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  1. donkehpoo

    Temple Viper

    Wet: Sweet snake oil and incense! Yes. Dry: ... Sweet snake oil! The incense has mostly disappeared, and the sugar cane has amped up a bit. (My skin tends to amp anything sugary, so YMMV.) I can really only describe this as a sweet snake oil; not candy sweet, but.. sweet. Making sense? Cool. (I do wish the labdanum and opoponax came through, though.) Sorry for waiting so long to try you, Temple Viper. Definitely holding on to my decant; I'm curious to see how this ages!
  2. donkehpoo


    Wet: Labdanum, patchouli, and sea moss. The labdanum is the strongest note to me. It smells very thick, and dark, yet slightly.. fizzy. Not getting any absinthe/licorice notes yet (which is a-ok , but I'm really hoping that white pear note pops up later! Dry: Still no absinthe or licorice, which I consider a win. It's kind of a labdanum and moss mish-mash. They're not really working harmoniously on my skin. It's not a bad scent, it's just.. an odd ball. Like a fizzy sea moss scent. I dunno, man. It's worth a try, though; I think this is one of those scents that can smell crazy different on one person vs another.
  3. donkehpoo

    Midnight on the Midway (2015)

    Wet: Sugared incense, how YOU doin'? That's most of what I'm smelling, but I'm getting a hint of those night-blooming flowers(jasmine?) as well. Really interesting combination of notes. Dry: Somehow, this is even sweeter than the wet stage! The "sugared" part of the sugar incense is REALLY heightened. The flowers have gone slightly soapy on my skin, so I don't think this will be a big bottle for me. This is a fascinating scent, and totally worth trying (especially if your body chemistry works well with floral notes)!
  4. donkehpoo

    Carnaval Diabolique

    Wet: Ohhh, this is really intriguing. I'm getting a lot of opium smoke mixed with coconut, and something that.. may be the lemon or apricot flower? Sweet, slightly floral. You have my attention. Dry: The opium smoke is still dominating. I don't get any coconut anymore, and the floral note is far less sweet than before. There's something.. mysterious here that's holding my attention, and while I don't think I need a big bottle of this, I'm definitely keeping my decant.
  5. donkehpoo

    Doc Constantine (2015)

    Wet: Dry, bone-like musk(I have no idea if that makes sense), with a touch of leather and cologne. Totally getting the desert vibe here as well. Dry: That bone-like musk has strengthened, and the leather has all but disappeared. Still a touch of cologne, and I would still call this a very "dry" scent. This doesn't lean as masculine as I thought it would, either; much more unisex smelling. I wouldn't necessarily want to smell like this, but I may try the decant on my husband and see how it smells on him.
  6. donkehpoo

    The Candy Butcher (2015)

    Wet: Dark chocolate fudge! Dry: Still very much a fudge-y dark chocolate scent, but there's a little bit of a cocoa powder scent now as well. If you're seeking out a chocolate scent that isn't very sweet, you should check this out.
  7. donkehpoo

    Golden Priapus

    Wet: From strongest to least - juniper, vanilla, and pine. The amber is adding an overall warmth to the blend; it really does smell "golden". Dry: A very clean, juniper-vanilla scent. I feel like if I took a shower and used some juniper-vanilla body wash, this perfume is what I'd smell like after I was done. It's an alright scent, just not really my thing; I'd categorize this more as "unisex" than "masculine".
  8. donkehpoo


    Wet: A very rich, thick, golden honey and some wine. The honey is much stronger than the wine. Dry: Still going strong with the honey, a tiny bit of wine, and the addition of some faintly sweet floral notes. (No idea what kind, specially.) I like the lab's wine notes usually, and I really enjoyed the wet stage, but the dry down isn't for me.
  9. donkehpoo


    Wet: I'm getting a butterscotch scent that some previous reviewers have mentioned. Sweet coconut, rum, and.. butterscotch. Dry: Oh, hey tobacco! Mostly tobacco and coconut now, but I can find the rum hiding out a little bit. MUCH less sweet than the wet stage. Not my kind of party, unfortunately.
  10. donkehpoo


    How the heck have I never reviewed this? Wet: A warm, creamy, spiced hug. That's what this smells like. The spices aren't strong, and I feel like there's just enough in here. Dry: Aaaaaand there it goes! It's gone. My skin eats it every. dang. time. 😐 This has always been one of the fastest disappearing scents on my skin, unfortunately. Luckily, Pomegranate Grove: Morocco stays on my skin longer, so I can at least enjoy it in there.
  11. donkehpoo

    High-Pitched Shriek

    Wet: Sugary sweet lemon peel, and something gently floral. The sugar blossom, perhaps? (Also.. what is sugar blossom? The only description or definition I get when I Google it is uh... ahem. Interesting.) Dry: There's some kind of sugary, sweet lemon-strawberry tango going on, with marshmallow root coming up the rear. None of the floral from the wet stage seems to be present anymore, which I'm not really shocked at; the overall sweetness of the scent is front and center. I am SO stoked on this. I would say if you're into sweet scents, try this! I don't think you'd be disappointed.
  12. donkehpoo

    Vampire Tears

    That awkward moment when you thought you reviewed something years ago... Wet: Lemon, tea, and jasmine! Jasmine is typically one of my oh-no-no notes, but it's subtle and pretty here. Dry: This stays very similar to the wet stage; the grapefruit note still smells like lemon to me. It's like lemon tea with a touch of jasmine. This jasmine actually plays quite nicely with the other notes, and doesn't overpower anything. Everything is perfectly balanced; Thanos would be proud.
  13. donkehpoo

    Blood Rose

    Wet: WINE. Red wine and roses. Fairly straightforward, and the wine is a bit stronger than the rose. Hoping for some dragon's blood upon dry down! Dry: The wine and rose and pretty much 50/50, and I'm still missing that glorious dragon's blood scent. It's a very rich, velvety scent though, and I could see a lot of people enjoying this. I like this, but not enough for a full-size bottle upgrade.
  14. donkehpoo

    The Knave of Hearts

    Wet: Oooo; rich, buttery pastry! I'm picking up a little bit of the rose, but oddly enough none of the blackcurrant. Dry: Still not getting any blackcurrant, which is a shame. The buttery pastry scent is still the dominant scent, with the rose still trailing behind. This is pretty alright, the combination of rose + pastry just isn't my thing.
  15. donkehpoo

    The King's Daughter

    Wet: That lilac musk is SO dang pretty. I'm getting that, with a few whiffs of sweet pea and the watermelon. Dry: Lilac musk and watermelon, with a tiny bit of oakmoss peeking through. The sweet pea is sadly gone, but the scent that remains is still really nice. The watermelon scent isn't very strong, or sweet at all; I actually was hoping more for that! The lilac musk is very much the star here, and it doesn't go powdery at all. A light, slightly sweet, musky floral scent.