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  1. bellumed

    Kiyohime Changes From a Serpent

    I agree with the above description, Kiyohime does come across as a laundry detergent smell, though that's primarily in the imp for me. On my skin, the scent I get is of strong moss. It settles and the florals emerge (a little) on drydown. I don't get any fruit here, just watery greenery. I'll pass this one on.
  2. bellumed

    Fire Pig

    I'm not entirely sure this sample is Fire Pig. I received this imp with its unreadable label from someone who was "pretty sure" it's Fire Pig. It certainly looks tattered enough to be 11 years old. But let's all take this review with a grain of salt. First whiff is sweet sweet sweet lychee and light florals. There's something just a little bit tart in there as well. Oh, just lovely. As it starts to dry on my skin, I'm getting a little dryer sheet. Yet a very nice fruity dryer sheet. Yeah, I'd say it's becoming more and more dryer sheet-like. The fruits have softened up and are hiding behind something "white." I actually happen to like it, though.
  3. bellumed

    Dragon Moon 2008

    I've had this imp for a year now and never tested it. It's now a big 10 years old, so let's see if it held up. First whiff is pure resin. I like it even though I’m usually not a fan of dragon’s blood. On my skin, cedar, and then puffs of peppermint emerge. A little woodsy. I don’t smell a lot of the very distinct dragon’s blood scent, but it’s there lurking in the background. I think I’m getting some herbal lavender, too. Makes me think of going for a walk through some very fragrant woods. Definitely getting bergamot on drydown. A very calming nature scent. Seems like it held up very well after a decade!
  4. bellumed

    Pteropus Leucopterus

    Immediate impressions are sandalwood, balsam, and earthy patchouli. There's a hint of greenery, too. Whoa! Balsam-and-muguet explosion on my skin. I'm not really a fan of this stage. It kinda stinks, actually. It doesn't seem to be settling on the drydown. :/ Nope, this is what Pteropus Leucopterus smells like on me. This might be more natural on a guy... I recommend sandalwood lovers give this a shot, especially if you appreciate the masculine. With any luck your skin chemistry will be kinder than mine!
  5. bellumed


    Nothing new to add! Spicy and warm with a hit of bright, juicy orange. This is a hard, flat ginger cookie with orange icing. The orange fades a little on my skin, but this stays a spicy ginger cookie. Yum!
  6. bellumed

    One Pale Woman

    An interesting scent (in a good way). I suppose mint and pink pepper are the dominant notes, but there's a LOT going on here. There's a candy-sweet aspect here, but it is in the background, not overpowering at all. The waft is fruity bubblegum, but up close, it's so complex! Fresh and springlike, this smells like it'd be a great laundry scent. I'm just thankful that the jasmine hasn't come crashing to the front. I dig this. It's not like anything else.
  7. bellumed

    Et Lux Fuit

    Very much a gold scent. I mostly smell the bouquet; I have a hard time parsing out the notes otherwise. Mayyyybe a little vanilla musk in there as well. I'm really not getting anything exciting here, it's merely a passable floral with some amber coming out on skin. This one's a big ol' shrug for me.
  8. bellumed

    Xanthe, The Weeping Clown

    The sweet citrus reminds me of Gobo and Lemon-Scented Sticky Bat. This smells just perfect, fruity and delicious. I agree with Andyl, it doesn't strike me as candylike and saccharine, but rather like the natural sweetness of the fruit, enhanced. Okay, with maybe a little cotton candy on top, Uncle Brian style. On skin, it's sweetened, beautiful guava and orange-- distinctly the peel. This is a white-and-orange colored perfume, so bright and happy for such a sad clown!
  9. bellumed


    Rich chocolate mint (like a ~fancy~ Peppermint Patty!) and smoke. After a few sniffs I catch a whiff of apple. On me: schnapps and fur! On drydown, I get the metallic clang of chains. Better in the imp than on my skin. I'll take a pass.
  10. bellumed

    The Boundless Vista of an Inner World

    Moss and salt. Reminds me of the ocean. On skin, the (distinctly black) coconut starts to emerge. Smells like an off-season day at the beach-- no hot dog vendors or crowds or suntan lotion. Just cold salt spray and oceanic vegetation. I know everyone's noses and chemistry are different, but I'm stumped as to why this isn't more popular. It's great!
  11. bellumed

    A Low Candle-Lit Room

    Oddly sweet: not sickly, but certainly not candylike. The leather and candle wax smell just beautiful together. Much muskier on skin, but it's really really nice. The wax is still strong. Maybe a little smokiness (ashes?) if I squint. I am totally thrown! I never would have guessed this for a winner based on the notes. Shows how much I know, after years of testing.
  12. bellumed

    Yule Cat

    MUSK! Wood! And civet/vetiver, oh my! Deeply animalic and leaning masculine. I predict frimping this to my brother. Wet, this is strong, musky, and vetiver-licious. The drydown softens up a bit, and this is more woodsy than anything. It's pretty cozy now! Still, I dig more femmey stuff, so my bro will get a gift after all.
  13. bellumed

    La Befana

    2013: Sweets and flowers, beautiful! The lily is not at all high-pitched as it can often be. There's something else, too, dust maybe? This is just plain pretty. Soft and feminine. I hate violet candy because it tastes like perfume, but as an actual perfume, it's nice. Mild, very close to the skin.
  14. bellumed

    Ignorance and Want

    I smell wood, patch, and myrtle in the vial, with some carrot seed in there as well. Herbal. When I apply, I am instantly hit with the aroma of a vegetable garden, which then becomes stronger on the wormwood again. Definitely smells like plants and dirty patchouli. Not bad!
  15. bellumed

    Shortbread Snowflakes

    The first sniff is rich shortbread cookie, then immediately, mint swings in and is the dominant note. On skin, the cookie is more present, but mint is still the most obvious note. As others have said, this is a very vanilla-mint scent. Lovely.