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Zorya Utrennyaya

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Posted 18 May 2017 - 08:28 PM

“Why you are standing at the door?” asked a woman’s voice. Shadow looked over Czernobog’s shoulder, at the old woman standing behind him. She was smaller and frailer than her sister, but her hair was long and still golden. “I am Zorya Utrennyaya,” she said. “You must not stand there in the hall. You must go in, sit down. I will bring you coffee.”
Sweet black coffee and a touch of ambrette seed.

I get sweet dark coffee, and as it dries it becomes more about the ambrette seed, which is slightly musky nuttiness to me. So more like roast coffee and hazelnut musk. However, the description doesn't do much to really convey how subtly magical this is. It has an oddly Russian vibe to it (I think its the ambrette conjuring some old-timey Czarist decadence), and the impression that what you see isn't the whole story. Not even close. It smells comforting, like grandma offering you a cup of tea, right before she goes and chases down a chicken and kills it with her own bare hands. Decent throw and wear length. 



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Posted 22 May 2017 - 01:57 PM

Got a decant of this... I have to try anything with a coffee note in it. Love coffee scented anything!


In the decant I get a whiff of freashly roasted coffee, but it isn't strong. Also smell what I guess is the ambrette. I have no idea what that is supposed to smell like, but I do get a slight....perfumy vibe from it. 


Applied, the coffee is there, but the other note gets a bit stronger on me...I wouldn't say it's an "old lady" vibe, but almost. But, looking at what I am guessing is the label art on the Lab website, it fits. 


Not a fan of this one... the ambrette (if that is what it is) gets a little too perfumy to me. Takes over the coffee note...it's kind of there, but I have to sniff deep to detect it. Has a good throw. So, if you are looking for a coffee note that isn't too coffee strong, then you might like this one. As for me, being a foody lover, I will stick to my Bah!! ;)

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Posted 23 May 2017 - 03:17 AM

I'm really looking for a good strong, unsweetened coffee scent, and ... this is not it.


This is the smell of my husband's high school bedroom - many layers of Nag Champa (none burned earlier than yesterday), a little musty teenaged-boy funk, and cool air conditioner. I get nothing warm from this, despite all the notes.


However! I've slapped it on right out of the mailbox. I'm hoping that resting at the very least but more likely some decent aging will help develop the coffee note.


One month edit: OK, it's still my husband's high school bedroom, but it's absolutely captivating. I don't care that I don't get any coffee from it.

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#4 Soupy Twist

Soupy Twist

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Posted 02 June 2017 - 12:15 PM

Opens as a sweetened black European-style coffee — not Turkish, but with that strong bitter undertone I love so much. It's definitely not American brown coffee. This stays for about two minutes before devolving into amber and powder. No nuttiness.

This is what an old gypsy fortune-teller would smell like. I can practically hear her bangles clinking.

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Posted 06 June 2017 - 03:07 AM

Love coffee scents, can't resist trying them all!



Wet: Holy Hannah that's good! Really sweet coffee (like the kind you slug back when you REALLY need a kick start) and something more. I always find ambrette really subtle, and hard to describe, but I generally quite enjoy it and this is no exception.


It went weird and "dusty" smelling, as sweet scents sometimes do, but I made the mistake of testing on my wrist. Trying the inside of my elbow, hoping for better results! Mmmfg. gosh this is so good wet! Can you ever have too many coffee scents? I don't think so.


Dry: In my elbow this stays true and gorgeous. The ambrette comes out more too, and shines. Gorgeous. I feel like those who enjoyed Dusky Shroud might like this also. I sure do. *sigh* another AG bottle I need!

#6 sarandipitee


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Posted 06 June 2017 - 11:54 PM

Sweet, dark coffee that poofs after a few moments.

Then a dusty afterthought.

Weird, but while it was wet it was nice.

#7 Little Bird

Little Bird

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Posted 07 June 2017 - 09:35 PM

The first time that I wore this, it was like roasted, dry, slightly burnt and bitter coffee beans.  It read very sour and strangely spicy on my skin.  I've liked it a lot more every other time that I've worn it, though.  Now it reminds me of the smell of just barely roasted marshmallows (burnt sugary and a bit smoky) and black coffee.  Like roasted marshmallows dipped in black coffee.  Warm, dark, slightly smoky, sugary fun... 

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#8 sprout


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Posted 19 June 2017 - 07:19 PM

Very mellow, slightly sweet coffee, like cold brewed. The ambrette is sweet, not quite nutty, and slightly dusky, like soft, fuzzy amber.

Unfortunately the coffee note doesn't last and the ambrette becomes more powdery. I'm a fan of ambrette, so I really like this, but I wish the coffee lasted longer. The ambrette does become a little perfumey.

I'm not sure I'd like a whole bottle of this but it's very compelling. I get single note ambrette after the short lived coffee note poofs. (Actually, if my nose is flush with my wrist, I can still smell coffee) I will age the decant a little and see if the ambrette matures. If so, this could become bottle worthy.

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#9 rayvn1


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Posted 08 July 2017 - 03:38 AM

:eek: Omg. Where have you been all my life?!? This is like a sweeter version of Bah! It's beautiful, rich and sweet coffee on me with great throw. Doesn't last long on my skin, but this is totally bottle-worthy. Wow!

#10 rawgirl75


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Posted 11 July 2017 - 01:54 AM

The coffee note disappeared almost instantly on me... and what's left is an incredible, slightly sweet ambrette musk and ancient soft dusty spice.   Not at all what I was expecting, and yet probably one of the best scents I've ever smelled. 


If this passes the slather test next for allergies/migraines, I'll have to start hoarding multiple bottles of this one.

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#11 Whisperstilled


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Posted 04 August 2017 - 02:13 PM

I always like cofee notes more in theory than in practice, but the description on this one was just so alluring that I had to try it.
Wet: Sweet coffee, unsurprisingly, but surprisingly complex due to the ambrette seed. Reminds me a little of a chicory coffee.
Dry: This is a dark European coffee, almost black, with a ton of sugar. A little like 'rocket fuel' coffee. If you're a fan of Cafe Mille from the OLLA set, you'll love this one.

#12 agirlnamedfury


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Posted 29 August 2017 - 03:11 AM

I get barely any coffee from this, unfortunately... just the tiniest bit of ground coffee beans in the background. The dominant scent is a kind of nutty herbaceousness, almost slightly methol-y, that must be the ambrette seed. 


I've been searching for another great coffee scent for when my beloved bottle of The Worst Pillow runs out. Unfortunately this isn't it, as it really doesn't smell anything like coffee on me! It's more like... foresty sawdust? I do like it, but it's not at all what I expected from this one.

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