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    Scents I love: Smoky, foody, warm, spicy, snowy, peppermint, pumpkin, nutmeg, clove, peppery, fireplace type, incensy, some leather, vanilla. DO NOT LIKE: PATCHOULI, boozy, soda pop like fizzy, aquatic, ozone, metallic or tobacco....florals & fruity can go either way.....

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    Megadeth, Gary Numan, Anthrax, The Newlydeads, The Who...LOTS of others!!
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  1. Numanoid

    Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Pie

    Oh...my...goodness!! This is amazing! Sniffing in the bottle, I get the chocolate and pumpkin. Both strong! On my skin, it smells very close to Pumpkin V 2009, but chocolate instead of the coffee. This has an amazing throw. After it dries, I get a little less chocolate and more pumpkin...the good pumpkin. Spiced and delicious! Just need a dollop of whip cream now! If you are a foody fan, you must get this! This is back up bottle worthy! I am so in love!!!! 💖
  2. Numanoid


    Been a while since I have reviewed any scents, BUT when I saw this one, I HAD to have it! Anything with coffee, chocolate, gingerbread and pumpkin!! And with ALL of these, insta buy! I get every note sniffing in the bottle... and on, I get gingerbread, pumpkin & coffee...not so much the chocolate note, but any chocolate scents seem to disappear on me, but this is so amazing! This is a comfort scent and perfect for cooler weather. It has medium throw on me. I recommend this for any gourmand/foodie lover!
  3. Numanoid

    Lump of Coal

    I think I got to try a drop of the original Lump of Coal, and loved it so I was happy to see this back. So, the 2019 version: In the bottle, yep, brownies!! On my skin it still sort of smells like brownies, but there is something else coming out... I can't tell what is it, but it is... odd. I wish I could describe it more. Like my brownie fell in the dirt. It isn't overpowering, but it's there. Maybe with age it will get better. Not a lot of throw for me and it stays close to the skin. Edit to add that odd scent doesn't seem to be there anymore... maybe I had something else near me that smelled weird, but it is all good, yummy brownies!!! WHEW!
  4. Numanoid

    Gingerbread & Candyfloss

    In the bottle, it is like gingerbread cotton candy!! Oh it smells so good!! On my skin, It stays the same, but a nice smokiness comes out of it which makes it not too sweet! Either way, sweet or smoky, this is so amazing! It has good throw on me and it is quite comforting!
  5. Numanoid

    Beaver Moon 2019

    Agree, not much cheesecake, but there is a soft coffee note there. I love most coffee scents, and I hope this one will age well. but it has a medium throw on me.
  6. Numanoid

    Mega-Sized Chocolate Bar

    Oh goodness!! This...is....GOOD!! Sniffing the bottle I get a good blast of pure chocolate! On my skin, the Snake Oil comes out. I get the chocolate and S.O. notes and this has great throw! If you are a fan of Boomslang, you will like this, but it is more just pure chocolate and S.O.! If you are afraid of it being overly sweet, it isn't. For me, this is BU bottle worthy!!
  7. Numanoid

    Pumpkin Spice Snake Oil

    Sniffing in the bottle, I don't get much pumpkin spice. A little bit...even the Snake Oil is on the light side. On my skin, the pumpkin spice comes out a bit more. It does remind me of Snakes in the Pumpkin Patch, but not as heavy. The Snake Oil is there, but is in the background. This, to me, is surprisingly light with low throw. It might become stronger with age as S.O. does, so I am hoping for that. But this is a great scent!!! A keeper!
  8. Numanoid

    Caramel Apple Snake Oil

    Oh this is goooood!! Just got it and let it sit and warm up a bit before applying! In the bottle, sniffing, I get the caramel, apple and snake oil. I love anything caramel apple and almost anything snake oil, so I HAD to get this. On my skin, I still get all three notes... they are so wonderful together! As it dries, I get mostly S.O. and the apple with a touch of the caramel! I am so glad I got this! This has a medium throw to me and I can see this getting better as it ages!! If you love apple scents and Snake Oil like I do, grab yourself this!!! ❤️
  9. Numanoid

    Bourbon-Soaked Apples Hair Gloss

    Sautéed with brown sugar and lemon juice. So... I am a sucker for apple scents, so I had to get this one! Sniffing in the bottle, I get the bourbon and, luckily, the apples. Scents with whiskey, rum, bourbon, etc etc can either be good or way too much, so far, sniffing, this is right in the middle. In my hair, (applied to dry hair) it stays the same... it mellows a bit, which is good. I get the sweet apples and the bourbon is there, but not too much. Not detecting brown sugar or lemon, but that could be part of the sweet apple scent I get. This seems to have a medium throw and it is very lovely!! It is a very nice balance between sweet of the apples and the sharpness of the bourbon!
  10. Numanoid

    Gingerbread, Coffee Bean and Smoked Vanilla

    In the bottle, sniffing, I get REAL gingerbread! Very excited to try this as I love coffee and gingerbread scents, and to have BOTH! WHOO!! On my skin, I also get a real gingerbread scent with a touch of a lemon-like aspect. So far so good.. As it dries, I too am not getting much of a coffee scent out of this, sadly, but it is still very good. If you like gingerbread notes, then get this! I am also guessing with age it will be very good!
  11. Numanoid

    Goblin Stampede

    No one can keep a goblin away from a good bargain: a jolt of Turkish coffee with cardamom, nutmeg, and cinnamon.  I saw this and HAD to get it... every note are ones I love! In the bottle: I let this sit for a whole day...it was SO COLD when I got it. I get the Turkish coffee instantly! Oh it smells amazing! On skin: The cardamom comes out first and foremost. Not getting other notes as of yet. Oh crap, It starts to fade quickly...oh..please stay!!! Dry down: I get barely a whiff of... not sure. might be the nutmeg? Not getting any cinnamon, coffee or cardamom from this! 😪 I'll let it age for a bit..hoping it will get stronger. Stays real close to the skin on me, but I have to put my nose real close to my skin to smell it.
  12. Numanoid

    Beast Biscuit

    Pumpkin gingerbread with blackberry cream frosting. OOh to be first! Saw the notes on this one and HAD to get it!! Sniffing in the bottle, I get a sweet, yet light, gingerbread mixed with the blackberry. Not creamy as of yet...just straight up liquid blackberry and gingerbread. On my skin, the pumpkin comes out a little, but I still get mostly blackberry and gingerbread! What a fun combo this is! It has a light to medium throw on me...it goes back and forth. As it dries, it stays the same...not getting much pumpkin out of this, but maybe it is just a close scent to the gingerbread that I can't pinpoint it, but any bakery/foody/gourmad lovers out there, you will like this... and it isn't overpowering. It is just right... I catch whiffs of it...and that is from just putting it on my wrists. But it's fine if you work in close proximity to people and don't want to offend. I think this will age wonderfully!
  13. Numanoid

    Pumpkin S'mores Hair Gloss

    Thanks to the wonderful doomsday_disco above, I was able to buy a decant from her. I LOVE this!! Sniffing, I get all the notes!! The pumpkin, the graham cracker, chocolate and a slight whiff of the marshmallow. Not sure I am detecting any smoke, but love it all the same!! In my hair, it stays true...medium throw for me and love how I still can smell all the notes! Win for sure!
  14. Numanoid

    Blue Pumpkin Floss Hair Gloss

    Puffy clouds of pumpkin candyfloss with a trickle of blackberry juice. So, I love the perfume... and had to try this! Sniffing in the bottle, I get a slight whiff of the blackberry... and then... something....grainy. Grainy blackberry juice. Hmm... Of course, I only have used aged BPF perfume, as I wasn't around when it was first released, but the HG smells different to me. In my hair, it stays the same. Very light, not a lot of throw and no pumpkin candy floss. Kind of disappointed. Maybe I will sit on it a while and see if it changes. Edit to add... well, after a while, I get no blackberry juice or any pumpkin candy floss. Just this odd, light, grain smell in my hair!
  15. Numanoid

    Pomegranate Grove: Snake Oil

    I get a mostly heavy, dark pomegranate out of this. I do get the Snake Oil as well, but it is a background player in this. If you like dark, heavy scents, this is for you. I applied only a tiny bit on my wrist and I can smell it wafting up! Dark fruit scents can go either way for me, and this one is kind of in the middle. Can't decide if I like it or not... but I do love Snake Oil, so I will see.