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    Scents I love: Smoky, foody, warm, spicy, snowy, peppermint, pumpkin, nutmeg, clove, peppery, fireplace type, incensy, some leather, vanilla. DO NOT LIKE: PATCHOULI, boozy, soda pop like fizzy, aquatic, ozone, metallic or tobacco....florals & fruity can go either way.....

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  1. Numanoid

    Belgian Chocolate Hair Gloss

    Oh yummy!!!! Just got this. Sniffing in the bottle, rich deep chocolate!! There is a slight hint of a dry cocoa feel to it to my nose. But you need this if you are any type of chocolate lover! I usually use my HG's on damp hair, but had to put this on now in my dry hair and I didn't use much but in a heavenly cloud of chocolate!! This isn't as mild as milk chocolate, but not a heavy dark chocolate! It is a perfect medium with good throw. I would take a sip if it were edible. Which I won't of course, but oh man... I am really loving this!!
  2. Numanoid

    Gingerbread Hot Cocoa

    After reading reviews, I had to get a bottle!! Sniffing in the bottle, all gingerbread! I get a chewy gingerbread cookie scent, but minus the cookie, which I know doesn't make much sense! On my skin, I get a ginger/cinnamon vibe. Not detecting any hot cocoa. As it dries, I think I am getting a hint of some sort of cocoa/chocolate scent. It isn't much, but I still love this. Medium throw on me and I think this will be even better with age!
  3. Numanoid

    Snow Snake 2023

    So glad I grabbed a bottle of this. Sniffing in the bottle, I get the wonderful S.O we all love. Not sure if it is the musk, but to me, it smells just like aged S.O. Very good. On my skin, the cold, snowy note comes out. I get the same Snow White impression but it has that S.O edge to it. Not musky on me either. This is so good and has a great throw. Might consider a BU bottle!!
  4. Numanoid

    Marshmallow Snow 2023

    Sniffing in the bottle, I get the sweet marshmallow, but it isn't like the sugary sweet scent like when you sniff a bag of them. There is something else keeping it tame. It is almost like a drop of Snow White in there. On, the same sweetness warms up and is more prominent, but soft at the same time. I get a 'wet watery' note in there, but that too isn't strong. Guessing that is the snow note. If you love Snow White, you will love this. Has that added sweetness with the marshmallow but it stays close and isn't a strong scent. Very pretty, sweet (not too much) and lovely!
  5. Numanoid

    Hunter's Moon 2023

    Sniffing in the bottle, I get an almost chemical/candy scent. On my skin, there is a bit of that musk/forest scent as listed, it is odd, but in a good way. As it dries, a bit of sweetness from the caramel and toffee comes out. Not sure I am getting any chocolate or butterscotch out of this, but this is so odd that it is kind of good. It has a medium throw and lasts quite a while. I can say as a foodie/gourmand lover of scents, I actually like this one. It is sort of both, but then not really. The musk isn't overpowering (as it usual does on me) and the forest part is there. All well balanced in this blend. I am digging it!!
  6. Numanoid

    Coffee Cream Pie

    I am a sucker for any kind of coffee scent! When I first sniffed this, it reminded me of a softer version of Bah! The coffee is light and sweetened up by the vanilla! On, I get the coffee and the chocolate and a little bit of cookie. This actually is a soft scent on me and stays close to the skin. I love it, but hoping it will maybe get a wee bit stronger as it sits. I miss Bah! and would love to have a strong coffee scent like that one was! But it is still amazing!
  7. Numanoid

    Blackberry Apple Sufganiyot

    This one is amazing!! Got that sufganiyot pasty vibe we all know and love! The blackberry and apple along with it smell so good together! It is a blackberry/apple pie filling smell to me. Not a super sweet fruit scent. This is a comfy yummy scent!!
  8. Numanoid

    Gingerbread Snek

    I was excited and a bit worried to get this one. The description online mentions a muskiness, (which I am not a fan of) but had to have it. When I first sniffed it, I got a huge blast of musk with a drop of S.O. in there somewhere! I let it rest a couple days and then gave it a try. It is so amazing! The musk is there but it is in the background. I think it adds to the gingerbread and molasses. This stayed on me all day and I kept getting whiffs of it! The vanilla keeps it a bit tame, but this is a bit more on the strong side and I think it will get richer the longer it sits. Very happy I got a bottle!
  9. Numanoid

    Pumpkin Gingerbread Creme Brulee Pie

    This one is SO good!! Sniffing in the bottle, I get the pumpkin and gingerbread! On my skin, those notes stay true and the creamy/crust notes come out. On me it has a medium throw and lasts a long time. Not too overbearing.
  10. Numanoid

    Batty Snake Oil

    This is so good. Smells like a close relative to Snake Skin. On, it still reminds me of that but I detect the spices coming through as well! If you are any kind of fan of S.O and leather, this is a scent for you!
  11. Numanoid

    The Harvest Haunt

    Straight from the mailbox, sniffing, there is pumpkin and incense. Not cloying or heavy like I thought it might be, which to me, isn't a bad thing! On my skin, like above, I get pumpkin, but not the sweet pumpkin spice, but real aged pumpkin with a swirl of soft incense. Not too shabby.. have to see how this one ages.
  12. Numanoid

    Pumpkin Spice Espresso Martini

    So, I have never tried an espresso martini, but they sound amazing! Sniffing this (got it straight from the mailbox) I can smell a faint coffee/slight martini scent. On my skin, as it warms up, it stays the same. Light throw and not getting any pumpkin spice. Mostly a very light coffee alcohol. Stays close to the skin and not a lot of throw, but it needs to warm up a bit. I am just too anxious to wait!! It is very nice.
  13. Numanoid

    Beaver Moon 2022

    So...any Beaver Moons with Cheesecake notes are usually very good. I didn't know what champurrado is, but thought it should be ok. I got this in a swap and on my, this is soooo awful! I think this is the first time ever I sniffed a bottle I didn't like and actually thought about just throwing it away! Smells like bile... yes, bile. In the bottle and on my skin. I might just actually throw this away... I don't see any positive reviews so I don't think anyone would want to try it. UGH!!!!
  14. Numanoid

    Toddler Holster

    Sniffing this in the bottle, I get a sharp, herbaly (spelling?) leather. Not bad, but as mentioned, this is not a smooth, worn leather. Sharp black leather to me. On my skin, I instantly get the pine and chocolate. After it dries, the leather comes out again. The chocolate disappears and I get soft pine and leather. After a minute, the vanilla and chocolate show up, but VERY mild. Gotta sniff hard to get them... mild and way in the background. This, to me, is a little masculine. Not too much, but the leather makes it so. Was hoping it would be a little more on the sweet, warm leather/pine scent. It stays close to the skin but kind of sharp overall.
  15. Numanoid

    October 34th

    Like mentioned above, I have Oct. 33rd, and when I saw this, I HAD to get it. Sniffing in the bottle, I get very faint pine cones with a hint of what seems like cinnamon tea. On my skin, the ribbon candy shows up, with that mild cinnamon scent. This isn't a red hot cinnamon and it isn't a baking cinnamon. But cinnamon tea is the best description I can think of. As it dries, I get a whiff of the pumpkin cookies. I love this!! It isn't a heavy scent, close to the skin and not a lot of throw. It is a wonderful festive scent, Fall or Winter. I am always afraid of any pine scents, and if you are too, not to worry!!