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    Les Incubes et des Succubes
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    Les Incubes et des Succubes, Antique Lace, Chokmah, Snake Charmer (orig), Elf V4, Eve (OLLA), Chimera, Sin, Baku, Dorian, Snake Oil, Dragon's Milk, Black Lace, Devil's Night 2009, Fetish.Goth, Tombeur, Callisto (moons of jupiter), The GirlLOVE: vanilla, all musk (iffy on red sometimes), lavender, honey, patchouli, blackberry, frankincense, myrrh, resins, chocolate, blood, black currant, some metal and most woods.HATE: cedar, gardenia, rose, jasmine, magnolia (florals in general) most ozone and most winter/cold scents. Amber is hit or miss.

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  1. sarandipitee


    Oh man. Instant top 5. Spicy cola mugwort resin goodness. This one needs at least 3 backups.
  2. sarandipitee


    Oh ye gods this is good. usually leather and I go to war because of the instant headache but this, this is not that. sexy and sweet fruitiness which my brain calls berries with a tang of pitch (not fresh pine, this is the gooey, chewy stuff) and that GLORIOUS leather. this is Tintagel’s sexy little sister. bottles are a go. Thanks for the choice frimp, labbies!
  3. sarandipitee

    Penny Rolle

    This is such a beautiful shea. I’m in love with Penny quite a bit, tbh. The shea and the caramelized amber are the 2 strongest notes my nose picks up, but I get a hint of sandalwood and cardamom as well. It’s very creamy and comforting and I think this is a perfect sleep scent or perfect for a close to the skin every day scent. It’s really that good. Looking forward to discovering more of the BP line.
  4. sarandipitee

    Popcorn Ball Snake Oil

    This is definitely an awesome popcorn - sweet and salty and buttery goodness. Unfortunately, dry down went kinda funky and I’m getting that plastic, play doh that new Snake Oil can sometimes do on my skin. it just needs some aging, by next Halloween the plastic my nose detects should be gone and I’ll smell delicious.
  5. sarandipitee

    Cafe au Lait & a Wool Blanket

    I’m not sure what to make of this one. My nose is a bit confused by it. I don’t have any experience with wool notes so to me the overall scent I get is a milky, sweet, perfumey one. And a tiny bit of that clean note in the background. It’s nice, doesn’t have a ton of throw, but it’s not I guess what I was expecting? I’m going to let it age a few months and revisit to see if it deepens and the coffee shows up.
  6. sarandipitee

    You Get What Anybody Gets-You Get a Lifetime

    The moment I put this on I was completely blown away. It’s like nothing I’ve tried before in my years of sampling BPAL. It is old, and gentle (this oudh is soft and lovely and nothing like how it normally is to my nose), a little dusty but entirely beautiful. Like Zeb and VC have mentioned it’s difficult to separate individual notes or even describe this one accurately. I texted my bestie who got me into BPAL in 2009 and told her she had, HAD, to buy this. So so very happy to have a bottle to enjoy and I see myself hoarding it, because I’d be heart broken if it was discontinued unexpectedly. I’m all rambles now, but please just try it. It’s not just a perfume but an experience.
  7. sarandipitee

    Les Heures de la Nuit

    The blackcurrant is delicious and is brightened by the tart lime and the sparkling note tickles your nose. I really enjoy this but it stays so close to my skin. I’ll try it in my clocket to see if I can amp it up a bit.
  8. sarandipitee

    Dreams Shape the World

    This is beautiful. I might be biased as I’m a massive fan of the comic, but this is definitely a dreamy, heightened lavender. Think Once Upon a Time or Lilith’s HG lavender. So, while not sweet, there is something that softens the herbal aspect - amber for sure but the musk is there as well. So beyond happy I blind bottled and the label art from David Mack is gorgeous.
  9. sarandipitee

    Raspberry & Red Benzoin

    Sweet, tart, sugary, raspberry. Very much in the same vein as Resin Cast Meat Skull which is freaking fabulous since I’m running low on that one. It’s the raspberry jam of your dreams.
  10. sarandipitee

    Cacao Pod

    God I love this, sooooo much. It’s a glorious chocolate scent. Rich, heady, dark cacao - tinged with a bite of coconut and lined with musk. It’s chocolate perfection. I own and have tested many chocolate scents and this one is my favourite, hands down. And it has aged so beautifully. Even if you’re not a massive foodie fan, I’d still search out a tester. It’s that good.
  11. sarandipitee

    504 Gateway Time-out

    Minty, cold, and a touch of metal. Then the cold dissipates and something green, like the green in Envy peeks out. It’s very strange and surprisingly wearable on my skin as normally snow or aquatic/ozone as others have mentioned goes straight into headache territory on me. It’s a jolt of a scent and I think I like it. I’ll definitely keep the imp for winter months.
  12. sarandipitee

    Long Lasting Patchouli?

    Banshee Beat Goblin Tombeur (the antique patchouli note is prevalent on me) Crowley (red patchouli) *all of these last all day on me and sometimes I can detect them the next morning.
  13. sarandipitee

    Tattered Lace

    This is such a soft, lovely, sweet addition to the Lace family. I only have a partial decant that I treasure so it comes out when I’m feeling like I need a BPAL boost. On my skin it’s mainly sugared vanilla tea, light coconut, and opium linen. It’s got great throw and is different enough from my black and antique laces that tracking down a full decant might be necessary.
  14. sarandipitee

    Schrodinger's Cat

    Very much sugared citrus with emphasis on the grapefruit. Insanely low throw on me - I have to stick my nose to my hand to experience anything. It’s nice and would be lovely for summer but the lack of throw isn’t worth the bottle upgrade for me.
  15. sarandipitee


    Gentle, sweet, floral. A soft lily of the valley shampoo blend. Too floral and soapy for my taste.