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  1. donkehpoo

    Pumpkin Pie Musk

    Side note - I sometimes have skin sensitivity to cinnamon, and I didn't run into any issues with this blend. Wet: Pumpkin pie filling - heavy on the spices! I could go for some kind of crust/pastry note, but I can't find one yet. Dry: WHOA THERE. This is just a flat-out STRONG pumpkin spice scent now. (Still no crust note, sadly.) I don't think this is something I'll hang on to, but I'm glad I got to try it!
  2. donkehpoo

    Please Scream Inside Your Snake Oil

    Wet: This smells just like Snake Oil, with extra musk and vanilla! Dry: Yes. There it is. If Snake Oil was transformed into a baked good.. this is it. Right here. It's not necessarily reading as "funnel cake" to me, but pastry note? Yes. It's glorious, and I imagine it'll only get better with age.
  3. donkehpoo

    Cherry Cream Pie Chypre

    Wet: YOOOOOOOOOO. A bright, TART cherry scent (borderline nostril-stinging) with some vanilla cream. This reminds me of Zombie Moon("Homemade blood clot-and-cherry ice cream plopping onto moonlit sand"), but the cherry here is MUCH more tart. Dry: The tartness of cherry has dried down a bit, and it's even MORE reminiscent of Zombie Moon on me now. Cherries and vanilla cream. Not getting any type of pie crust here, more of like.. pie filling. This is fantastic! My cherry-vanilla cravings are covered by both Zombie Moon and F#@K, but being the sucker I am, if this ever becomes available as a 5ML... I'm buying it.
  4. donkehpoo

    Pecan Pie Oud

    Disclaimer: Oud and I are not friends. We glare at each other from opposite sides of the playground. That being said, let's continue... Wet: Okay, so right off the bat - this isn't the stanky oud that haunts my dreams. It's a mellowed, salty oud? Not getting any pecan scent, it's just.. salty oud. Dry: Remember when I said about 15 seconds ago this wasn't stanky? Well, it's a smidgen stanky now, but it's not making me run for the hills or anything. Still not a pecan nor a pie in sight. (Or anything reminiscent of.) I would take this review with a grain of salt if oud tends to work for your skin - for me, it's never worked well, and tends to overpower every other note.
  5. donkehpoo

    Shadows and Light

    Wet: Smokey cognac and lavender. Typing that out, I wouldn't think I would something like that.. but apparently I do! Dry: ... Smokey cognac and lavender. I think the "smoke" scent has amped up on me quite a bit as it dried. This is the last of this year's Lilith's decants I'm testing, and is my favorite out of the collection! I think this may be a surprise bottle upgrade - this is really unique to my collection, and I don't think I own any other bottles I can compare this with.
  6. donkehpoo

    Apocalypse Box

    Wet: Agreed with previous reviews - this is fresh lavender-scented laundry. Dry: Sweeter than the wet stage, but still a lavender laundry scent. I like this, but not enough for a bottle - I don't typically jam with laundry/linen/dryer sheet kind of scents. That being said, I'll definitely use up my decant as a sleep scent!
  7. donkehpoo

    Perfectly Normal Childhood

    Wet: Cake batter, marshmallows, and cardamom. The marshmallows smell powdery! Dry: This is a bit richer than the wet stage, but all notes are still there. The marshmallows are a little less potent (and a little less powdery) now, while the cake batter and cardamom are taking center stage. (Not identical notes, but IMO, this works out much better on me than Pink Lovebird did!)
  8. donkehpoo

    Walking My Daughter to Class

    Wet: Dorian with bergamot and white tea! A bright, citrusy Dorian mix, with bergamot being the strongest note. Dry: The bergamot and Dorian are blended together better now; it really is a fresh citrusy-tea version of Dorian. Perfectly splendid! My favorite of this year's Lilith's that I've tested so far.
  9. donkehpoo

    You Are Not Alone

    Wet: Lavender and paper - what I imagine it would smell like to be wearing lavender perfume oil while reading a book. So.. spot on! (Well, minus the "hoodie" smell.) Dry: The paper note has overtaken the lavender. It's as if a drop or two of lavender oil was spilled on some book pages - you can catch a whiff of it, but it's still mainly just the book's paper you smell.
  10. donkehpoo

    Aoedae, Melete, Mneme

    Wet: A rich vanilla-caramel cream. Absolutely decadent. Dry: Okay, the rich scent has become quite... buttery. A rich, buttery vanilla-cream scent. Like. RICH rich. I think this may be too buttery to upgrade to a big bottle, but I'll happily keep my decant around for when the mood strikes!
  11. donkehpoo

    Booboo Eyes

    Wet: Lavender(on the herbal side), with sandalwood and rosewater. Dry: Everything smelled very "individual" on the wet stage, but when everything dries, everything blends together and it smells SO much better. Lavender, lemon peel, sandalwood, and rosewater - still no cognac. It's a sweet, somehow soothing, and also a very dry scent. It's fascinating, and I like it much more than anticipated!
  12. donkehpoo

    Gen Z Feminist Cenobite

    Wet: Sweet, tart cherry musk! Dry: Less sweet, but still what I would call a cherry musk. A touch of something herbal backs this up, and I think is what's helping it from going too sweet. Unfortunately, unlike @doomsday_disco, this isn't reminiscent of my beloved Pa-Pow HG on me - but it's still a nice scent!
  13. donkehpoo

    2020 Aesthetic

    Wet: Sugary raspberry jam! The cherry is hiding. Dry: Still sugary raspberry jam, but with an added plastic scent. (Not uncommon for my skin to turn raspberries into plastic, so YMMV.) The cherry is still hiding. 😐
  14. donkehpoo


    Side note: I've had skin sensitivity with cinnamon, and had no issues testing this. Wet: ALMOND. Strong, sweet almond. So strong that I can't in fact smell any other note! Dry: Fig cream! Honey! Finally getting some notes other than almond. The fig cream is surprisingly strong, being backed by honey and sweet almond. Reminds me of some kind of pastry filling! Not getting any cinnamon, or myrrh.
  15. donkehpoo

    Baby’s First Chainsaw

    Wet: Chocolate chip cookies, and a little bit of grease. Dry: Such an interesting scent. I'm still getting chocolate chip cookies, but they're being grounded by the grease; they're not too sweet, kind of like a mild chocolate chip cookie.. if that makes sense. If you're looking for a cookie scent that isn't too sweet, give this a try. It's surprisingly nice!