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    Les Incubes et des Succubes, Antique Lace, Chokmah, Snake Charmer (orig), Elf V4, Eve (OLLA), Chimera, Sin, Baku, Dorian, Snake Oil, Dragon's Milk, Black Lace, Devil's Night 2009, Fetish.Goth, Tombeur, Callisto (moons of jupiter), The Girl LOVE: vanilla, all musk (iffy on red sometimes), lavender, honey, patchouli, blackberry, frankincense, myrrh, resins, chocolate, blood, black currant, some metal and most woods. HATE: cedar, gardenia, rose, jasmine, magnolia (florals in general) most ozone and most winter/cold scents. Amber is hit or miss.

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  1. sarandipitee

    The Laughter of Loki

    Oh this is gorgeous. I was frimped 1/2 a decent and let me tell you I will treasure this one as I’m sure finding a bottle will be impossible. It’s just a beautiful musk blend. I can pick out the ginger but on a whole it’s very smooth on my skin. Stays close, too
  2. sarandipitee


    Very medicinal at first. Then the tea and citrus start to shine. Upon dry down this is very much an orchid/tea blend. I don’t get any leather or kush. It’s pretty but I don’t think it’s a me scent. I’ll pass on the imp, but happy to have tried.
  3. sarandipitee


    This is a sweet, fruity floral. The fruit skirts the edge of candy like and gradually fades as the florals become more prominent (as they usually do on my skin). I think this will be nice for summer so I’ll hang onto my imp but I won’t need a bottle.
  4. sarandipitee


    Sweet, delicious apple straight out of the gate. Dry is a peppery floral. Very close to the skin.
  5. sarandipitee

    The Magician’s Wand

    This is just stunning. It’s everything I wanted Oak Moon to be - soft, glowing wood with sticky sweet vanilla resins. So happy I bought a bottle and I can report it’s aging beautifully.
  6. sarandipitee


    Gorgeous, juicy mandarin. One of my favourite notes. I don’t get much of the fig, it’s mainly effervescent mandarin. I like it a lot. Debating a bottle.
  7. sarandipitee


    Rich, lush melons that fade into a more candy-like dry down. The floral appears and melds with the candy scent. It fades quickly on my skin. I’m going to keep my imp for the summer months and try it in my scent locket.
  8. sarandipitee


    Oh this is really sexy. I wish the other half could wear this (he’s scent sensitive). It’s mainly black musk, fir and a bit of orange blossom. I’ll keep my imp and age it up some more. Definitely recommend if you want something dark and masculine.
  9. sarandipitee

    Fire for Thy Stepmother's Daughters

    Smells like warmth with a sweet, fruity undertone. Very light and close to the skin considering the name. Very unique and I’m glad to have tried but not for me. Off to frimp pile.
  10. sarandipitee

    Death on a Pale Horse

    Wet this is a beautiful lavender and lime. Dry the patch and vetiver emerge but the lavender keeps them in check. It’s quite nice but I think I’ll only need the imp as a little goes a long way.
  11. sarandipitee


    Cinnamon is a winner for me but here it’s drowned out by the jasmine and lillies. The almond helped but disappeared fast. Off to frimp pile.
  12. sarandipitee


    Adam, our suicidally romantic scoundrel. His scent is a palette of somber colors, melancholy memories, and lupine, savage beauty: black leather, pale sandalwood, ambergris accord, and the memory of a long-lost Victorian fougère.His internal life seems to be reflected in his lair, so his perfume also possesses the scent of the wood of his guitars, the rosin from his violin bow, the musty wool of neglected Oriental carpets, the plastic, metal, and magnetic tape of his reel-to-reel, the dust that permeates everything. like this way more than I thought I would. There are very few leather blends that actually work on me - usually it’s single note leather or headache inducing. Thankfully Adam is the softest, sweetest leather I’ve ever tried. The plastic is a bit much at first, but as this dries, the resin peeks through as does a hint of the fougere. I do like it, but it’s not something I’d wear often. I’m going to age it for a while to see what happens before I decide to pass it on.
  13. sarandipitee

    Sign of Sekkusu Hair Gloss

    Beautiful chewy, caramel tobacco with a lovely bourbon vanilla. There is a jolt of cardamom that fades away and I can sorta make out the amber but the tobacco is the dominant force in this hair gloss. It’s really nice and long lasting. And this one will age nicely. ❤️
  14. sarandipitee

    Vibrating Motel Bed Hair Gloss

    Oh man I adore this. It’s absolutely divine. I love the Lab’s champagne note which is so sweet and bubbly and one of my fave notes. The orange blossom Is gorgeous. The vanilla blends beautifully. This will be in heavy rotation in my hair gloss lineup and it will pair amazingly with Shade. Soft, bubbly orange vanilla. ❤️❤️❤️
  15. sarandipitee

    2003: Cotton Phoenix

    This is the only Snow White I've ever been able to wear as the original is pure plastic nothingness on my skin (and to my nose). I still have that on initial application, but If I wait it out for an hour or so it just BLOOMS into this lovely vanilla backed by a bit of SO. I'm hanging onto this one to see if some aging can really make her shine.