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    Scents I love: Smoky, foody, warm, spicy, snowy, peppermint, pumpkin, nutmeg, clove, peppery, fireplace type, incensy, some leather, vanilla. DO NOT LIKE: PATCHOULI, boozy, soda pop like fizzy, aquatic, ozone, metallic or tobacco....florals & fruity can go either way.....

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  1. Numanoid

    Marshmallow Candy Canes Hair Gloss

    This smells so good! Just like it says... in the bottle, marshmallow and peppermint! I put some in my dry hair and it reminds me a little of Boo Hg but with the peppermint added in! A vanilla-y marshmallow with the candy cane! I love peppermint scented things, but sadly the perfume oils that have peppermint (like the Lick it's) all faded away super fast. So far, this is amazing!! I can smell the cloud of goodness around me. It isn't overpowering but glad I can smell it. Very sweet but not tooth-achingly so! Oh this is soooo good!
  2. Numanoid

    Snake Oil Sufganiyot

    So excited to get this... anything S.O. I usually HAVE to have. Got this today so can't wait to test it. In the bottle, sniffing, there is that lovely Snake Oil. I do get a little bit of pastry like the other other sufganiyots. On my skin oh my!!! I get the lovely S.O and that yummy pastry. It is a wonderful S.O. pastry smoky thing, if that makes sense! This is good right off the bat and I think this will age into something super amazing!
  3. Numanoid

    Bobbing for Snake Oil

    First off, thank you HerbGirl for answering my ISO for this bottle!!! ❤️ So glad I got a hold of some! Sniffing in the bottle, sweet crisp apple and lovely S.O.! I am a sucker for anything S.O. On my skin, stays the same of how it smells and it is wonderful! I get the sweet apple and S.O. Neither seems to be overpowering the other... a nice mild blend of both. As it dries, the S.O. is a bit more out in front, but the apple is there. This has a medium throw on me. Can't wait to see how this one ages!
  4. Numanoid

    Apple Macchiato

    I never actually tried an Apple Macchiato, because, like Beth said on the website, when I first saw this on the menu at a certain coffee house, I thought, "Um.. ok.. someone has lost their minds!" But apparently it must be good... so why not try the perfume.' Sniffing in the bottle, I get coffee and a hint of spiced apple. It oddly works and smells very good to me. On my skin, the apple becomes a bit more prominent, and the coffee is more in the background, but I am really liking this combo. As it dries, it is more of an apple scent. To me it is a mix of crisp apple and a bit of spice. Maybe that is the coffee I am smelling. Either way, this is more on the gourmand side for me. Low throw and wear length, but I am enjoying it!
  5. Numanoid

    October 33rd

    This really is Fall in a bottle! Sniffing, I get the slight boozy apples and spice. On my skin, I smell the pumpkin. Sweet souffle pumpkin! Not sure if I smell the PSL and candy corn, but it possibly adds to the sweetness... which is in no way teeth achingly sweet. It is a wonderful semi sweet apple pumpkin bourbon fall scent!! I am very glad I got this!! ❤️
  6. Numanoid

    Dark Chocolate, Whiskey, and Hazelnut Cream

    Saw this scent listed, and it was an instant buy! I was hoping for a box o' chocolate scent like this. Reminds me of the ones that came out... what... over a decade ago? Anyway, sniffing in the bottle, yes!! The dark chocolate and whiskey are the notes I detect first. There is a mild nutty cream to it. On my skin, it is heaven!! RICH dark chocolate and smooth whiskey with the hazelnut cream, I really want a bite of this! This is rich and deep! Foody/gourmand lovers need this ASAP. This is well balanced and not sweet, but foody and grown up! As it dries, it stays rich. The whiskey isn't 'boozy' but it has that edge that keeps the chocolate and hazelnut cream from being overly sweet. I love this! Might need a BU bottle!!!
  7. Numanoid

    Cacao, Black Leather, and Incense

    OOh.. this is good. Sniffing in the bottle, I get all the scents... the cacao, leather and incense. It is a nice even blend of all three. On my skin, the leather jumps out first. Heavy BLACK leather! Not a sweet loving suede! After it dries down it mellows out quite a bit. I detect mostly the leather and incense. The cacao is in the background keeping this from being too heavy, which is good. I was nervous it would be a huge in-your-face kind of scent. This is a scent to wear out on the town... not in the office!
  8. Numanoid

    Black Ice Sleeper

    Sniffing in the bottle, there is a bitter apple! There is a hint of something perfume-y/cologne-y, but it isn't heavy. I am not a fan of anything like that, but this is beautiful! On my skin, it stays the same. I am not getting any 'ice' from this blend, but maybe it is the light perfume-y part of it and my nose just smells it wrong! This has great throw and amazing wear length. All the way, it stays that bitter apple. I wouldn't say this is a foody scent, but if you like apples and foody scents, you will dig this.
  9. Bought a DISO bottle off this fabulous lady.  She shipped quickly, and included loads of thoughtful extras.  Highly recommended.  Thanks so much!

  10. Numanoid

    Pinched With Four Pumpkins

    Swapped for this one, VERY glad I did!! Sniffing in the bottle and initially on my skin, I smell pumpkin tea! Cold pumpkin tea. I was worried, but then as is dried, the lovely bark and cinnamon and hint of tobacco come out!! It is a lovely pumpkin-spiced wood on me. I detect a little whiff off coffee in the dry stage, but this is a light scent to me and stays close but it is a perfect autumn scent! I am a foody/gourmand type person and this is wonderful!!
  11. Numanoid

    Sugar Plum Snake Oil

    Yep... there is that wonderful Snake Oil we all love and a hint of fruit! Agreed, the plum is sweet and it mingles well with the S.O. After it dries a bit, I get mostly S.O. with a dash of the sugar plum. This, to me, is actually not very sweet on my skin. This is a lovely and fun scent!! Will be interesting to see how this one ages!
  12. Numanoid

    Sugar Plum Snow White

    This smells very good in the bottle. I get the sweet purple plum scent along with the Snow White! Applied, the 2 scents mingle more and I get a good balance between the plum and S.W. After a bit, the sugar plum is a little more dominant. As it dries, I am not getting much S.W. from this, but there is a bit there to keep this from going too sweet. Medium throw for me and it is a lovely scent. I think I am more of a fan of the plain Snow White.
  13. Numanoid

    Deep Fried Gingerbread

    Had to get this gingerbread scent too. Sniffing, this one is a bit sweeter than my review for Gingerbread Campfire. This one is good! It is a more of a cookie type gingerbread (which I love) and it does smell like it has been fried! Low throw on me and stays close to the skin. This one isn't overly sweet, so anyone worried about that, you don't have anything to fear. A nice gingerbread spice that was fried. Simple as that! It will be interesting to see how this ages.
  14. Numanoid

    Gingerbread Campfire

    Just got my BPAL delivered... got 4 bottles. Always hard to pick one first. So I did this one. I am a sucker for gingerbread!! Sniffing in the bottle, it isn't a sweet, cookie-like gingerbread. more like a raw gingerbread, if that makes sense. Not sure what I am smelling. I thought it was going to be smoky, hence the name, but it isn't. On my skin, the gingerbread gets a bit more of a baking type spice, but still not sweet. There is a background note that I think makes it seem like a campfire, but it is almost a plastic smell. A plastic gingerbread. It isn't bad, but it is odd to me. I was hoping it would be more of a cookie like gingerbread with that smoky campfire vibe, but not getting that. Stays close to the skin and not a lot of throw. Not sure this is for me since I am more of a foodie/gourmand lover.
  15. Numanoid

    Beaver Moon 2021

    Like above, when I sniff, there is a wonderful, thick syrupy gooey spicy cherry with a bit of chocolate, like how it smells when you bite into a choco covered cherry. I love cherry scents, but also a little leery of it because it can be either WAY too sweet or smell like cough syrup. I think the addition of the chocolate and pumpkin help makes it smell VERY good!! On, the pumpkin spiciness comes out, but isn't overbearing. The chocolate & cherry are there as well. I get a hint of cheesecake, but no crust. A crust-less cheesecake! As it dries, I get cherry & pumpkin. Sounds odd, but the two smell very good together! I really like this!! I bet it will get amazing with age. This is a good one for foody/gourmand lovers like myself!