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    Thoos, Famine, Ded Moroz, The Ifrit, Fenris Wolf, Alice, Hermia, Gypsy Moth, Cthulhu in Love... Otherwise, too numerous to include all of them, but... Love the wood notes in Twisted Oak Tree and MB: Ventriloquist's Dummy ...the earth notes in Zombi and Destroying Angel. And oh, the greenhouse smell of Worm Moon! Love Alice, Shub-Niggurath (Ia! Ginger!), High Priest, Wolf Moon, Miller vs. California, Nonae Caprotina, Golden Priapus, Mictecacihuatl, Hermia, Couples Engaged in Lovemaking, and I Married a Vampire from Planet X!

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  1. As I got this scent from another BPAL fan it didn't work out for just this month (September 2010), I had completely forgotten what notes were in it by the time I tested it! So this review is for a bottle that is over half a year old. Wet, it the bottle, it smelled so much like fruity bubblegum with a spike of a sharp metallic note that I was afraid we would not suit, no, not at all... Freshly applied, at first a waxy fruit smell (oh, no!), more grape than fig, but as it dried down it morphed into a fruity-floral scent very like nightblooming jasmine (I had a plant once, really, *exactly* like nightblooming jasmine) with a faint metal-and-leather scent behind it (patchouli + pink pepper = metallic?). Reading the description, I'm guessing that the currant-fig-orange flower combination has blended nicely with aging to produce the jasmine scent - it's really hard to pick out individual notes. Not a remarkably strong throw, and it doesn't last terribly long on me, but I like it. We suit, Monsieur Petitbled, we suit after all!
  2. Aspidites

    The Ifrit

    The Ifrit was the scent that most intrigued me when I read the descriptions in the Gaiman updates, and thanks to a decant circle, I managed to get a sample... In the imp: Sharp and spicy, mostly I smell ginger (I *like* ginger!) On, wet: Ginger, with black pepper and a hint of cinnamon (this is very good, as normally I amp the heck out of cinnamon). A sweet note that is probably the red musk, but that my nose reads as peach. Despite the spices and peach, I don't think of this blend as particularly "foody". On, dry: More of the same... The musk comes out a bit more, and everything's blending very nicely together to create an exotic sensual scent. I don't think I ever picked out the dragon's blood or the tobacco, and I really have no clue about the "desert sand" (I'm jealous of those whose noses can pick up on these notes!) Throw: I hadn't thought it was particularly strong, but I walked out in the main office area wearing this, and a co-worker asked what smelled so good! Verdict: I REALLY like this! I've used up half the imp already (after about 5 days). More complex than my other favorite ginger scent (Shub) - I'm definitely including a bottle of Ifrit in my next order!
  3. Aspidites


    Wow! Just... wow! This is an amazing blend! The description induced me to buy an imp of Roadhouse, and I'm really glad of it! In the imp, it's VERY sweet, like dandelion flowers on steroids. I can't really detect anything else under the sweetness, but I soldier on and apply some to my wrists. On, wet, it's still dandelions, sweet and somehow green. As it dries, I think I detect the scent of feverfew leaves in the mix, though that could be dandelion sap. Though sweet, it's very pleasant - reminds me of summer days as a kid, running wild through the local parkland and coming home with bits of vegetation in my hair. About ten minutes in, I definitely get the beery notes, with the aroma of hops peeking out. Without raising my wrist anywhere near my nose, I get alternating wafts of sweet dandelion and hops. Still very like my childhood summers! 20 minutes to half an hour in, I'm now detecting just the faintest trace of tobacco, sort of as a tickle in the back of my throat. Over the next half hour, this note strengthens, but never to the point of obnoxiousness, and I also begin to pick up a whiff of booziness that strengthens the impression of BEER I'm not getting the hemp, but the other notes combine so well they may have buried it, at least to my nose. Anyway, I really really REALLY like this one! It'd be great for summertime wear, although I think it's just swell for a cold, rainy March day, too! I'm definitely putting a 5mL bottle on my "wanted" list.
  4. Aspidites


    Okay, my first attempt at a review... still learning, but I figure it won't hurt to jump right in! I got this as an imp when purchasing another scent. In the bottle, it's almost unbearably sweet. Can't really differentiate the individual scents. On, wet: To me, at first, it smelled almost like anise - I guess that's heavy-duty heliotrope. As it started to dry, it tamed down a bit, and I got heliotrope with bright, intense flashes of honeysuckle and orange blossom for about 15 - 20 minutes. During this phase, my house-mate could smell the scent from across the living room (maybe I used too much?;-). Within about 40 minutes, it had faded to a light, pleasantly sweet floral blend, mostly heliotrope with orange blossom. Very nice, I'll enjoy using up the imp, may consider a bottle in the future.