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    Cruelty free makeup. Cannabis. Furries. Gaming. Goth Culture. Bpal whores like me heh>:).
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    Incense, Coffee, Myrrh, Dried Mosses, Cinnamon, Spicey, Jaszmine, Bourbon, Red Musk, Blue Musk, Generic Wood notes, Graveyard/Dirt, Peach, Cigarette Tobacco, Cigar, Chocolate, Wine, Kush, Rosewood, Spanish Moss, Oakmoss, cologne, Sage, / Fave bpals ~ Lilith,Cleric,Mage,Coyote,Dragon'sblood,Knuckle bones, Isaac the living skeleton, 51,Pickled Imp, Lich’s Laboratory, Galvanic Goggles, Al-Azf, Lacquered Vulva, Vicomte de Valmont, Jolly Roger, Plunder. / HATE/Death notes, Lavender, White musk, Generic floral, Eucalyptus, Heavy Lime, Black Leather, Tomato Leaf, Cedar


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  1. daddy420

    Carnaval Rat

    The Carnival scents I have. Pickled Imp, The Illustrated woman, Priala The Human Phoenix, Behind the Veils, Isaac the living skellington, Knuckle Bones, StormClouds Over The Midway, Red Incense Hair Gloss Wet: Fruity multiple musks; Red, Blue, White, Light chocoa Dry: White Chocolate, light White Sandalwood, Hay, Ghostly Pine, Bay Rum., Dry very old polished Oak Sweet, Bold, interesting. Honestly love this scent. Very wearable and really fun to find out what your skin chemistry will do with it. 6.5/10 I Recommend.
  2. daddy420

    Glistening Waterfall

    Such a weird scent right.
  3. daddy420

    Lacquered Vulva Hair Gloss

    This second best scent i have ever smelled from bpal. MAKE THIS PERMANENT. This is such a hard soft smell. The woody undertones works so well with this beautiful Jasmine. Males can definitely rock this. I have also been spraying this before i sleep and it's help to dream:3.
  4. daddy420

    Glistening Waterfall

    Patchouli and green apple with pink pepper, matcha tea, blackcurrant, lemon peel, and cacao. I bought this out of sheer curiosity. I was like wtf is that gonna smell like. So many things going on. 2.5/5 for me, but based personal opinion. Wet: Kinda gross to be honest. Very strong witch hazel smell. Dry: Matcha and Cacao come out. I don't get any Green Apple. No Lemon Peel or Blackcurrant. And maybe a little bit of Pink Pepper but not spicy. 1 hour dry down: A light white musk. Not much there. Dies very quickly on me. 2 hour: Spicy matcha Pink pepper. I was sitting at my computer smelling some then realized it was the bpal. ~Daddy
  5. daddy420

    Sinoatrial Node

    A spontaneous impulse: sparkling lemon verbena, apple pulp, white ginger, and champagne. Well what do we have here. A 10/10 scent. This is a BIG winner. Everyone in the family loves this scent. I think i will have to get a back up bottle. Also really want to try more of "The Hearthstone and the Heat" Collection. Wet/Bottle: Lemon bubblegum. Not flowery Dry: Lemon fresh scent but doesn't smell like a typical lemon cleaner scent. I don't get any Apple pulp, I think it mixes with the Champagne and adds sweetness. No Flower still. Long dry down: After a few hours i smell light lemon floral. Nothing to strong. Definitely get a least a decant of this if you can. Highly recommend. ~daddy
  6. daddy420

    I need something like 51 and og Lilith

    I don't smoke cigarettes. But idk about lilith but that what it smells like on me. Cigarettes wine and licorice and a musk. Love it. Also about 51. When I put it on my skin the green notes come out and like a normal mens cologne undertone. Skin chemistry is so cool.
  7. daddy420

    I need something like 51 and og Lilith

    I need to reinstate what I said. I still haven't found more things like Lilith hover I thought of something that works perfectly. I ordered Licorice oil on Amazon it just gives evil to any smell. I will add a drop of that to any scent and it perfectly makes it evil. Also me saying 51 is the most masculine scent I have was true at the time. However I already have new ones :3. Also really want to try Snaky Hair'd Moirai nowX3. Im my most recent order I got a shit load of masculine scents. Knuckles bones, Sherlock Holmes, Protoplasmic Ooze, Anthony, I Die of Love, Song of the underworld. I have only tried Antony out of that. Which I love:3. The eucalyptus is a death note for me. But anything green always sounds nice.
  8. 51 is by far the most sexy masculine scent I've tried. And Back in 2012/14 i got a imp of Lilith and hated it. It smelled like like Cigarettes and alcohol, i was like 13 then. Something that's feel demoic and or evil. I now today love the smell of a sexy demon lady that kicks ass!, To me Lilith makes me think of Evelen for L.o.l. Ironically Succubus didn't smell like Lilith nor Eve in my mind.Oh and i have and love Belladonna. ~Daddy
  9. daddy420

    Smells like a basement or cellar

    Aelopile brought back a childhood memory for me. Very house like smell.