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Lilith's interpretation.

From the Littlest Perfumer: I’m taking Mandarin now and we’re learning a lot about holidays that follow the lunar calendar. This perfume is inspired by me thinking about how the moon guides our lives. It’s a little sweet and a little sour. Blueberries and white tea with sugar, lemon peel, and bergamot.

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This is unexpected and interesting and lovely. 

It's definitely sweet and sour, especially in the bottle on first sniff. But on the skin it's a unique morpher, for me.

Wet: it's like a lovely soft, moon... the blueberries, from Blueberry Picking, are there but not in a gourmand sense, and they blend evenly with the creamy whispers of the lemon and bergamot.

Dry: The white tea is also ephemeral and seems to be the note that morphs the scent on the dry down, as teas can do, into a hint of powder. The blueberries go away and the citrusy floraly notes come through.

This is like....the little girl who went blueberry picking, grew up, came in and away from the grass,  and turned it into a true young ladies perfume. 
So lovely. 

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