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  1. donkehpoo

    Velvet Unicorn

    Wet: Pink Sugar by Aquolina. I thought I was going crazy, and the looked through previous reviews and saw a few others mentioned it as well! (Pink Sugar notes, with similar notes to VU in bold: bergamot, orange, fig leaves, raspberry, lily, candy floss, licorice, strawberry, sandalwood, musk, vanilla, and caramel.) To be fair, it's been several years since I've smelled Pink Sugar(over 5, for sure), but it's what I immediately thought of first. Dry: Yep, I stand by what I said in the wet stage. Pink Sugar. It's a (super) sweet, slightly warm, foodie scent with extra vanilla. Me gusta.
  2. donkehpoo

    In Necessarias Unitas

    Wet: This screams MASCULINE to me. Mahogany and patchouli are standing out the most, and maybe a touch of vetiver, but it's not very strong at the moment. (Also, I have no idea what guiac wood is or smells like?) Dry: Less patchouli, more mahogany and vetiver, plus oakmoss. Sweeter than the wet stage as well; still what I would call "masculine," but not... hyper masculine. Not bad, but not for me.
  3. donkehpoo

    The Season of Ghosts

    (2019 version.) Wet: Citrus! Lemongrass, blood orange, and bergamot are mingling (with blood orange being the strongest, currently). Definitely understand the "lemon cleaner" scent that some people have mentioned previously; it's borderline cleaner-smelling on me. Dry: Ginger! Ginger, and a light citrus scent are left. Light, fresh, and clean(without going the cleaner route). It's nice, but nothing I'll need a big bottle of.
  4. donkehpoo

    Who is Nibbling at my House? Hair Gloss

    I feel like when I first spray this into my hair, it's a decent mix of apples with spices. Very warm, baked apples scent. (Totally underrated dessert, btw.) When it dries, it smells like a tart granny smith apple with some caramel lingering behind. I like it!
  5. donkehpoo

    Nes Gadol Haya Sham

    (2019 version.) Wet: Okay, there's a lot of notes in here, and it's hard to pick out a lot. Here are the main ones I'm getting: almond, frankincense, and lemon verbena. It's sweet, incense-y, and.. I can't stop smelling it. The more I sniff it, the more I like it, and the harder it is to describe. (So far, I'm liking this better than 2018.) Dry: Almond and lemon verbena are still going on, and I think I may detect a little bit of pomegranate sneaking in now as well. Something a little smoky, as well? I like this more than the previous year's for some reason.
  6. donkehpoo

    Winter Stars

    Wet: Lavender and cypress. The lavender is smooth, and not that sharp herbal type (that I ... hate). The scent is like being cozy, outdoors, when it's cold. Dry: Okay, I take back what I said. This has turned mega sharp, and the coziness is no longer. Strong, sharp lavender, patchouli, and cypress. Nope.
  7. donkehpoo

    Frostbitten Lust

    I had to look up the notes for Lust, because it's been a hot minute since I've tried it - red musk, patchouli, ylang ylang and myrrh Wet: Mainly red musk and myrrh; I'm having a hard time picking out the "frostbitten" part of the scent. Dry: Ah! Now I'm getting the frostbitten Snow White vibes here. This smells like Snow White with red musk added to it. I like it enough to hold on to my decant, but not bottle worthy.
  8. donkehpoo

    In Splendoribus Sanctorum

    Wet: Frankincense and amber primarily, with the bergamot in the background giving this a very "clean, fresh" scent (moreso than a "citrus" one). Dry: Less frankincense, more amber, and.. less bergamot. The frankincense and amber do smell lovely together (like golden, warm frankincense) but overall it's just not my jam.
  9. donkehpoo


    Wet: Spiced cranberry sauce. Dry: Pretty similar to earlier, but there's a slight tartness coming through that was missing from earlier. This is just OK. If you want to smell like cranberry sauce, try this! Otherwise I'd recommend Fig & Cranberry Sufganiyot for a good cranberry fix.
  10. donkehpoo

    Frostbitten TKO

    Wet: Straight up TKO with an extra bit of sweetness. Dry: Snow White/TKO mash-up. (So think of a snowy version of TKO with added vanilla sweetness, more or less.) IMO, this is better than plain TKO or Snow White. These two smell perfect together. If TKO is your jam, try this.
  11. donkehpoo

    Frostbitten Alice

    Wet: This is just about straight-up Snow White on me. There's more of a creaminess here than the OG Snow White, though I'm not getting any distinct Alice notes(milk, honey, rose, carnation, bergamot). It may be Alice's milk note that's adding to the creaminess, I assume. Dry: So.. original Snow White ended up smelling TERRIBLE on me when it dried down. (Pine and plastic per my original review.) The scent I'm smelling now is what I THOUGHT original Snow White would smell like on me. It is SO. LOVELY. It's like a creamy, snowy, lightly sweet forest scent. Evocative. I still cannot smell anything that reminds me of Alice here, but the mix of Alice and Snow White seems to be working magic on me. I think I'll need to upgrade my decant.
  12. donkehpoo

    The Moon's My Own

    Wet: Lemon and something slightly herbal which I'm guessing is the mugwort. (It smells almost juniper-ish to me. ) There's a very icy quality as well. Lemons sitting on a frozen lake in the forest? Yeah, I'll go with that. Dry: The lemon is not as strong as the wet stage unfortunately, but I'm getting a lot more of the mugwort and that "icy" note from earlier. So lemons sitting on a frozen lake in the forest.. but the lemons have been sitting out for hours and the snow is covering up their scent now or something.
  13. donkehpoo

    Pumpkin Spice Silkybat Hair Gloss

    (Side note: haven't tried OG Silkybat.) Sweet, raw patchouli and pumpkin spice. The pumpkin spice is way stronger upon first spray than the sugared patchouli. (After it dries in the hair, it all evens out pretty well.) I feel like it stays pretty true to scent description in my hair. That being said, it's not a combination I'm crazy about and will likely give my decant away.
  14. donkehpoo

    V'al Hanissim

    Wet: Beeswax! Warm, golden amber, and beeswax. (Beeswax being the strongest note, currently, and has something slightly floral going on.) Dry: The beeswax and amber are about even during the dry down, which I think I prefer! Golden, warm beeswax is the best way I can describe this. (The floral bit from earliest is gone now, btw.) If you enjoy beeswax and it works well on your skin.. try this! I'm not the biggest beeswax lover, but I think this is pretty great.
  15. donkehpoo

    Lump of Coal

    Wet: Good lord. This smells like rich, delicious chocolate cake batter and I want to eat it. (Or, y'know, brownie batter. The point is, rich and chocolate-y!) Dry: Less fudge-y than the wet stage, but still a yummy chocolate scent. A better chocolate scent than Bliss or Gelt, IMO. I'm not sure if this tops The Other Hot Chocolate for me personally(which isn't as rich as this scent, but it has something in it that reminds me of marshmallows or vanilla), but this is still great! Worth trying out if you're into any of the previously mentioned scents. Or.. just want to smell delicious.