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  1. agirlnamedfury

    The Blood Garden

    I probably should have expected it from the name, but this one is a bit too floral for me. Just turns sour and unappealing with my body chemistry.
  2. agirlnamedfury

    Behind the Veils

    Definitely musky at first, but dries down into a weird musty damp sawdust kind of scent very quickly, which is like the opposite of sexy. Doesn't work for me, unfortunately!
  3. agirlnamedfury

    Jolly Roger

    I usually love leather, wood, and boozy scents, but something about this is bitter and unappealing to me. I tried two different imps of different ages, and the (I think) newer one was somewhat better (heavy on the wood), I still think they will both go to swaps.
  4. agirlnamedfury


    Fresh juicy berries. Not at all what I expected from the name but I like it!
  5. agirlnamedfury

    The Illustrated Woman

    2017 version: Woodsy and piney. Not what I expected? I honestly can't decide if I like this or not. It will have to go in the to-retest pile.
  6. agirlnamedfury

    Only a Sip

    This is like orange hard candy with a hint of mint. Maybe like orange cough drops? That sounds unappealing but I actually really like it. Great fun summer scent. Unfortunately my decant leaked and so I have only a tiny amount of this.
  7. agirlnamedfury


    Amber doesn't always agree with me, but this is all warm spicy woodiness while wet. Definitely smells like an exotic desert. Unfortunately an hour later it's turned all sharp and sour on me. :/ I wish the wet stage just lasted because I loved that!
  8. agirlnamedfury


    This is much more sharp and aquatic than I was expecting. I can definitely smell the lime and gin, and it's a strong cologne-type scent, almost bordering on Lysol-y. I don't see myself reaching for this one, but I might see if my boyfriend wants it.
  9. agirlnamedfury


    Swiss miss! In the packet, before it's even mixed with milk. Tasty enough, but not my favorite of the (many) chocolate scents I've tried as it's definitely a lighter, powdery, more artificial type of scent.
  10. agirlnamedfury


    This smells more like black jelly beans than coffee beans on me. It's mostly sweet dark musk. I don't hate it, but it's NOT the delicious coffee scent I was expecting!
  11. agirlnamedfury

    Nibble Nibble Gnaw

    Butterscotch with hints of chocolate and fruity hard candy! Delicious. I might have to gnaw off my arm...
  12. agirlnamedfury

    Zorya Utrennyaya

    I get barely any coffee from this, unfortunately... just the tiniest bit of ground coffee beans in the background. The dominant scent is a kind of nutty herbaceousness, almost slightly methol-y, that must be the ambrette seed. I've been searching for another great coffee scent for when my beloved bottle of The Worst Pillow runs out. Unfortunately this isn't it, as it really doesn't smell anything like coffee on me! It's more like... foresty sawdust? I do like it, but it's not at all what I expected from this one.
  13. agirlnamedfury

    Eat the Strawberries

    This is a more floral strawberry than I was expecting. Something about it is a bit artificial, though it's not sickly sweet. I like this one, but it's not as fresh and bright and juicy as I had hoped for, unfortunately!
  14. agirlnamedfury

    The Small Brown Cat

    LOVE this. It's so warm and cozy, with the rich woodiness and vanilla. Definitely reminds me of Tombstone. I can see myself slathering this on all winter. Might need a full bottle....
  15. agirlnamedfury

    Irish Coffee Buttercream

    This smells EXACTLY like irish coffee and it's incredible.