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    lots apparently... i love the smell of roses, patchouli, amber, ylang ylang, cherry blossom, sandalwood, dragon's blood, myrrh, clove, frankincense, lavendar (mostly for sleeping), musk, jasmine, sakura bath bombs from lush

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    music, lush bath bombs (anything lush), wine, dj'ing, kitties, movies, tea, coffee, anime, etc
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  1. djsiberia


    how i fell in love with samhain: i initially passed it by because of the fir needle and the type of patchouli that is in it. it sometimes smells like dirty hippie to me. so i thought it would make an awesome room spray. i purchased from the trading post. get the package and spray. OMFG.... at first sniff. so then i have to hunt down 2008 samhain. then i hunt down the other previous years of samhain because it's the perfect halloween scent and it makes me smile when i smell it. i was certainly surpised this scent works so well on me and in my scent locket. it's a scent that i wear more often than not. it's probably the scent i wear the most out of my entire collection. its seriously that delicious. so....... i'm going to review all the samhain i have in one go because i've been lazy at reviewing this. 2004: this has held up surprisingly well. i won a 10ml of 2004 off ebay. i was afraid it would have really not smelled delicious. i was wrong. it's delicious. all samhain is delicious. i can still smell the apple and some of the spices. mostly it's fir and patchouli at this point, but it still smells delicious. 2005: this is much like 2004 however there is still some of the buttery pumpkin note and more apple. 2006: not like 2004 & 2005. this has more depth and more spice. patchouli & fir haven't quite taken over yet and it's still delicious. there seems to not be so much apple or pumpkin in this one. 2007: this reminds me of 2004 & 2005, a lot. fir and patchouli dominate and then apple and spices peek out only for a small bit. 2008: this version is reminding me of 2006. i can't pick out individual notes. everything seems well blended. there is a definite fir note, but not as much apple or pumpkin.
  2. djsiberia

    Midnight Kiss

    this is a beautiful complex scent. i love it. the patchouli and wine mix together with red musk, amber and sandalwood...this scent is goregous on. it's one of my favorite scents and i get a lot of compliments when i wear it. it's so dark and brooding...not one note dominates the other.
  3. djsiberia

    Thirteen (13): February 2009

    this is interesting - i don't smell any chocolate and it's taking on a more spicey soda scent.
  4. djsiberia

    Thirteen (13): March 2009

    i wasn't sure about this only because of the moss, bamboo, aloes wood and lucky hand. i'm glad i took the chance because this is a surprise like for me. the dry cocoa and the herbs are balanced and one doesn't over power the other.
  5. djsiberia

    Mort de Cesar

    it reminds me of valentine of rome. only this is much better. it's mostly spicey cloves with wine.
  6. djsiberia

    To Autumn

    i'm not sure why i picked this up. i get a sharp poppy apple combo and its melowed out some what from when i first got it. it's a complex blend and i think i might need to revisit this in a couple more months. i suppose i was hoping this would some how be a spicey apple blend that was like apple cider.
  7. djsiberia

    Sticky Pillowcase

    this is really really sweet. smashed up sweet tarts sweet. i was hoping there would be more strawberry, but nope...sweet tarts. it's still delicious, but i can't wear it too many days in a row.
  8. djsiberia

    Katrina van Tassel

    soft and delicate. creamy roses. it really rounds out the white roses
  9. djsiberia

    Sugar Cookie

    yum.. vanilla. this is how i wanted love's philosophy to smell. less cream and more vanilla...delicious.
  10. djsiberia

    Butter Rum Cookie

    this is delicious. buttery, a smidge of rum and a sugar cookie with almond and cinnamon. this is the scent that has the almond note i love.
  11. djsiberia


    chocolate! not so much amber. its a nice deep cocoa and it reminds me of bonnie bell chocolate lip balm from my childhood. i sniff gelt and i want to eat my arm off. the cocoa is much much deeper than el dia de reyes.
  12. djsiberia

    Strawberry Moon 2009

    1st sniff: sharp green and plastic strawberries. i tested this on my wrist and it turned to soap. 2nd time a few days later: opened to sniff and the sharp green scent has calmed down...it's very much strawberries. i made the husband sniff it again as well and he loved it too. this is the strawberry scent i've been looking for and i really love it!
  13. djsiberia

    Velvet Unicorn

    wow, this is yummy. sugar, strawberries and cherry fluff. YUMM. i wasn't entirely sure i would like this. it's seriously delicious.
  14. djsiberia

    Black Hellebore

    ... Hellebore resembles the wild rose, but does not belong to their family. The scent is a pale green herbal, darkly rooty, with a faint rose and peony-like overtone. an herbal light rose scent. reminds me of spring
  15. djsiberia


    light, sweet floral.