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  1. donkehpoo

    High-Pitched Shriek

    Wet: Sugary sweet lemon peel, and something gently floral. The sugar blossom, perhaps? (Also.. what is sugar blossom? The only description or definition I get when I Google it is uh... ahem. Interesting.) Dry: There's some kind of sugary, sweet lemon-strawberry tango going on, with marshmallow root coming up the rear. None of the floral from the wet stage seems to be present anymore, which I'm not really shocked at; the overall sweetness of the scent is front and center. I am SO stoked on this. I would say if you're into sweet scents, try this! I don't think you'd be disappointed.
  2. donkehpoo

    Vampire Tears

    That awkward moment when you thought you reviewed something years ago... Wet: Lemon, tea, and jasmine! Jasmine is typically one of my oh-no-no notes, but it's subtle and pretty here. Dry: This stays very similar to the wet stage; the grapefruit note still smells like lemon to me. It's like lemon tea with a touch of jasmine. This jasmine actually plays quite nicely with the other notes, and doesn't overpower anything. Everything is perfectly balanced; Thanos would be proud.
  3. donkehpoo

    Blood Rose

    Wet: WINE. Red wine and roses. Fairly straightforward, and the wine is a bit stronger than the rose. Hoping for some dragon's blood upon dry down! Dry: The wine and rose and pretty much 50/50, and I'm still missing that glorious dragon's blood scent. It's a very rich, velvety scent though, and I could see a lot of people enjoying this. I like this, but not enough for a full-size bottle upgrade.
  4. donkehpoo

    The Knave of Hearts

    Wet: Oooo; rich, buttery pastry! I'm picking up a little bit of the rose, but oddly enough none of the blackcurrant. Dry: Still not getting any blackcurrant, which is a shame. The buttery pastry scent is still the dominant scent, with the rose still trailing behind. This is pretty alright, the combination of rose + pastry just isn't my thing.
  5. donkehpoo

    The King's Daughter

    Wet: That lilac musk is SO dang pretty. I'm getting that, with a few whiffs of sweet pea and the watermelon. Dry: Lilac musk and watermelon, with a tiny bit of oakmoss peeking through. The sweet pea is sadly gone, but the scent that remains is still really nice. The watermelon scent isn't very strong, or sweet at all; I actually was hoping more for that! The lilac musk is very much the star here, and it doesn't go powdery at all. A light, slightly sweet, musky floral scent.
  6. donkehpoo

    The Last Unicorn

    Wet: A lot going on here! White chocolate, lilac, and sandalwood are the most prominent scents to my nose. Dry: If the sandalwood is still around, it's incredibly faint; this is mainly a white chocolate and lilac scent. It's a REALLY nice combination; a sweet, almost musky, white chocolate floral. Even though the white chocolate is a main player, it doesn't read as a foodie scent to me. Really, really pretty. This is the type of floral scent I enjoy!
  7. donkehpoo

    FORMULA SGHAN3: Birthday Cake

    Wet: Zorya P + frosting. Zorya Phrosting. Definitely not a straight birthday cake scent; there's a floral note peeking through the frosting. Dry: This is still Zorya Phrosting on me. Lots of frosting, a little Zorya P. This was.. unexpected, but also awesome as both a lover of Zorya P and foodie scents!
  8. donkehpoo

    FORMULA FFSK7: Strawberries and Motor Oil

    Wet: Fresh, sweet, juicy strawberries! Dry: The scent remains very much true to the wet stage. No cream, no motor oil. There is the faintest hint of the tea rose, but this is very much a strawberry-forward scent. If you enjoy the Strawberry Moons, I expect you'd enjoy this as well!
  9. donkehpoo

    Beaver Moon 2013

    Wet: Lemon zest hits my nose first, and that dang delicious cheesecake scent comes in second. The lemon is very, very strong here. Fingers crossed the pear comes out! Dry: PEAR! We've got pear! Pear and thyme both have made an appearance. The cheesecake and lemon scents have held on as well (though the lemon has definitely faded), but everything is mingling and smells gorgeous together. I am so dang happy to have a bottle of this.
  10. donkehpoo

    Harlow's Lace

    Wet: Tobacco and honey. The tobacco smells really, really.. thick? for lack of a better word. I agree with previous reviewers; there's something caramel or butterscotch-esque smelling here as well. Dry: Oooohhhhh. This dried down to a light, sweet musky vanilla-tobacco, with a slight fizzy soda-esque scent (thanks to the labdanum). I really, really like this. Keeper!
  11. donkehpoo


    Wet: First whiff, I get chocolate! When I go back for more, it's a chocolate-cherry tango. Not getting any of the orange blossom. Dry: Chocolate cherries, and a healthy dose of orange blossom! (I'd say all the notes are evenly split, honestly.) Sweet and foodie, plus the orange blossom works really well here. I like it! I'll keep my imp around, I don't think I'll need a big bottle though.
  12. donkehpoo

    The Raven

    Wet: I'm a bit surprised by this, as someone who typically doesn't enjoy violet scents; this is violet, sandalwood, and dark musk. The violet is on the sweeter side, very reminiscent of those Choward's Violet Mints. The notes here blend and work together well. (... Like. Surprisingly well. I'm giving a bit of side-eye right now.) Dry: The violet took over most of the blend; the dark musk is gone, and there's a small bit of sandalwood left. So.. sweet violet, with some sandalwood. The scent is a bit powdery now as well. I think this blend is going to greatly depend upon how well your skin handles violet. As someone who isn't big on violet, this isn't for me.
  13. donkehpoo

    Strawberry Moon 2019

    Comparing the notes between the 2012 and 2009 versions (the only other ones I've tried): 2019 notes - Wild strawberries, strawberry flower, vanilla-infused sugar, a drop of strawberry-infused benzoin, early summer grasses, and milky dandelion sap. 2012 notes - Wild strawberries, strawberry flower, strawberry blossom honey, vanilla-infused sugar, early summer grasses, and milky dandelion sap. 2009 notes - Wild strawberries, strawberry flower, vanilla-infused sugar, early summer grasses, and milky dandelion sap. It looks like the strawberry-infused benzoin is a new addition! Anyway... Wet: Warm, sweet strawberries! Like taking a whiff of fresh strawberries that have been sitting in a grassy field, warmed by the sun. This is more similar to the 2012 version than the 2009 version so far, IMO; the scent is warm and sweet, without turning into strawberry candy. .. Though that may change when it dries! Dry: Okay, this REALLY reminds me of the 2012 version. Warm strawberries, grass, and.... It's not listed in this year's version, but honey? There's something very honey-like when this dries down. If you're looking for a realistic "strawberries-in-a-field" scent, I think you'd really like this. More of a naturally sweet strawberry scent (like 2012), rather than a strawberry fruit-leather scent (a la 2009). Lovely!
  14. donkehpoo

    Pink Grapefruit and Pomelo

    Full disclosure - I don't think I've ever smelled a real pomelo before, so uh. I can't speak to how authentic that note is! Wet: WOO. That is some tart, vibrate grapefruit! I think if I ever need help waking up in the morning, I just need to take a whiff of this. (The same kind of scent "feeling" I get from Squirting Shoggoth, only that is yuzu and pear!) Dry: Basically a chilled-out version of the wet stage. Is it still a bright, zesty grapefruit scent? Yes, yes it is. It just doesn't go straight up my nostrils anymore. I can see myself slathering this scent all dang summer. (Unless I'm too busy slathering Drag on a Slime still.)
  15. donkehpoo

    Kai Kai

    Wet: Sugary sweet red musk! The sweet note isn't really identifying as "cotton candy" to me yet, but there's a distinct sugary-ness to the blend. Dry: YES. This stayed almost spot-on to the wet stage, but the throw is just a little weaker(which is generally expected). If you're a lover of red musk and looking for something a little different, I think you'd enjoy this!