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    Urd, Hony Mone, Voodoo, Sugar Moon, the Organ Grinder, Diwali, Medea, Samhain, Temple Viper, Coral Snake, Honey Moon incense, vetiver, patchouli, green, herbal, dirt, honey, dark fruits and deep resins, night flowers, lime, warm spices, brown sugar, citrus and rose. ^_^

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    abominations, aleister, alien thought, amano yoshitaka, ancient civilizations, animism, antennae, aquaveinous arachnophilia, archetypes, barefeet, big bathtubs, black and blue magic, blood artists, bogeymen, bones, cats, cephalopods, childfree, clandestine carrion, convulsive shudders, dancing mushroom guys, dark art, dead gardens, dead things, delerium, dental tools, dread cthulhu, druidry, earth, elder futhark, emiliana unadorned, emotional antidote, enigmas, euphoria, evil feline overlords, exploding god, foetus jerky, folk magic, folklore, forests, glass, goblins, green tea dragon fly, hair jewelry, heathen, hexidecimals, horns, hypersonic speeds, imaginary friends, indulging myself, ink, interactive fiction, invisible languages, jane time, kill your tv, kilts, kittyheads, leather, linux, manacles, mandibles, mankind's nutritional value, matriculated corpses, mead, monsters, moss, mythopoeic fiction, necro wafers, nyarlathotep, oral fixation, oxyacetylene torches, paganism, pan, pansexuality, paranoia, pathos and catloaf, pencil puzzles, petshop of horrors, plastic polyhedrons, poisonflowers, powertools, primal fear, psychokinesis, psychometers, rasputina, reality discrepancies, rope, rusty spoons, scarlet life, scrabble, sculpture, sharp objects, sideways thinking, sigils, silver jewelry, skirts, skittery things, smut, snakes, snow, spacetime rifts, squids, starships, stealth or the grave, strangenesses, strategy, streams, surreal botany, survival, sushi, suspended animations, sympathy, synesthesia, tarot, tatters, taxidermy, tea, teeth, tentacles, tesseracts, the brothers grimm, the hivemind, tim burton, travel, traveling, treasure trails, trees, trembling shambles, tricksters, twining flesh curls, twitchie things, tzuk, vagina dentata, vanilla, velvet, vince clortho, vines, wild naalaram, wine, wings, woodcuts, world-building, worldships, xenobiology, xenogenesis, xenophilia, zombie baby buggery, zombie contingency plans, zombie scarecrows, Ásatrú
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  1. janeness

    Les Bijoux

    Skin musk and honey, blood-red rose, orange blossom, white peach, red apple, frankincense and myrrh. Wet, it's sweet and light with a tart undertone. The drydown is muskier with the rose and orange blossom coming to the fore for a bit. After a few hours it's incensey in that "generic bpal" way, but rather lovely and languid. and I'm quite enjoying huffing my wrists at the moment, yus.
  2. janeness

    Eat Me

    this is totally angelfood cake. I love angelfood cake. I would rather have angelfood than any other cake. after it dries down, it's a little bit fruitier and I swear I get a hint of almond extract. so so yummie! I think I need a bottle of this. It's absolutely gorgeous. yus.
  3. janeness

    Aquarius 2007

    I was afraid of the wisteria in this when I first read the description. I love the scent, but the flowers make me sneeze. Fortunately, the wisteria doesn't dominate and plays nice. this starts out a little bit sharp and herbal, then the wisteria chimes in with a gentle and light floral touch and dries down with a breath of pomegranate and myrrh. It's light and airy and not a little inspiring! I'm so glad that my sign works for me. it's truly lovely.
  4. janeness

    The Fruit of Paradise

    In the bottle, this is sweet, tart, juicy and red. On my skin, omgoodness! there's spice and maybe a bit of incense and lovely lovely pomegranate. mmmm... pom. It's totally mulled pom! I've been eating poms like they're going out of style since they came into season this year and now I lust to mull some pom juice. Dry this is just gorgeous! I'm so glad I have a bottle of this! ^___^
  5. janeness

    Frumious Bandersnatch

    It's cherries and something darker in the bottle, with just a touch of incense, but when it touches my skin it's all "OMG CINNAMON STICKS AND INCENSE!" and just a touch of potpourri. later, it's settled down and the cinnamon stick has backed off to let a delightful mix of mulling spices and plums come through. It's a well made fruitcake! This lasts a while and has a medium throw. I was looking to try something different today and surprisingly frumious bandersnatch makes an awesome holiday scent! Christmas crafts and fruitcake! Whee!
  6. janeness

    The Twisted Oak Tree

    In the bottle: Dark woods, bitter and sharp. On me: Oh! this is lovely! There's a darkness to this and a memory of hiking the state park trails when I lived in Georgia. It's very clean and woody and green. Later: The woods have settled down and a sweet earthiness comes out. It's almost floral and a little spicy. It's a very dark green scent with a bit of cool cave and a touch of burnt autumn in there. This is hiking NE Georgia in the fall and camping at Governor Dodge State Park in Wisconsin in the summer. ^__^ It's a lovely outdoors scent. A little strong on me at first, but it quiets down nicely and for the long haul. I'm very glad I bought a bottle! (and I think it'll smell wonderful on my bf. too! Just as long as he doesn't take it all. )
  7. janeness

    Kubla Khan

    In the Bottle: Spicy and a little floral Wet: OMG FLORAL. I tend to amp lily and rose (and not in a good way) so at first that's all I smell. After a few minutes, the Crabtree and Evelyn soapy florals die back (but not far enough for me) and a dry opium/leather/tobacco note comes through. Dry: It's teetering between a very sophisticated scent and smelling like my grandmother's house. It makes me think of Caress soap and old libraries. A few hours in, it's settled for the librarian scent. It's like opening a scrapbook you found in an old trunk in the attic: kinda papery, a little dusty, with old leather, old rose petals and a touch of old perfume and pipe tobacco. I *love* the poem and I'd hoped to love this oil. It's very pretty, but not really what I'm looking for.