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  1. Rayleigh

    Honey and Beeswax scents

    Dalliance with an Amorous Bat Demon (Honeyed patchouli, sweet benzoin, smoky labdanum, and white sandalwood) from the 2020 Lupers was a nice, smooth, honeyed patchouli on me. I never tried Owl Moon from Blood Milk, but it sounds perfect for what you're looking for (Dark, rooty, sweet patchouli swirled with honey) and is available through Blood Milk's website.
  2. Rayleigh


    My go-to lilac is Lucy's Eyes (a pulsing infernal amber, shot through with lilac-blue, bloodshot and blazing.) It was my first lilac blend, and it's gotten stronger and more cohesive with age. The amber anchors the lilac, making it last longer than most lilacs on my skin, and I like the contrast between the cool blue of the lilac and the depth of the amber. I like The Lilac Wood and The Last Unicorn, too, but I actually don't get very strong lilac from either.
  3. Rayleigh


    I want this fire note in everything. The honey here provides a supporting sweetness, but for me this is mostly about the glowing amber and that phenomenal fire note. It isn't smoky, but it smells like a clean-burning wood fire. Distinct from my other honeyed-amber love, V'al Hanissim. The fire gives it something wild and outdoorsy, while the honey and amber keep it cozy. Like V'al Hanissim, Horses is potent and lasts a long time.
  4. Rayleigh

    To A Dead Friend

    Wistful and clean. Light musky plum, soft florals, and sharp fresh eucalyptus. Not much presence from honey or amber yet. It smells pensive. Gauzy. It doesn't stand out for me, but it does capture a reflective mood.
  5. Rayleigh

    A Noiseless Patient Spider

    This is far sweeter, warmer, and more uniform than I was expecting. It has a misty, ephemeral quality, with the subtle effervescence I get from cognac. I favor the darker base notes, and hope the myrrh and tonka in particular come out more as it ages. Nice, but elusive in its present form.
  6. @reconditarmonia, here's what I can think of for that vibe: Bewitched is a rich blackberry scent, made more wild by the sage and musk but without any coniferous notes. Arkham, despite the description of being shadowy, is light, airy wildflowers. I haven't tried Druid, so I can't speak to it. I haven't tried a lot of the Fae-inspired scents, but there's overlap in the themes between fae and elves. The perfume Fae is a nice peach grounded in moss. Maybe Dana O'Shee or Leanan Sidhe would work, though I haven't tried either. Something floaty and ethereal but not necessarily inspired by the outdoors may fit, like Persephone with its rose and pomegranate or Sudha Segara with its warm ginger. You may also consider the Last Unicorn scents such as The Lilac Wood, though those are bigger commitments since you can't get sample sizes. Not to push you towards it, but I have to add that Elf is more than the sum of its parts. It's not too intensely woodsy, focused more on light berries and honeycomb. I find it highly evocative of sun-dappled woods. It's what I was thinking of until I got to the part where you mentioned it doesn't sound like your thing. Good luck finding one that works for you!
  7. Rayleigh

    A Skull, A Music Book, A Snuffed-Out Candle

    Tulip apparently smells like star jasmine to me -- that's not a bad thing; star jasmine is the much tamer cousin to regular jasmine and I tend to enjoy it. The beeswax gets stronger as it dries, and it becomes a very pretty, pollen-dusted beeswax similar to that found in Beeswax, Amber, & Star Jasmine, though this is less bold. The balsamic beeswax is warm and waxy, not strongly honeyed. I don't detect leather, exactly, but it and the sandalwood seem to be providing a smooth base. I expected something a little drier and more bookish from the name, but I like it.
  8. Rayleigh


    Lavender and blur. The lavender is pretty! The blur is blurry. A lot of the notes here are big hits for me. I love tobacco leaf and carnation, and have liked black orchid but don't run into it much. But I get only a muddle of unspecified sweetness and a pretty lavender that doesn't last very long on my lavender-eating skin. I agree that it is a pleasant, classic perfume. I was hoping for more of the dark and smoky notes to step up, which they may over time. Pretty, but surprisingly subtle.
  9. Rayleigh

    The Empress and the Chariot

    I love the motor oil, and the lavender actually sticks around on me. Beautiful, wafting fumes. The leather enhances the motor oil without becoming plastic-y as fresh leather sometimes does. The problem is the oak. Oak on me smells like wood polish, and it gives the scent a soapy, sharp undercurrent. As the scent dries, the oak only gets louder and the motor oil and lavender fade. I like the rest of it so much that I'll keep trying it as the decant ages, but so far I amp the oak too much to enjoy it.
  10. Rayleigh

    The Empress and Their Heckhound

    Unfortunately, this stomps way past my sweetness threshold and keeps going. I was expecting the sandalwood and lavender to tame the foodie notes, but they barely make a showing on my skin. This smells like a very fine hazelnut coconut cream, thick and decadent and made with high quality vanilla bean. It does soften with wear, but it's too rich and gourmand for me. A lot of people are going to love this. It's just not my cup of tea.
  11. Rayleigh

    Lights, Camera, Something

    Vividly realistic toasted cardamom sprinkled over a soft base of bourbon vanilla with just a breath of lavender. I also get something lemony here that reminds me of Dorian, though this is less sweet than Dorian on me thanks to the cardamom. Gentle, but long-lasting.
  12. Rayleigh


    Coffee is usually pretty subtle on me, but here it is dark and bold. The coffee smooths out as it dries, and the musk steps up. It is reminiscent of the sugared musk from Smut, but the coffee provides a balance of bitterness and a lot of depth. It's intense, sophisticated, and velvety dark.
  13. Rayleigh

    Zorya Utrennyaya

    Sweet, musky, heady coffee. This is a strong, brooding, captivating scent. The coffee isn't too bitter, and the ambrette adds an interesting, nutty musk without veering too perfumey. It reminds me of one of my teachers, who kept a charmingly crowded, dusty office and always had a massive carafe of strong black coffee at hand. It's a little too sweet for my tastes, but I love the vibe.
  14. Rayleigh

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    I haven't gotten any popcorn from the Snake Oil variants I've tried, fortunately. Only from the bottle. Which is good, because the variants tend to work well on me. When Snake Oil comes back in stock, I'm planning on trying a fresh imp and seeing if it has any popcorn to it. It's a shame if they had to change something permanent; I'm sure it wasn't by choice.
  15. Rayleigh

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    My bottle of Snake Oil from October 2019 is thin and light in color. It still smells different than the fresh imp of Snake Oil I first tried, and it's rather weak. It has been developing a bit more depth with time, losing some of its initial popcorn-ish note, but it is a slow, slow process. I only noticed a shift in the last month or two. My imp, though, is from around the same time as your bottle -- January or February 2019, and it became rich and dark and extremely potent. So if your bottle is from the same batch as my imp, it may yet change. Maybe we did just end up with an extra slow aging batch.