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  1. bellumed

    Sudha Segara

    The primary note here is ginger, though a softened and sweetened one. There's some weird note that smells off on my skin, possibly whatever is in the "ambrosia." Fortunately, that burns off on drydown and leaves behind milky, spicy-sweet ginger. Really nice.
  2. bellumed

    Water of Notre Dame

    Very cucumber. Herbal without being astringent. Not my usual kind of perfume, but I dig it! I found that it worked well as a mood-lifter, too.
  3. bellumed


    That dark-and-sexy incense that makes the forest deep and mysterious disappears on my skin. Do I amp oakmoss? I think I must. Because this is nearly single-note oakmoss, with just a little juniper. On me this is a very natural woodsy scent, nothing ominous or portentous about it.
  4. bellumed

    Galvanic Goggles

    The metallic notes in this somehow smell shiny. It's like they captured the "chemical" scent that some perfumes accidentally take on and twisted it, creating an intentional (and less intrusive) version. Kinda neat! Also very strong. Slowly, after it dries, the metallic notes start giving way to the others, mostly musk and tobacco flower. I can get a bit of balsam only with my nose right at my wrist. Eventually the metal fades off entirely and leaves the rest.
  5. bellumed


    Dusty-fuzzy amber in the imp, then a light grass and fur scent on skin, very cozy. The fur note reminds me of the one in Granite Hair Gloss. Good staying power.
  6. bellumed


    White musk can be very "dryer sheet," and I do get that here. But in combination with the poppy and patchouli, there is something unusual about this that adds some interest. It develops a little hint of extra sweetness on skin. Really strong, too, much more than I'm used to from BPAL. I guess I can see the comparison to commercial perfumes, which often have the same "airy" feeling, but I didn't get that sense, personally.
  7. bellumed

    Centzon Totochtin

    Divine drunken rabbit orgy friends! Neat. I don't normally go for alcohol scents, but this is beautiful. Very reminiscent of real chocolate and red wine to my nose, which is not my usual experience with red wine notes in perfume. On skin, the chocolate becomes more bitter, even sour, as well as powdery. It makes me think of the bittersweet cocoa note in Ein Kuss von Krampus. Recovers some of the chocolatey-ness as it dries. Still good!
  8. bellumed


    The one-two punch of superstrong jasmine combined with rose, which I tend to amp. The effect is... large. Mostly jasmine. Jasmine fans, line up here. I will say Nyx grew on me a lot once it was dry. The jasmine eased up, and it turned into a pretty, floral incense. Not worth the early stages for me, but fairly nice in the end.
  9. bellumed


    A mature kind of fruity perfume, plum-forward with a base of amber. More flowery orris on drydown, then grapefruit peeking out. Settles into a gentle plum scent with good staying power. This is an instant favorite for me!
  10. bellumed


    Rose and patchouli and tree, melded together into a cloud of scent, hard to distinguish anything. Strong without being sharp.
  11. bellumed

    Dragon's Claw

    Not much to say on this one, I'm mostly getting straight-up dragon's blood. The sandalwood is... there. I'm not a big DB fan, so this does nothing for me.
  12. bellumed

    Dragon's Hide

    Dragon's blood is one of my worst notes, so the whole Ars Draconis category is tough for me. However, Dragon's Hide is by far the best I've tried, particularly impressive in that I am not a smoke-and-leather lover, either. The notes are blended into perfect smoothness, so none of them stand out as overpowering or piercing as I have often experienced. Though this style remains "not my cup of tea," I enjoyed this, and it exceeded expectations.
  13. bellumed


    Heavy on the rosemary with some orange blossom present. Very herbal, different from any modern perfume I've tried. I get more of a suggestion of rose as it starts to dry. The combination creates a sort of tingly "spiciness" in my nose. The longer it's dry on my skin, the more prominent the rose is among these notes. Interesting experiment but I'm not sure how much practical use I would get out of this.
  14. bellumed

    Deathly Pride

    I don't care for any of these notes so I was expecting "hate at first sniff." I am pleasantly surprised! The coconut note here is not the one that I associate with suntan lotion, nor a big, sweet foodie one, but instead a mild coconut cream. Also lots of pipe smoke, especially when wet - and reading through the previous reviews, I guess this is actually the licorice note? The smoke goes "flat" and gives way to soot (and a tiny bit of licorice). The end result on drydown is a subtle, masculine-to-unisex smoke scent with a bit of cream that cuts through any harshness. Very little throw, no sign of rum to my nose. More wearable and comfortable than anticipated, if still not quite for me.
  15. bellumed

    Tzadikim Nistarim

    ... The scent is one of unadulterated spiritual purity, with a taste of the world's eternal pathos, and the joy of suffering with grace: frankincense, olive, spikenard, hyssop and galangal. A happy, gentle, non-traditional floral scent. Really hard to describe on skin (I can pick out something like olive oil, but that's it) except to say that the concept is captured very well: the scent is simply light and subtle and good. Fittingly, this is a hidden gem of the GC. I had no idea how beautiful this would be.