green oudh, and inky musk. I don't know what to make of green oudh or inky musk! Even so, I think a decant or half bottle. Heck on Wheels Red velvet confetti cupcakes and bubblegum. Cupcake scents have been going plastic on me *cries* so pass. Huntress Funnel cakes, baked apples, and strawberry cream. Mebbeh a decant? Not sure I'll enjoy it. Little Photojournalist Cathedral incense and rock candy. Pass. Paying Her Respects Star jasmine and tobacco leaf. I love star jasmine but I tend to amp tobacco so...hesitantly watching reviews. Decant maybe. Pew! Pew! Blue raspberry slushy, a bowl of strawberries, and microwavable popcorn Pass. Poke! Coconut and red currant, red musk, and a pop of surgical steel. Thinking about blind bottling this one. HB at a minimum. Potamides Honeysuckle and honey, water lilies and white sage. Considering blind bottling this one too. Honeysuckle has been doing it for me and my mom said "Oh I bet it smells like the old lake place!" so, nostalgia factor. Snowball Fight! Snowballs and vanilla ice cream. I'm hoping for a Snowblind! Bottle! The Spectral Flower Girl Black lilies, red roses, and babys breath. Sounds like it could go Old Lady on me. Pass...but I will stalk reviews just in case... Storyboard: Julius Caesar Macerated myrrh, rose petals, and iris with frankincense and a splash of blood. Pass. Storyboard: The Tempest Ivy and lime rind, marigold and moss. Pass Valuable, Powerful, Deserving Golden amber, vanilla oudh, and orange blossom. Haunting reviews hardcore. Hoping it's a hit so I can get a bottle. Vampire Princess Blood musk and lavender with bourbon vanilla, plum oudh, black patchouli, and Romanian wildflowers. It has me curious. What's a blood musk like? I tend to rock bourbon vanilla. I think maybe a decant is in order, or a half-bottle. Winter at the Capitol The hope and valor of iris blossoms twined with chrysanthemums bold fearlessness, violets vigilance, oleanders caution, and white and red roses for unity. Pass because violets.
  15. Happicuppa


    I split a bottle with someone mostly because my first dog was named Mabel and I miss her like crazy. I know that doesn't make sense since the notes don't really remind me of my doggo, buuuuut I'm glad I did it First off, I don't usually like most of these notes...Rose-tinted amber, golden chypre, ambergris, tobacco leaf, and clove...but the chypre got my attention. Clove is usually a nope for me, as is tobacco as I amp them. I'm pretty on the fence about ambergris as well. When I put this on wet, I smell like someone's sophisticated granny. It doesn't go into powdery sharp granny-mode but it gets damn close and I was definitely worried for a few minutes there. On drydown, I'm getting a little more rose and tobacco. Touch of rosy amber. About an hour later, this is absolutely lovely. I can smell pretty much everything but the ambergris. I'm getting a soft rosy amber that neither goes powdery like some ambers or sharp like some roses, a hint of warm tobacco, and the clove isn't coming off as a roundhouse kick to the face like usual...it's mostly just a spicy background note. It may be a 'mature' scent, but I wouldn't call it 'granny-like' anymore. It's sophisticated and warm and pretty perfect for fall. I may have to find another half bottle...