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  1. donkehpoo

    Peach Brandy Snake Oil

    Wet: BOOZE. Straight up peach brandy, no Snake Oil (yet). Dry: Peach brandy and patchouli. It's not really reading as Snake Oil; it's more like it's hinting that it's LEADING to Snake Oil, but never fully gets there. I expect, as with other S.O. scents, that the Snake Oil will come out more with some aging. Right now, this is a like, but not love.
  2. Wet: Peach flavored marshmallow. Dry: Oooo, okay. This is more like toasted marshmallows, with extra vanilla, and peaches. (Not really like a fresh peach, but not canned peaches either; somewhere in between. Maybe a peach that's been cut up and sitting in the fridge for a day or two?) The toasted marshmallow + vanilla scent is stronger than the peach on me. Another winner!
  3. donkehpoo

    Vanilla Wafers and Peach Cream

    Wet: Oh man. The more I smell this, the more I like it. Lots of sweet peach and vanilla cream. I'm getting a slight pastry-ish note that must be the "wafer", but it's not very strong. I keep going back and huffing it, because so far it's THAT good. YUM. Dry: It might be be too soon.. but.. I.. love.. this? The peach is more syrupy and still plenty sweet, backed up by that vanilla cream. The pastry note is maybe more cake-ish now? I can't figure out what I really think about it other than "pastry!" Overall, this scent is totally up my alley. Really stoked about this.
  4. donkehpoo

    Vanilla Cream and Pear

    Wet: Shockingly.. vanilla and pear! More pear than vanilla. The pear smells very fresh, like biting into a pear and getting a big whiff of vanilla along with it. Something smells borderline floral or maybe "green" in here as well. Dry: Okay, so comparing this to both The Vine and The Perilous Parlor - this has the most prominent pear scent out of the three, and smells the most "fresh". The pear is MUCH more dominant over the vanilla here, and I'm still getting that faint floral/green note in the background. IMO, as a pear lover, this is worth it even if you own the other scents mentioned.
  5. donkehpoo

    Erotic Sake Bowl

    Wet: Oooo! Sparkling, sugary sweet citrus! Gorgeous yuzu and pink grapefruit. (Very much a "HI WAKE UP HEY THERE WHAT'S UP" type of scent so far.) Dry: My sparkling citrus scent has gone a bit... flat. Not so "sparkling" anymore; that fun effervescence from the wet stage is totally gone. I think I'll stick to Squirting Shoggoth or Pink Grapefruit and Pomelo.
  6. donkehpoo

    Snake Smut

    Disclaimer: I don't like Smut, but I DO love Snake Oil. Wet: Cardamom and Smut. I'm incredibly surprised that I don't detect Snake Oil.. anywhere? Dry: Okay, so this blend did a total flip flop on me... now I can only smell Snake Oil. (A "softer" Snake Oil, but still.) ... ... Well then. I love Snake Oil, but if I wanted to just wear Snake Oil... I would!
  7. donkehpoo

    Amoretti LXXV

    Wet: Very distinctly "apple", with a hint of that potpourri scent I tend to get from apple fragrances. Oh no. It almost smells.. applesauce-like? Dry: The faintest hint of apple. I can smell it, it's there, but I have to get my nose thisclose to my skin in order to smell it. Nope. (To be fair, apple is a note that tends to not work well for me... but I keep trying, damnit.)
  8. donkehpoo

    Surprise Ejaculation

    Wet: Pear! Pear and white musk. Effervescent. This smells similar to what I imagine a pear sparkling water would be like. Dry: A very soft musky pear. Very little throw. As much as I love pear, this didn't do a lot for me. A little bit too light for my taste.
  9. donkehpoo

    Honey Marzipan

    Wet: Good LORD, that is some STRONG. ASS. HONEY. The marzipan definitely comes through, but HONEY. Dry: Finally, a nicely balanced honey marzipan. The honey is more of that toffee-like honey, and the marzipan is.. well.. marzipan. These blend together seamlessly on my skin, and just smell GOOD. Definitely hanging on to my decant. Not sure if this one will need a big bottle upgrade, since I'm not craving honey scents too often.
  10. donkehpoo

    Coy Mermaid with a Vulva-Shaped Head

    Wet: Jasmine incense, with a small amount of vanilla cream. Dry: Very, very strong jasmine incense. Jasmine basically punted most of the other notes. It feels very much like a "spring incense".. if that's a thing. As someone who tends to amp jasmine, I'm not really surprised here.
  11. donkehpoo

    Peach Vulva

    Wet: A realistic, fresh peach! Sweet, and a little "warm". Dry: Still super peachy, but I'm getting a whiff of the apricot and some of the rice milk as well now. It's not as in-your-face as before, and it stays very close to the skin while still being an easily-identifiable peach scent. Does that make sense? If you like peach scents, you'll probably dig this.
  12. donkehpoo

    The Sun Rising

    Wet: Oooo, mandarin and amber! Like a warm citrus hug. Dry: This faded quite a lot, sadly. Not much citrus remains at all, and instead of a warm citrus hug, it's more of a warm.. powdery hug? I think I'll keep the decant and use it as a room fragrance.
  13. donkehpoo

    Personent Hodie

    Wet: Pomegranate and myrrh. Smokey, and a tad bit sweet. Totally getting a pomegranate incense vibe, and I'm digging it. Dry: More myrrh than pomegranate now, still with the "pomegranate incense" vibe. Just.. less pom now. It's nice, but I wish the pomegranate had more staying power on me!
  14. donkehpoo

    Amber & Cardamom

    Wet: Cardamom! (Shock.) More cardamom than amber. Now, here's where I'm going to lose most of you - I also smell... bubblegum. Like, the powdered outside of bubblegum. Somehow, I smell that too. Did I have too much caffeine this morning? Dry: Okay, back to having a sane nose; no more bubblegum! However, most of the cardamom is gone, and I'm just getting a wallop of amber. It's nice, and I think most folks would have a hard time not enjoying this at least a little bit, but it doesn't stand out much among the rest of my collection.
  15. donkehpoo

    Last Tavern at the Town Gate

    Wet: I've re-read the notes multiple times, and I can't make sense of it, but... it smells like Coca Cola to me. With a slight dash of red musk. Dry: Yep. Coca Cola still. I'll be having some words with my.. skin.