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    Cruelty free makeup. Cannabis. Furries. Gaming. Goth Culture. Bpal whores like me heh>:).
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    Incense, Coffee, Myrrh, Dried Mosses, Cinnamon, Spicey, Jaszmine, Bourbon, Red Musk, Blue Musk, Generic Wood notes, Graveyard/Dirt, Peach, Cigarette Tobacco, Cigar, Chocolate, Wine, Kush, Rosewood, Spanish Moss, Oakmoss, cologne, Sage, / Fave bpals ~ Lilith,Cleric,Mage,Coyote,Dragon'sblood,Knuckle bones, Isaac the living skeleton, 51,Pickled Imp, Lich’s Laboratory, Galvanic Goggles, Al-Azf, Lacquered Vulva, Vicomte de Valmont, Jolly Roger, Plunder. / HATE/Death notes, Lavender, White musk, Generic floral, Eucalyptus, Heavy Lime, Black Leather, Tomato Leaf, Cedar


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  1. daddy420

    Glistening Waterfall

    Such a weird scent right.
  2. daddy420

    Lacquered Vulva Hair Gloss

    This second best scent i have ever smelled from bpal. MAKE THIS PERMANENT. This is such a hard soft smell. The woody undertones works so well with this beautiful Jasmine. Males can definitely rock this. I have also been spraying this before i sleep and it's help to dream:3.
  3. daddy420

    Glistening Waterfall

    Patchouli and green apple with pink pepper, matcha tea, blackcurrant, lemon peel, and cacao. I bought this out of sheer curiosity. I was like wtf is that gonna smell like. So many things going on. 2.5/5 for me, but based personal opinion. Wet: Kinda gross to be honest. Very strong witch hazel smell. Dry: Matcha and Cacao come out. I don't get any Green Apple. No Lemon Peel or Blackcurrant. And maybe a little bit of Pink Pepper but not spicy. 1 hour dry down: A light white musk. Not much there. Dies very quickly on me. 2 hour: Spicy matcha Pink pepper. I was sitting at my computer smelling some then realized it was the bpal. ~Daddy
  4. daddy420

    Sinoatrial Node

    A spontaneous impulse: sparkling lemon verbena, apple pulp, white ginger, and champagne. Well what do we have here. A 10/10 scent. This is a BIG winner. Everyone in the family loves this scent. I think i will have to get a back up bottle. Also really want to try more of "The Hearthstone and the Heat" Collection. Wet/Bottle: Lemon bubblegum. Not flowery Dry: Lemon fresh scent but doesn't smell like a typical lemon cleaner scent. I don't get any Apple pulp, I think it mixes with the Champagne and adds sweetness. No Flower still. Long dry down: After a few hours i smell light lemon floral. Nothing to strong. Definitely get a least a decant of this if you can. Highly recommend. ~daddy
  5. daddy420

    I need something like 51 and og Lilith

    I don't smoke cigarettes. But idk about lilith but that what it smells like on me. Cigarettes wine and licorice and a musk. Love it. Also about 51. When I put it on my skin the green notes come out and like a normal mens cologne undertone. Skin chemistry is so cool.
  6. daddy420

    I need something like 51 and og Lilith

    I need to reinstate what I said. I still haven't found more things like Lilith hover I thought of something that works perfectly. I ordered Licorice oil on Amazon it just gives evil to any smell. I will add a drop of that to any scent and it perfectly makes it evil. Also me saying 51 is the most masculine scent I have was true at the time. However I already have new ones :3. Also really want to try Snaky Hair'd Moirai nowX3. Im my most recent order I got a shit load of masculine scents. Knuckles bones, Sherlock Holmes, Protoplasmic Ooze, Anthony, I Die of Love, Song of the underworld. I have only tried Antony out of that. Which I love:3. The eucalyptus is a death note for me. But anything green always sounds nice.
  7. 51 is by far the most sexy masculine scent I've tried. And Back in 2012/14 i got a imp of Lilith and hated it. It smelled like like Cigarettes and alcohol, i was like 13 then. Something that's feel demoic and or evil. I now today love the smell of a sexy demon lady that kicks ass!, To me Lilith makes me think of Evelen for L.o.l. Ironically Succubus didn't smell like Lilith nor Eve in my mind.Oh and i have and love Belladonna. ~Daddy
  8. daddy420

    Smells like a basement or cellar

    Aelopile brought back a childhood memory for me. Very house like smell.