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  1. quigza

    The Burying-Ground

    On application: WhoooEEEE- this is SMOKEY. It reminds me of a cross between air pollution in the 1980s (all street grime & exhaust), and recently contained wildfires. Not incense - smoke As it dries down: There's something of damp wood & dirt to it as well. I guess it leans more towards dampened wildfire with that. As mentioned before, there's a teensy bit of fir to this ...ok, this is wildfire perfume at this stage. The grime is getting more dirty than oily. Dry: Dirty vetiver, less smoke- as said before, more a campfire than a wildfire. But, I'm the person the campfire smoke is following. Also that fir scent gets a little stronger & almost reminds me of peppermint oil at times. It's not obvious, but it's sharp when it is. Addendum: Tried this on my SO. After the initial smog/fire dies down, it smells like dirty/woody/vetiver on him. I think this is going to his stash, not mine. Definitely something that should be layered though.
  2. quigza


    Dried roses when wet. Roses and wet autumn leaves when dry. This feels like a date on an autumn day. You are walking through the leaves in the park. The leaves have changed colors. Your date gave you the sweetest little bouquet of roses. Eventually, it's the leaves and dirt as you're crunching along your walk. I don't get anything grave like. Maybe I'm having a different experience because it's a little chilly today? I can imagine oakmoss getting a little overpowering in spring/summer heat.
  3. quigza

    White Rabbit

    I'm going to start this with the mention that I think my decant is pretty old Wet: It smells sharply soapy. Like, this is how my older sister describes how cilantro tastes (I can eat cilantro- but she hates it). Dry: Linen? The soapy feel is more there, but in the generic "cotton" fragrance" sort of way. There's a sharp bit, that may be ginger or pepper it's not sweet, but doesn't feel like pepper due to an additional creaminess. Any "tea" feels more like a generic woods. Aftermath: Oh, the ginger comes out when the "linen" finally backs off. This is nothing like I expected. It might be nice for layering with something also fresh.
  4. quigza


    wet: frangipani & orange Dry: Ever have vitafusion calcium gummies? It's like that & frangipani (plumeria) & a bit of Abuela's incense. aftermath: Some vanilla tinted creaminess, faded floral, and candle wax. It's a lovely experience. I think I might wear it for specific purposes, but this isn't an everyday thing for me.
  5. quigza


    Well, found this on the bottom of a box (because sometimes you don't ever fully unpack from moving). It's a snickerdoodle on me, with a little bit of a nutty edge. I guess it (and me) aging changed out some of the notes I originally got. There a touch of IPA to this as well? But, as this is making me itchy, I'm going to send it to one of my sisters.
  6. quigza

    Mixing an old LE with a GC

    Well, I had this bottle of Candy Phoenix (the 2010 one). No one was really interested in swapping. So, I mixed it with my 1/3 bottle of persephone. I figured 2 sweet based perfumes would work mixed together. Also, TBH, I think the Candy Phoenix had been faded over time. I did the mixing oh, a month ago? I figured I should let it sit a while for the oils to get used to each other. So, now I'm opening & seeing what this smells like. In the bottle: Holy hard candy, batman!! Red sugared candy overpowers everything. Not grooving on this so far. Wet: Still red candy, with a faint whiff of PEZ candy?? (side note: anyone else wonder why they named a candy 'fish' when they were little?) There's rose coming out now, thank goodness. Dry: Oh, this is *much* nicer. The rose beats back the sugar note (it's there, but background). Now I can smell fruit. Definite pomegranate, but also pear and, this is looney, but a little meyers lime? Like a lime without the bite. There's an incense note to it, like Candy Phoenix gets on me, but it stays in the back. Rose eventually becomes dominant over a background of fruit and the other notes only peek out sometimes. Oh, a bubblegum note pops out sometimes after about 1/2 hour. How did I do? Well, I think this is <I>almost</i> a success. Somehow, combining the two makes it feel more grown-up than the originals alone. But, it's still solidly stuck at age 15/16. I kind of want to add something a touch more grounding in as well. But, I don't know if that would throw it due to the peeking in/out of bubblegum. The mix is really nice, but a touch incomplete in my head. I'll think on it and maybe figure it out. If not, it's nice enough on it's own for when I'm in the mood for something light and happy and silly.
  7. quigza

    The Night-Raven

    It smells like earthy jasmine, geranium leaf, and something sweet (it smells more like dragons blood than plum to me). Thankfully, the musk doesn't really show up. I like this.
  8. quigza


    I was rec'd to try this as I love Saturnalia (discontinued). I do feel the similarities. At first there's a grungy kind of smell to it. And, there's a very scary point in the dry down in which I quietly hope the musk doesn't turn on me. Thankfully, it doesn't. The violet plays well on me & the vetiver drifting into the lovely green happiness it sometimes does on my skin. But, there's some white floral in here and something sweet as well. The sweet is a little resiny. The white floral goes a little wild here (my skin makes some white florals stronger). The effect for me is more of a little wooden cottage with false jasmine and violets blooming nearby, and a freshly tilled garden ready to plant. Lovely, but not what I was expecting at all.
  9. quigza


    I may need to update, as my surprise SDCC fairy just got it to me (they lucked out and were working the next booth over at SDCC). I may add to this after I have let it settle for a couple of weeks. Completely sugarless, waxless, unprocessed dark chocolate, with a grit to it. I like dark chocolate. I like rooty vetiver. I had no idea that the two would go well together. But, they do . I love this. I love this so much. In comparison, Bliss is much more like a Hershey bar. This is also much more dark than chocomania by TBS. (Including the limited edition home fragrance in the green bottle that was darker than the regular chocomania) Update: It's been a few months, still love it. That said, the oils separate and you have to shake it up. It doesn't smell bad- it hasn't turned. But, I need to shake it before using to get the original scent. Otherwise it leans more to a greener vetiver with a background note of chocolate. Somewhat reminiscent of Angel by Mu,gler (but not as strident & nerve jangling). I'm not sure how I feel about having to shake up the oil, as part of me worries that I'll hurt the perfume's longevity somehow. But, I do love it when it's mixed up.
  10. quigza

    A Countenance Forboding Evil

    IDK what happened here. But, it smells like an auto mechanic's shop on me. There's oil & grime & petrol smells co-mingling. I lasted about 5 minutes before my significant other demanded I wash it off & opened the window to air out the room. I may try this again when I'm alone, just to see if it changes. I'm pretty sure it's the citrus and vetiver making it too much at the opening. Tried it again. The opening reminds me of Tokyomilk's 'French Kiss.' But, Fallen doesn't ease up enough to make it worth the muscle-through.
  11. quigza


    It smells so sour when wet. Sour & sickly sweet. We're not talking sweet & sour chicken. I mean like biting Buddha's hand while smelling the sweet note in body odour. I thought maybe it had gone bad, but the sour turned into citrus/yuzu after drydown. And the sweet became light and not sickly. I have fuyu persimmons growing in the backyard & the sweetness after drydown reminds me of them when they're just before ripe (before the honey note gets prominent). That would explain a vaguely astringent note that pops out as well. I don't get the mandarin or black tea notes at all. But, the incense/wood note may be the "tea." You know, I smell the flowers, but they just aren't as strong as others above are saying. Does my skin eat sakura?!?! Overall, this strongly reminds me of a lot of the plants growing in my neighborhood & backyard (this neighborhood is still pretty strongly japanese-american & the gardens reflect that). But, It feels like fall & spring were squished together. It makes it off balanced. Then again, maybe it's my skin chemistry. I kind of want to try layering this with oudh though. (IDK - I think it'd smell interesting)
  12. quigza


    So, musk don't play well on me. I braced myself as I put it on. It smells just plain weird wet. Musky horseradish, something sour & red, and a floral that makes my eyes sting. After drying down, It remains eye watering. The horseradish is a mellow spice, it's that floral. It's growing, I tell you. One, maybe 2 of the musks are actually playing well with me. A faint, light 'your skin but better' scent, and something. But, then there's one or more that smells like a perfect match for the smell of my feet after a run. Ugh. There is a slight tea note that I keep catching as well. Definitely not for me. That said, my takeaway is that horseradish/wasabi is amazing if you can make it to drydown.
  13. quigza


    In bottle: Wat?! Wet: Is that peach and sweat?! Wait, there's something slightly green? Woody green? Maybe? please? Dry: What fresh hell is this? Oh, there's a little amber in here. The peach is amping. That could be good in certain situations. Oh no... *gags* the smell of sweat has gone from "just exercised" to "I've been camping for a week with no showers." Why does musk do this on me? I had my SO sniff the wrist and he wrinkled his nose & ask if I had not showered because it was affecting the fragrance. (edit to add: I had) *tosses into swap pile* I am 100% certain this would smell like a peach goddess in summer on my bestie (she of the amber amping skin). That said, on me it smells like a car camping trip gone wrong. Spilled can of peaches and all. Further edit to add: After washing it off, there's still a touch of something slightly woody. I love that part!
  14. quigza


    This goes on with a light hint of cantaloupe, something floral, and a light musk. As musk tends to turn on me, I readied the soap. But, a half hour later, it hasn’t turned. So glad. The floral component must be a white floral, because the flowers do seem to amp on me. The floral component must be a white floral, because the flowers do seem to amp on me. I’m wondering if this is osmanthus? Every time I get a good whiff of this fragrance, it seems to fade away. You have to let hour nose rest to get another good sniff. I like scent, but it’s elusive, despite it very much being present when you can smell it again. It makes it hard to pick out notes. But, I guess that’s the point of something called neutral, right? Additional note: I know there is no sandalwood in here. However, this fragrance does what sandalwood does to my nose. I can smell it for just a second, then it disappears.
  15. quigza


    When wet, this smells like campfire ash, a touch of smog, and damp dirt/earth. as it dries down, it gets a touch cedary. The cedar smell and ash smell go back and forth. Throughout. The earth smell dries out, but somehow theres a wet note that comes out as the smog note dies down. I guess ozone? I keep searching for the sweet note others are describing. But, I mainly get something that smells like my own skin, but more. Overall, it reminds me both of camping, and something post apocalyptic after a rain. Like I said, weird. As a complete aside- I do have to note that if you were eating a nectarine, then smell this on your wrist after dry down, you are going to get a surprise. Edit to add: after about an hour, the sweet note came out - smells like fenugreek on me. Almost everything else has faded but the fenugreek and a touch of incense